Does Peloton Work with the Galaxy Watch?

The new Galaxy Watch has many health-oriented features that include body readings, such as sleep monitoring and independent workout training. However, people who own Peloton fitness equipment would like to have a resource that can monitor both their gym workouts and their Peloton training together in one handy view.

Galaxy-Peloton Compatibility

While the Galaxy watch is not independently compatible with Peloton fitness training equipment, it can easily pair with it with a choice of several fitness apps depending on the Galaxy Watch model being utilized.

Advantages of using the Galaxy Watch for fitness routines using Peloton

Syncing a Galaxy Watch with a Peloton fitness device has many great advantages, the least of which is the convenience of having one’s fitness workouts at his or her fingertips in an efficient, easy-to-operate way.

One of the most favored advantages is that any Galaxy Watch that uses ANT+ can provide accurate heart monitoring at any time of the night or day, whether running, walking, or working out on a Peloton cycle. Furthermore, it can be used to pair the device with speakers or headphones.

Users enjoy the easy access and accuracy that the combination provides in a lightweight, convenient form.

Heart rate monitors

Heart rate monitors are in high demand for workout enthusiasts because they enable Peloton bikers to see precisely how hard they are working during their exercise sessions.

This helps determines the level of exercise they should undertake. For instance, according to specific readings, the Peloton rider can determine whether he or she is in the fat-burning mode, safe levels for cardio, or whether or not they need to ease off and slow down their workouts to maintain their ideal heart rate levels.

Heart rate monitors also enable Peloton bikers to participate in the company’s special Heart Rate Zone instructional classes that are based on the various heart functions.

Each zone requires a specific intensity level that enables the person in training to select workouts that are based on the precise zone that is tailored to his or her needs. This allows the rider to synchronize their efforts with the goals that they want to achieve.

Synching the Galaxy Watch and the Peloton heart rate monitors

Owners of the original Galaxy Watch and the following two models can download an app for their watches that is called HR and Speed Transmitter, which can be found online at the Galaxy Store.

This app will enable them to sync their Peloton apps with their Galaxy Watches. The HR and Speed Transmitter app is not compatible with the Galaxy Watch 4 model.

The owners of this model must download the Wear OS app to sync with the Peloton, which will show it as a heart rate monitor in the Peloton app. Both of these apps cost around five dollars.

Using the Galaxy Watch to track Peloton workout progress

In order to go beyond simply keeping track of one’s heart rate with the Galaxy Watch while using Peloton devices, Galaxy Watch owners can also monitor their entire workouts, including how many calories have been burned, cadence, distance and other crucial readings that are important to fitness enthusiasts.

Peloton uses an app called, Strava. This app, coupled with the Samsung Galaxy Watch can integrate to track Peloton exercise data.

Using the Galaxy Watch with Strava

The following Galaxy Watch models are compatible with the Peloton Strava app when combined with the previously mentioned HR and Speed Transmitter and Wear OS apps:

  • Gear S3 Frontier
  • Galaxy Active
  • Gear S3
  • Galaxy Watch
  • Galaxy Watch 4
  • Galaxy Watch 3
  • Galaxy Active 2

The setup

The first step in setting up the Galaxy Watch with Strava is to use a computer to navigate to:

https://watch.samsung.stava.com/ to link to the Strava account.

The company will send a four-digit access code to enter on your Galaxy Watch

The user will be prompted to accept sensor data permissions and location permissions, as well as a safety warning prior to being given the ability to record fitness activities.

How to record Peloton fitness activities on the Galaxy Watch

  • Use the Galaxy Watch to open the Strava app.
  • Select the desired Peloton activity.
  • Pause for a few minutes while a strong GPS signal is established and the icon shows white.
  • To begin recording, press the large orange button in the center of the app.
  • Activities will then show at the top of the screen, pace or speed and the center, distance at the bottom.
  • Swipe left to either open the settings, pause, conclude or discard any activity.

How to sync historical fitness activities

If a fitness activity has not synced to the Strava app, the user can try to re-sync it. To do this, he or she should select, “Tap to re-sync”, which appears underneath the activity summary and date. It is crucial to establish a solid data connection prior to re-syncing.

Settings for recording

The settings available on the Galaxy Watch-Strava combination include notifications for split or interrupted times during running workouts. There is also a setting that enables the user to switch between miles and kilometers. This only affects the statistics on the Galaxy Watch. The watch also shows individual split times during running activities.

Potential problems

As with any app combination, there are always potential problems. Most of the ones associated with the Galaxy Watch-Peloton app combinations are easily remedied. For instance, when the watch fails to establish a strong GPS signal, this is usually caused by the user not waiting the required amount of time (usually just a few minutes) to establish the connection. Usage should not occur until the pin changes from the empty indication to white. During this time, the user should be outside, standing still, and with a clear view of the sky.

Some people purchase their Galaxy Watch and expect to see the same live segments that are available on the Peloton devices to show up on their watches. At this time, this function is not supported. However, it may be supported in the future. The same is true for using Strave Beacon with Gear devices. This is not currently supported.

There are sometimes issues with the calorie counter not showing up on the Galaxy Watch screen. This can be resolved by downloading the Samsung Tizen app to their phones. Indoor runs and outdoor workouts will then be able to monitor calories once the activity is uploaded to one’s Strava account.

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