Does Echo Dot Work With Ring Doorbell?

Smart devices like the Echo Dot and Ring Video Doorbell can give you more control over your home. You can maximize the effectiveness of these devices by using them together. Does the Echo Dot work with Ring Doorbells, or are the products not compatible?

Ring devices can be used with any Alexa-enabled device, including the Echo Dot. This is true for every generation of the Ring Video Doorbell and every version of the Dot. However, because the Dot is a speaker without a video screen, there’s no way to view the Ring Camera through your Dot.

What can you do when the Echo Dot is connected to the Ring Doorbell? How can you connect these devices? Keep reading to learn how you can make your home smarter.

How to Connect the Ring Doorbell to the Echo Dot

In order to connect your Ring device to the Dot, you’ll need Amazon’s Alexa app. Simply open the App store on your mobile device to find and install the Alexa app. Once the app has finished downloading, sign in to your Amazon account. From there, you should follow these steps:

  • Select “More” at the bottom right of your screen
  • Select “Skills and Games”
  • Using the Search box, find “Ring”
  • Click to enable Ring on your device

After Ring has been enabled on your device, you’ll be asked to sign in to your Ring account. Doing this will link your Amazon and Ring accounts. Click “Discover Devices,” and any Ring devices in your home will be connected to your Dot automatically. Any other compatible Alexa devices will be synced to your Ring device as well.  If there’s a device that you don’t want connected with your Dot, just select “Forget.”

What Should You Do If the Alexa App Can’t Find Your Ring Devices?

If the Ring devices that you want to connect to don’t show up once your accounts are synced, you can search for those devices manually. You can do this by asking Alexa to discover devices or by selecting “Devices” and then “Discover” in the app.

If Alexa still doesn’t discover your Ring Doorbell, make sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If there are no connection issues, you can try resetting both devices or updating your router settings. After that, just repeat the process to connect to your devices. 

What Can You Do Once the Echo Dot and Ring Doorbell Are Connected?

The Echo Dot and Ring Doorbell both offer an array of features. Once the devices have been connected, you’ll be able to enable additional features and use your devices in new ways. 

Enable Two-Way Communication

Two-way communication features allow you to talk to visitors at your door through your Echo Dot. Even though the Dot doesn’t have a video screen, you can still communicate with visitors with ease. 

This functionality is automatically enabled once your devices are synced. To use it, you’ll just need to ask Alexa to talk to your doorbell. You can end the conversation at any time by telling Alexa to stop.

Customize Your Doorbell Sound

The Echo Dot can work as a chime for a Ring Doorbell, allowing you to choose from a variety of sounds. To customize your chime, select your Ring Doorbell in the Alexa app and enable “Doorbell Press.” On the same screen, you can select the sound that will play when the doorbell is pressed. 

After you’ve set this up, your doorbell will chime on all synced Alexa-enabled devices in your home. You can set up “Do Not Disturb” hours to keep your doorbell from chiming during certain times of the day. Just be aware that enabling this feature will prevent you from receiving any notifications, including motion notifications, while “Do Not Disturb” hours are in place.

Enable Motion Notifications 

Your Echo Dot can notify you when someone rings your doorbell, but it can also give you a notification when motion is detected at your door. To enable this feature, select your doorbell in the Alexa app. Enable the Announcement settings, then click to enable Motion Announcements. 

When a motion alert is triggered, your Echo will flash yellow and notify you that there’s someone at the door. Although you won’t be able to see your door from your Dot, you can quickly respond to the notification and find what’s going on. 

What Should You Do If the Ring Doorbell or Echo Dot Features Stop Working?

If you’ve successfully synced your devices, but the features you’ve turned on have stopped working, it’s likely that you’re dealing with a connectivity issue. Navigate to the “Skills and Games” section in the Alexa app and select the Ring skill. Disable the skill, and then use the Trash Can icon to forget all Ring devices. 

Once you’ve done that, you can simply reconnect your Ring Doorbell to your Dot through the Alexa app. You may have to re-enable features like doorbell and motion notifications. If this continues to be a problem in the future, check your Wi-Fi connection and try updating your router settings. 

Do You Need a Ring Chime If You Have an Echo Dot?

The Ring Chime is designed to connect with Ring Doorbells, providing you with real-time notifications whenever someone is at your door. The Chime can be a useful device, but if you already have a Dot, it isn’t necessary. Once your Dot has been synced to your Ring Doorbell, it can do the same things that the Chime can. 

If you don’t have either device, you should compare Amazon’s Dot to the Ring Chime. The Dot offers a wider range of features than the Chime, but if you’re only interested in doorbell notifications, the Chime may be a viable option for you. If you want notifications, but are also interested in a smart speaker, the Echo Dot is the superior choice. 

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