Do Webcams Have Speakers?

Webcams have become increasingly popular due to the surge in online meetings, conference calls, & live streaming events this has caused companies to further improve the quality of their webcams & add additional features to webcams that would benefit users in various aspects.

One of these features users would like to see in their webcams is speakers, so do webcams have speakers?

Some webcams in the market have speakers which are effective for online meetings, & conference calls. However, the majority of webcams are not equipped with speakers.

Let’s take a look at how webcam speakers can be used, what speakers nowadays have to offer, as well as the top 4 best webcams with speakers in the market. Let’s dive in!

Do Webcams Have Speakers?

Yes, some webcams do have speakers, however, the majority of webcams in the market are not equipped with speakers. The reason being that most webcam manufacturers prioritize video quality over external features that are an addition to the webcam. For example, most webcams nowadays offer video enhancement features such as Automatic low light correction, Autofocus, and enhanced frame rate delivery.

However, more brands are beginning to integrate speakers into their webcams since the way webcams are being used has changed over the years especially due to the rise in online communications platforms such as zoom.

Do Webcams Have Microphones?

Yes, the majority of webcams in the market are equipped with microphones. However, the quality of the microphone differs from webcam to webcam. If you’re looking for a webcam with a good microphone then ensure that the webcam is equipped with Active Noise Cancelation features as well as multiple omnidirectional microphones. Active Noise Cancelation filters out external background noise allowing the microphone to pick up your voice clearly and accurately, while the Omnidirectional microphones will pick up your voice equally from every direction.

Now let’s take a look at a few of the webcams in the market that offer the best speakers & microphones!

Top 4 Best Webcams With Mic & Speakers

eMeet C980 Pro Webcam

First, on the list we have the eMeet C980 Pro, this webcam is equipped with full HD quality 1080P cam combined with an 80-degree field of view & automatic low light correction for enhanced video quality even in darker enviroments.

The C980 comes with 4 omnidirectional microphones combined with active noise cancelation allowing for a clearer sounding mic while filtering out background noise.

Additionally, this webcam is equipped with 2 speakers which makes it great for video meetings & conference calls.

Logitech MeetUp HD Webcam

Next on the list is a webcam designed specifically for business-grade video meetings, this is the Logitech Meetup HD Webcam. The Logitech Meetup allows for a Super wide 120-degree field of view which allows everyone in the room to be seen.

This Logitech Meetup supports the highest HD video quality with multiple video resolutions, including ultra 4k, 1080p, and 720p

As for the sound system, the Logitech Meetup features 3 microphones and a custom-tuned speaker which is optimized for ultra-clear conversations.

Logitech BCC950

Next up we have the Logitech BCC950, this webcam comes with a unique design allowing for a 78-degree field of view & a 180-degree remote-controlled video pan with Full HD capabilities.

Additionally, the Logitech BCC950 is equipped with a full-duplex speakerphone & omnidirectional noise-canceling microphones which allow for calls that can be heard clearly up to 8 feet away from the base.

NewView 3-in-1 Full HD 1080P Conference Webcam

Last but definitely not least in our list is the Newview 3-in-1 webcam, this webcam is equipped with a full HD camera offering crystal clear image quality combined with a wide-angle lens which allows for a 105-degree field of view.

Additionally, it features built-in speakers & a microphone which picks up your voice up to 3 meters. The mic is equipped with noise cancelation which filters out background noise allowing your voice to be picked up clearly & accurately.

Buyer’s Guide: What To Look For When Buying a Webcam

Webcams nowadays come with various features some of which are crucial for a great video streaming experience whereas others aren’t as necessary, here we will detail what you should be looking for in a webcam for great video quality.

Frame Rate

Frame rate is the most important feature to consider. Your frame rate will determine how well your webcam performs at displaying smooth high-quality video.

High-end webcams go up to 60 FPS (frames per second), whereas most lower-end webcams start at 15 fps & go up. The ideal fps on a budget If you’re on a budget then you can opt for around 30 FPS or higher, as this still provides you with smooth & clear video but at a budget.

Image Resolution

The next factor you would need to determine is the resolution. Resolution refers to the number of pixels on the screen, the higher the number the better the resolution. If you’re looking for the highest possible quality then you would need to opt for a webcam with 1080p or 4k resolution for clear high-quality video.

Field of View

The field view describes the area that the webcam’s lens will capture. This depends on your own personal needs, if you’re looking for a wide field of view that shows the entire room then opt for a webcam with 120-degree field of view or more.

Type of Lens

Webcams generally come with two main types of camera lenses, glass & plastic. Low-end webcams usually feature a plastic lens, plastic lenses usually offers images with lower optical quality but is still a decent option if you’re on a budget.

However, if you’re looking for a webcam with the best possible quality then you should opt for a webcam with a glass lens.

Automatic Lighting Correction and Autofocus Features

Automatic low light correction & autofocus are important features to consider. A webcam without autofocus will cause you to keep adjusting the focus mid-call if you move around a lot.

Automatic light correction is a great feature if you’re in a darker, low-lit environment. A good webcam with the automatic light correction feature will automatically adjust and suit that environment. These devices also come with color enhancement aspects that help to deliver crispy images even in low-lit conditions.

Final Thoughts

so there you have it, some webcams in the market do in fact feature built-in speakers, however, the majority of webcams do not have speakers which is why it’s crucial to check the webcam specs before you purchase if you require built-in speakers. If you’re not sure where to start then have a look at our list above for a webcam with a built-in microphone & speakers.

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