How to Change the Weather from Fahrenheit to Celsius on Fitbit 

If your Fitbit is stuck on Fahrenheit on the weather app and you can’t figure out how to get it to go on Celsius, we’ve got you covered. There are multiple ways to get it changed, but we’ve got the easiest step-by-step plan on the web. Read on to find out exactly how to get your Fitbit’s weather widget working exactly as you want it, we’ll even tell you how to set up the app.

To change the weather from Fahrenheit to Celsius, you would need to open the Fitbit app on your device, navigate to Gallery, select Weather located on the bottom of the page, select Settings, and from here, you’ll be able to select Fahrenheit or Celsius to be displayed in your weather app.

Changing the temperature setting on your Fitbit’s weather app from Fahrenheit to Celsius is as easy as syncing it to your phone and making sure that your Fitbit is one that supports the weather widget (not all of them do!)

If you want to know the step-by-step way to get your weather app working exactly to your liking on your Fitbit, we’re diving into that right now.

How to Change Weather from Fahrenheit to Celsius on Fitbit

Firstly, check to ensure that your Fitbit model will support the Weather app. These models are currently the Charge 3, Charge 4, Charge 5, Versa, Versa 2, Versa 3, Versa lite, Sense, Ionic, and Luxe. If you have one of these models, you can have the weather app on your Fitbit.

After verifying, you’ll want to open your Fitbit app on your device by opening the icon at the top of the program with your profile account picture shown. After clicking on this, you’ll find App Settings after scrolling down that screen to see Settings. Click on App Settings. Click on Units on the next screen.

Scroll further down the screen that comes up after clicking on Units and you can choose Fahrenheit or Celsius with a checkmark beside it. Return to the main menu on your account and click on the Fitbit device that is at the top of the list.

After that screen pulls up, click on the Gallery. Scroll down that page and find where it will say My Apps and pull up the Weather app. Choose the option for Settings. Look at the Temperature Unit portion of the page and if it still is showing Fahrenheit, click it to change it to Celsius. Click Done. Go back to the Fitbit menu on your device and click on the Sync Now section and these changes will be synced to your Fitbit.

Setting Up Your Fitbit’s Weather App

Again, you’ll first want to look and make sure that your Fitbit is able to sync with the Weather app and work on your specific device. Once you’ve done that, we’ll get you all set up with the weather app on your Fitbit watch. 

Go to your Settings on the synced phone and go into your Fitbit app on the phone, not the device. Make sure in the settings you have the Location Access permission to either “Allowed all the time” or “Always”. Make sure that Fitbit is allowed to access the Cellular Data and to Bluetooth, as well as allowing the Fitbit to Background App Refresh.

If your cellphone is an Android model, you’ll also need to make sure that you have Unrestricted Data Usage marked for your Fitbit app as well. Your battery usage setting must be on Unrestricted.

Put the Fitbit watch on the charging unit and open up the Fitbit app on the cellphone you have paired with it, making sure that the phone and the watch are close to one another. Click on the account profile picture on the phone under the Fitbit app.

Scroll to App Settings and choose the option for Location, clicking on Automatic Location. Return to the Account menu and choose the Fitbit watch that you have from the list and click on Gallery. The tab on the top should then show the Fitbit watch you have not Apps or Clocks. Go down to where you see My Apps.

Click on where you see the Weather app and it should show “Installed”, if not, install it at this stage. Scroll down that screen and click on Permissions. For best results, click on Select All for the Weather app permissions.

Go back to the previously shown screen and click on Settings again; under the Temperature Unit, you need to pick either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

On the List of Cities option there should be your current location, and you can put in up to two other cities by choosing Add City and entering the Zip Code or the name of the city. Go back to the Fitbit setting and allow it to sync by choosing Sync Now and wait for it to connect. Once that is completed, open the Weather app on the Fitbit watch and make sure everything is accurate and completed.

The Weather app for Fitbit is a great way to keep up with the temperature and weather reports on your Fitbit device screen. If you have a Fitbit device that works with this widget, I highly recommend downloading it and getting it set up so that you can have up-to-date weather and temperature readings while you are out and about.

If your device is not one that is listed as one that the Weather app works on, keep checking back as new models are being added from time to time. Or maybe it is time to upgrade your Fitbit to the newest and latest model so that you never miss a great widget!

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