Can Zoom Detect Screen Recording?

With all the new video conference options available today, Zoom has taken the internet by storm. Whether host or attendee, we may sometimes want to do a screen capture of the discussion. Then, later on, we can take notes or share the video with others. This feature brings up many questions as to whether Zoom can detect the screen recording or not. 

Zoom can detect screen recording and requires you to get permission from others in attendance. When recording is in progress, the screen will reveal a small red highlighted box that says “recording”. If other participants or the host in the meeting don’t agree with video recording, your discussion won’t be available for you later on.  

But this is only through the Zoom application; there are other ways to do this. Let’s dive in! 

Always Opt for Permission 

Most often, it shouldn’t be a problem to get permission to record your conference. But, in rare cases where they reject it and you want to get the video anyway, there are some things you can do.  

However, please take note, be respectful of others and their privacy; this includes their reasons for not wanting to be on video. That said, there may be reasons why you want to record without permission. For instance, having a video is the best way to document proof and truth of lies and corruption. 

Screen Recording in Zoom 

If permissions are all set to go, once you hit the record button, Zoom will notify everyone in the session of the recording. You cannot turn this off or disable the feature. This will occur whether on a computer, smart device, or phone call.  

For phone participants, an audio prompt will sound off when first signing onto the discussion. It will send this audio notification if the recording happens mid-discussion too. The great thing about recording detection on Zoom is that you can use multiple notifications at once.  

You can use this for an entire meeting, a whole organization, or a specific group. But the host or admin will be the only one who can enable or disable this feature. Zoom provides detailed instructions on how to do this. 

Secret Screen Recording 

There are many software programs and apps out there that will allow you to take a live screen recording of your computer or smartphone without having to use the recording feature on Zoom. Of course, you’ll have to follow the instructions for whichever one you use, which will be different and varied depending on the developer. 

3rd Party Programs 

But, the idea is, that you locate a reputable program, download and then install it. Once you open the interface, select the area of your screen you wish to record with your mouse and use a dialog box to get the video rolling. Check that the volume is on to record the discussion and the picture. This includes your microphone and the speakers. 

You may want to test functionality to ensure it works before your Zoom meeting begins. There are some people who claim not all video recording applications and software will work in tandem with Zoom. This is because of all the variables involved, and some inherently work against each other. 

You will have to do some deeper research on your own to find out which ones work with your particular operating system, equipment, video camera, microphone, and overall setup. 

Apple; iOS Devices 

Some smart devices, like iPhones, have a built-in feature that allows you to do a live screen recording without downloading any additional apps. 

Setting Up on iOS 

  1. Open the “Settings” feature and go to “Control Center.”  
  2. Tap on “Customize Controls.”  
  3. Scroll down to find “Screen Recording” and hit the “+” icon. This option will disappear once you select it.  
  4. Now, hit the “Back” button on the top left corner of the screen and tap “Access Within Apps.” 
  5. This part is optional as you can also access this feature from your Home Screen whenever you want to use it without having it always on. 

Recording Zoom on iOS 

To record Zoom, go to the app and join your discussion. Swipe up from the bottom of your iOS device and a panel will appear. You should notice an icon with two concentric circles. This is the “screen recording” option. Select it and you’re ready to go. 

Recording Your Zoom Meeting 

Zoom will detect a screen recording when done within the platform itself. This will notify all participants in the conversation and you can’t disable it. But, if you want to record the conversation without permission, you can find an app for your computer or use your smart device’s built-in feature, if that’s available. 

But, remember, you always want to be polite and get permission so that you’re honest and respectful of other people.  

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