Can You Turn Off Ring Floodlight?

Ring cameras are great for security because they offer a wide range of products. One of their most popular devices is the Ring Floodlight Cam, a security camera with two floodlights. With this security device, you can see and hear activity in range of your Floodlight Cam. 

You can control the floodlight settings on your Ring Floodlight camera. Using the Ring app on a smart device, you can go through each function of your Floodlight cam and turn each feature on or off.  

This article discusses the Ring Floodlight camera, how to control it, and whether or not you can turn off the lights anytime.  

Can you turn off Ring Floodlight? 

Yes, you can turn off Ring Floodlights using the Ring app on your smartphone. You can control other functions of your Ring Floodlight camera on the Ring app too.  

How do you manually turn on/off Ring Floodlights? 

To manually turn your Ring Floodlights on or off, open your Ring app on your smartphone. There is a control above the Motion Alerts toggle in the main menu of the Ring app. Toggle this to manually turn the floodlights on or off. This will turn the lights on or off regardless of any schedule you have set.  

How do you turn off Ring Floodlight schedule? 

To access controls for your Ring Floodlight Cam, open the Ring app on your smartphone. Click on the menu option (three lines) at the top left of the app. Select Devices, then select the Floodlight Cam. 

Select Device Schedule, then Light Schedules. Here you can customize your Ring Floodlight Camera’s light schedule.  

How do I adjust motion control settings in my Ring Floodlight? 

You can adjust the range and distance from your Ring Floodlights where motion will activate the light. You can adjust this range in the Motion Control settings in the Ring app.  

How do I create a light schedule for my Ring Floodlight? 

You can create a schedule for your Ring Floodlight so that the lights turn on for a set period of time. You can create light schedules in the Ring app. 

Does the Ring Floodlight turn on when motion is detected? 

Yes, but only at night. The Floodlight Cam is made to turn on the lights when motion is detected in the dark.  

Can I adjust which areas the Floodlight Cam covers? 

Yes, you can adjust which zones can be turned on when motion is detected. Ring Floodlights have three 90-degree motion zones. You can turn the lights on in each zone independently and adjust the distance and range for each zone depending on what you want covered. 

You can also adjust the Motion Zones for the Floodlight camera, which also covers three zones. This allows you to have complete control over the areas you want covered with either the floodlights or the camera.  

How long do the floodlights stay on with the Ring Floodlight Cam? 

By default, the lights stay on for 30 seconds on the Ring Floodlight Cam after motion is detected. You can adjust how long the lights stay on in the Ring app.  

To do this, open the Ring app and select Motion Settings for Lights. Here you can increase or decrease how long the lights stay on after motion is detected. 

Can you turn the floodlights off completely on the Ring Floodlight Cam? 

Yes, you can make it so that the floodlights never come on. To do this, open up the Ring app and find your Floodlight Cam. Select Device Settings, then Light Settings. Toggle off the “Turn Lights on When Motion Detected” setting.  

Does the Ring camera activate when the Floodlight is triggered? 

The Ring camera does not always activate when the Floodlight is triggered. The Floodlights turn on when motion is detected within the range, which is wider than the camera’s range. The camera on your Floodlight Cam will turn on when motion is detected in its range. As a result, sometimes something will get in the range of the floodlights but not the camera.  

Does the Ring Floodlight camera record 24/7? 

No, Ring cameras don’t record 24/7. They only record when motion is detected. You can adjust how long the Ring Floodlight camera records after motion is detected in the Ring app. 

The Ring Floodlight Camera combines the functionality of motion-detecting floodlights and the security of a smart camera. The bright floodlights will deter burglars and the camera notifies you and records them in HD. This makes it a great security device for your home. 

However, the floodlights can get annoying, especially when they are triggered by every little thing or a car driving by. Luckily, you can adjust the settings in the Ring app. You can control which areas, or Motion Zones, are covered by the floodlights and the camera as well as the motion sensitivity. 

You can always manually turn the floodlights on or off using the Ring app on your smartphone. The toggle option is just like flicking a light switch. It will keep the lights on until you manually switch it off. 

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