Can Xfinity xFi see history?

The Xfinity xFi is a device that lets you manage your WiFi network and connections. It’s easy to self-install and set up the WiFi environment in a matter of minutes. When you get the device, it allows you to find the WiFi password, see who’s online, view camera video, and manage the user experience! 

One of the main concerns that people have before signing up with a new internet service provider is whether the device can see their history? We use the internet for all kinds of personal matters, and no one wants their search history to get into the wrong hands. 

When you sign-up with Xfinity, you can rest assured that they don’t track any websites or apps that you visit through your internet connection.

Keep reading to find out more about Xfinity and your internet history. 

Don’t Believe Everything You Read 

There’s a lot of misinformation online that can lead to hysteria and fear about the whole situation. Online piracy has been thrust into the limelight ever since the pressure on social media institutions about data sharing increased. That’s why people have more significant concerns about whether the Xfinity xFi records their browser history. 

Xfinity plays a significant role as an ISP in connecting clients to whatever they want to do online. Regardless of whether the client is browsing or managing their network environment, Xfinity will protect their privacy and keep the information completely secure. 

The xFi is a device to allows users to enjoy an ideal online experience with helpful features like parental and WiFi controls. No design elements help support the device record any browsing history. 

Xfinity’s Privacy Commitment 

Xfinity understands that users are entirely reliant on their products to connect them to their family, friends, and the things they care about the most. It’s not something that they take lightly and work towards ensuring that all users’ personal information is entirely secure. 

The company doesn’t track websites that the client visits or any applications that they use. As they don’t track any information, Xfinity doesn’t have the ability to build customer profiles and has never sold any personal data to anyone. 

Their privacy commitment doesn’t just apply to the Xfinity xFi, but it applies to all products they offer. To ensure their clients’ privacy, Xfinity deletes all DNS queries they receive after every 24 hours. Here are some of the bedrock commitments that help ensure that Xfinity clients get to use the internet in the safest manner possible. 

What you do on the internet is your business, not Xfinity’s! 

Internet privacy is one of the most controversial modern topics, and ISPs are coming under increasing scrutiny levels. That’s why Xfinity guarantees their users that they don’t track any of their online activity. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the internet to browse websites or spending time on different applications. Xfinity doesn’t keep a record of where you go! 

One of the major concerns that individuals have regarding their ISPs is that they create profiles on the basis of their browsing history and sell them to companies. As Xfinity doesn’t keep track of their client’s history, they can’t build a customer profile and sell information to anyone. 

Your Personal information

Until recently, many people had no significant concerns regarding the state of their personal information online. However, the recent controversy over data sharing has led to even the most carefree people taking extra precautions. The use of VPNs is now more popular than it has ever been before. 

When you sign up the Xfinity, they commit to never selling any personal information to anyone. They’ve never done it in the past, and they have no intentions of doing it in the future. Their promise doesn’t just apply to broadband users. Xfinity mobile service users don’t need to worry about Xfinity selling any of their location data. 

DNS queries 

DNS stands for Domain Name System, and it essentially functions as the address book for the internet. People look up websites online by using their domain names. They enter the domain, and the DNS converts that name into the IP address; that’s how you access websites. 

Xfinity clients look up more than a billion addresses online every single day. These searches have the potential to contain a lot of personal information. That’s why Xfinity deletes all DNS queries that their customers generate every 24 hours. There are particular circumstances where they’ll keep the data to research any security or network issues. 

Protecting your privacy 

One of the essential commitments that they make to clients is working to ensure that they protect their privacy. They offer multiple security levels that provide that their system is capable of detecting and blocking every cyber event that might occur. In addition to their security systems, they have a dedicated team of security professionals to protect you from any potential threats all the time. 

Xfinity always studies its network data to assess how the network performs. They also have teams dedicated to understanding trends and working to stay ahead of their capacity demands. Even for research purposes, they only use a tiny sample of network data that is accumulated and doesn’t contain any personal information about a particular customer. 

The Tools and support to stay safe online 

Xfinity customers all get access to security software and tools to ensure that they have the safest online experience. They offer tools like multifactor authentication and provide access to online tips and advice. Clients also have the opportunity to get information and advice from Xfinity’s security and privacy team. They prove to be a significant aid in ensuring that their clients can stay safe online. 

Final Thoughts 

Xfinity xFi users don’t need to worry about the device recording any of their browsing histories. The company is wholly committed to ensuring that its clients have a secure and private online experience. Their objective is to help their clients manage their WiFi experience instead of collecting user data. 




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