Can Owlet Camera Record?

The Owlet Camera lets you see, hear, and talk to your baby from anywhere, 24 hours a day. This is an especially great option for parents who need flexibility, as well as a minimal design that is suitable for nearly any space. One question that many parents have about this product is if it can record. 

Can Owlet Camera record?

Yes. The Owlet Camera includes an SD card, which automatically records and stores 24 hours’ worth of footage in the Cloud. In order to access the recordings, you will need an adapter so that you can connect the card to your computer. 

To find out more about how the Owlet Camera records and works, keep reading. In this guide, we tell you all you need to know about accessing the Owlet Camera’s recorded videos, as well as watching your baby through the streaming device. Let’s learn more. 

Can Owlet Camera Record? 

The Owlet Camera allows you to record and take images of your baby, 24 hours a day. This camera comes with an SD card, which uploads the photographs and video content to the cloud at no cost to you. This creates a safe, secure, and consistent saving option for your baby’s precious pictures, videos, and moments. 

In order to access these pictures and videos, you need to remove the micro-SD card from the camera. It will be located inside the monitor. Then, you must get an adapter so that you can plug the micro-SD card into your computer. There, you will be able to access the stored footage. 

It’s important to note that whenever you take the micro-SD card out of the monitor, you won’t be able to access streamed or live footage through your app. So, it is important to put the micro-SD card back into the camera after downloading the pictures and videos you want. 


As of 2020, the Owlet Camera does not cost any money to access cloud storage. Previously, there was an $8.00 monthly subscription fee. Now, there are no subscription fees, allowing you to view your baby’s pictures and videos for free. 

How Does It Work? 

The Owlet Camera is a baby monitor that includes an HD 1080P video, complete with night vision viewing and two-way audio. This allows you to see your baby, day or night. At the same time, you can talk to your baby and hear his or her coos or cries. 

The Owlet Camera comes with an app that is available for iOS and most Android devices. Simply connect the camera to secure and encrypted Wi-Fi. After that, you can easily monitor your baby using the Owlet App any time of the day or night. 

With the app, you can stream live footage of your baby anytime the micro-SD card is inserted into the camera. All you need to do is go onto the app and select which setting you want to use. Whenever you are using the app, the footage is being shared automatically to the cloud so that you can access it at a later point. 

Once you want to download or view pictures and videos from the past, simply remove the micro-SD card from the camera. Use an adapter to get access to these videos and pictures using your computer. Whenever the micro-SD card is removed from the camera, you won’t be able to access a live stream from the monitor. 

Once you have finished looking at past pictures and videos, reinsert the micro-SD card back into the baby monitor so that you can live stream your baby and record more videos for the future. 

Owlet Camera Features:

The Owlet Camera is equipped with a number of features that allow you to monitor your baby and ensure their safety. 

HD Video 

The Owlet Camera comes with an HD 1080P video that creates clear and easy-to-view videos of your child. It even comes with night vision capabilities, ensuring that you can see your baby, day or night. Access these videos by streaming them live on your phone or removing the micro-SD card to watch saved recordings. 

Background Audio 

The background audio allows the app and camera to work just like another baby monitor. The audio from your baby will play in the background, but you can go to other apps and use your phone for other tasks as well. This allows you to stay focused and manage your time while still caring for your child. 

Two-Way Audio 

Additionally, the Owlet Camera comes with two-way audio. This two-way audio allows you to talk to your baby without entering the room. At the same time, you can listen to your baby, allowing you to respond as necessary.   

Room Temperature Sensor 

One unique feature of the Owlet Camera is that it comes with a room temperature sensor. This sensor ensures that the baby’s room is not too cold or too hot, ensuring your child remains safe and comfortable when you are not in the room. 

Owlet Smart Sock Integration 

You can integrate the Owlet Camera with the Owlet Smart Sock. This Smart Sock lets you monitor your child’s vitals, such as the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. You can learn about these insights on the same app used to watch your baby’s live stream. Together, the Owlet Camera and Outlet Smart Sock integration ensure your baby is safe and healthy all around. 

Final Thoughts 

The Owlet Camera is one of the best baby monitors for watching your child while you are not in the room. Using the app, you can watch live streams of your baby, listen to background audio, or console them when they are upset. 

At the same time, you can access the cute videos and moments at a later date using the micro-SD card in the camera. Since the Owlet Camera automatically uploads the recordings to the cloud, the contents are constantly recorded. You can access these contents for free by removing the micro-SD card from the camera and plugging it into your computer. 

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