Can I wear my Fitbit in The Shower?

Fitness trackers, which Fitbit expertly makes, are essentialfor sports and workout enthusiasts. However, as you incorporate it into your lifestyle, you would eventually wonder about the restrictions it has. 

For such devices that people wear constantly, the first worry a customer might have would be its water resistance, which also makes them think if it’s okay to wear it in the shower. 

While all Fitbits are indeed water-resistant, none are waterproof. So, Yes, bathing with it is possible, but only with certain models. It would always depend on which one you own. You also need to keep in mind that even though your Fitbit is shower-friendly, your band may not be. 

Don’t fret too much, they are still surely made in such a way that they can survive getting wet or splashed with water, and of course intense sweating from your workouts. 

Is your Fitbit Shower-proof? 

Let’s go into details about which ones can and cannot accompany you during showers. 

The following models are water-resistant up to 50 meters, swim-proof, and therefore can also survive in the shower: 

  • Fitbit Inspire 2 
  • Fitbit Sense 
  • Fitbit Ace 2 
  • Fitbit Versa 3 
  • Fitbit Charge 3 
  • Fitbit Charge 4 
  • Fitbit Flex 2 
  • Fitbit Inspire 
  • Fitbit Inspire HR 
  • Fitbit Ionic 
  • Fitbit Versa 
  • Fitbit Versa 2 
  • Fitbit Versa Lite Edition 

Fitbit Ace is included in this category as well but has a different IP rating. It’s only water-resistant up to 1 meter and is not meant to be used while swimming. 

If you have the Inspire 2, you can turn on the water lock feature when you are showering. This setting deactivates the buttons on your tracker, but still allows alarms and notifications. 

Despite them being shower-proof, if any of them has the classic elastomer band and tracker, you should thoroughly dry them afterwards, and remove any residue that the device could have gotten from the water. Bands made of leather, metal, or woven materials aren’t supposed to get wet. 

In contrast, the next models are splash and sweatproof only. It is recommended to not take them in showers or in any way submerge them in water: 

  • Fitbit Alta 
  • Fitbit Alta HR 
  • Fitbit Aria 
  • Fitbit Blaze 
  • Fitbit Charge 
  • Fitbit Charge 2 
  • Fitbit Charge HR 
  • Fitbit Zip 
  • Fitbit Flex 
  • Fitbit One 
  • Fitbit Surge 

Now you have identified which category your Fitbit falls into. However, assuming that yours is shower-proof, remember that while it is okay to use them in baths, it is still bestnot to. 

After classifying them like this, you might be asking, why not? 

When you shower, you don’t just expose the device to water for a prolonged period of time. 

There is the risk of it being in contact with soaps or body washes, shampoos, conditioners, and all the other products we use. Possible residues could get trapped in the band and could result in skin irritations especially to sensitive skin types. 

Though water won’t actually affect the device, wearing it all the time won’t let your skin breathe. In connection with this, if you are using creams or lotions, make sure your skin has already absorbed it and is completely dry before putting on the tracker. 

Other factors such as water temperature and pressure could also have negative effects on your tracker’s health. This is also the reason why it’s not recommended to be brought to hot tubs or sauna. 

What if you accidentally got your non-showerproof Fitbit wet? 

Accidents do happen. In such events, you got to act fast! Here are possible scenarios and how you can handle them: 

Model Stopped Working 

Getting them soaked can cause them to stop functioning, but do not panic. 

  1. Take it off immediately and remove the casing or screen protector, if it has any. 
  1. Shut it down, if possible. Do not tap on any button you can see in an attempt to get it to work. Not all Fitbit models can be turned off. The only ones with this function are Blaze, Versa, Ionic, Sense, and Surge. Go to Settings and swipe until you see Shutdown.  
    If you were able to shut it down, leave it turned off until you’re sure that all the moisture has dried out. Do not turn it on or charge it until then. 

Liquid Spills 

If it has been spilled with any liquid that is not water, clean it with JUST fresh water and a soap-free cleanser. Introducing other cleaning products would only do more damage. Wet wipes are also out of the question. 


Specifically, Fitbit Zip, Flex, and One are rainproof as well. If you are caught under sudden rainfall, rinse your device with freshwater or wash it with a soap-free cleanser if necessary. Let it dry thoroughly. 

Got mixed up in the Laundry 

While this is possibly the worst thinkable water-related accident, it does happen more than you can imagine! 

  1. Turn it off, if possible. 
  1. Remove the casing or screen protector, if it has any. 
  1. Use a clean cloth soaked in freshwater to wipe detergent deposits. 
  1. Remove excess water from its surface and edges with an absorbent lint-free cloth. 
  1. It’s best to let the Fitbit air-dry for a few days before turning it back on. Do not dry it with heat or direct sunlight! 

If water gets in the device, condensation inside its screen could happen. If this occurs, shut it down and repeat the air-dry period while using silica gel for better water absorption. 

You may have thought first of uncooked rice for this, but that should just be your last resort. If that is your only option, make sure to wrap your device in a cloth or tissue beforehand. 

If this doesn’t work, it’s time you seek assistance and contact Fitbit support. 

Always check the manual that comes with your device first for precautions and warranties. 

It’s good to know that you are very comfortable with wearing your tracker that you would think of wearing it even during showers! Having learned all this, remember that water resistance may also decrease as your device age. 

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