Are JBL Headphones Noise Canceling?

JBL headphones have quickly risen in popularity thanks to their innovative features, stylish designs, & a large range of headphone & earphone options. However, how does the brand fair when it comes to noise cancellation? Are JBL Headphones Noise Canceling?

The majority of JBL headphones feature passive noise cancellation, however, the majority of them are not equipped with Active Noise Cancellation features.

Now let’s take a quick look at JBL’s entire headphone list & whether or not each pair feature Active Noise Cancellation features, as well as whether or not Active Noise Cancellation is right for you. Let’s dive in!

Are JBL Headphones Noise Canceling?

Almost all JBL headphones are equipped with passive Noise Cancellation properties, however, only a few JBL headphones are equipped with Active noise cancellation features.

So whats the difference between Passive & Active Noise Cancellation?

Passive noise cancellation simply blocks out ambient sounds physically through additional earcup padding. Whereas Active Noise cancelation utilizes additional microphones in order to detect, filter, & block out external noise digitally.

Active Noise Cancellation is more effective at blocking out external noise since it’s actively listening for background noise in order to counter the digitally.

Now let’s take a look at JBL’s current list of headphones in the market & whether or not each is equipped with Active Noise Cancellation.

Headphone NameDoes it Feature Active Noise Cancellation?
JBL Quantum ONEYes
JBL Quantum 200No
JBL Quantum 300No
UA Sport Wireless Train Project RockNo
JBL Quantum 400No
JBL Quantum 100No
JBL Quantum 800Yes
JBL E55BT Quincy EditionNo
JBL Quantum 600No

So as you can see currently only 6 of JBL’s current headphones are equipped with Active Noise Cancellation. While the rest feature passive noise-canceling properties.

Are Noise Cancelling Headphones Worth it? (Pros & Cons)


Filter Out The Distraction

Active Noise Cancellation isn’t just great for an enhanced listening experience but is also great when you want to get away from distraction & stay focused on your work, studies…etc. Simply activating the noise-canceling feature filters out most external noise allowing you to stay focused whether in the library, local coffee shop, university campus, or even in your own home.

A Better Listening Experience Even With Less Volume

One of the major benefits of Active Noise cancellation is that the quality of sound at a lower volume level will appear to be enhanced, this is simply due to the fact that there is no interference for external noise.

Enhances Headphones Built-in Microphone

Active noise cancelation filters out background noise for both the headphones themselves as well as the built-in microphone. This allows the microphone to pick up your voice more clearly & effectively allowing for an overall greater sounding microphone.



Active Noise Cancellation features do significantly increase the overall price of the headphones, which is why you would need to consider whether or not the feature will actually be worth the additional cost. If you’re on a budget then passive noise cancellation is a great alternative.

More Weight

Headphones equipped with Active Noise Cancelation tend to be heavier due to the added hardware as well as additional microphones. This isn’t a major issue, however, can be a con depending on how you plan to use the headphones.

Power Usage

Active Noise Cancellation features do demand more power out of your headphones. This means that the battery will run out way quicker when the feature is turned on.

Related Questions:

Are JBL headphones waterproof?

Some of JBL’s headphone range such as the JBL Endurance DIVE are waterproof & designed specifically for swimming. With an IPX7 rating which allows for water immersion at a depth between 15 cm and 1 meter for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Are JBL headphones good for gaming?

Yes, JBL headphones are good for gaming, especially their quantum gaming range. JBL Quantum gaming headphones are designed specifically for gaming equipped with directional microphones for a clearer sounding mic, QuantumENGINE software allows you to personalize & modify headphone settings, as well as superior sound-quality & lightweight design for ultimate comfort.

Do JBL Headphones Have a Mic?

Yes, the majority of JBL’s current headphones are equipped with a microphone. Ideal for hands-free-calls, gaming, conference calls, streaming & much more.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, most JBL headphones are equipped with passive noise cancellation features, however, only 6 headphones out of JBL’s entire current range feature Active Noise Cancellation features. If Active Noise Cancellation features are important to you then be sure to check our list above of which JBL headphones do currently feature Active Noise Cancellation features.

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