Are Beats Solo 3 Waterproof?

The Beats Solo 3 is one of Beats most popular options from their large collection of headphones. They offer great features & are usable in many different activities.

However, are Beats headphones waterproof?

Beats Solo 3 are not waterproof or Sweatproof nor are they water or sweat-resistant. Exposing your headphones to water can damage your headphones which is why you should avoid exposure to any liquid substances.

Let’s now take a look at what a few things you should be aware of when exposing your Beats to water or sweat, weather or not you can work out with your Beats Solo 3, as well as a few other alternative water-resistant options in the market. Let’s dive in!

Exposing Your Beats Solo 3 To Water

Beats Solo 3 are not water or sweat proof nor are they water or sweat resistant, meaning they have a very low tolerance for water & sweat and can get damaged from a small exposure to any form of liquid substance.

Exposing your Beats Solo 3 to water or sweat can damage both the internal system of your headphones as well as the external cushioning & padding of your headphones.

The Beats Solo 3 does not have an IPX rating, IPX is a score that determines the level of water or sweat resistance a device can handle.

IPX0 indicates that a device offers no protection at all even against the smallest drop of water.

This is not to say that your headphones will immediately get damaged by accidentally exposing it to a small amount of water but it does mean that you should ensure you don’t purposefully expose it to any form of liquid whatsoever.

Since Beats Solo 3 doesn’t have an IPX rating this means that any water or moisture damage will not be covered in the warranty.

Can You Workout With Beats Solo 3?

The issue with working out with your Beats headphones is they will definitely not last very long, the constant exposure to sweat will result in internal damage. This can lead to one part of your headphones not displaying sound which is a common issue among-gym goers.

The second reason why working out with your Beats isn’t a great idea is the padding will slowly decay due to the moisture. There are a few products in the market that protect your padding from sweat such as headphone sweat covers. However, depending on the type of workout, you do this may not always be an effective solution.

Do Beats Offer Any WaterProof Headphones?

Beats don’t offer waterproof headphones, however, they do offer water-resistant headphones.

WaterProof headphones indicate that the headphones can be submerged in water of up to 1m (approx. 3ft) for up to 30 minutes. This requires a device to have an IPX7 rating.

Water-resistant headphones have an IPX 4 rating & can handle splashes of water, no matter the direction as well as handle a fair amount of sweat.

The PowerBeats Pro has an IPX 4 rating meaning they are water & sweat resistant. An IPX4 rating indicates that a device can handle splashes of water, no matter the direction.

The PowerBeats Pro is a great option if you’re looking for a pair of Beats headphones to workout with.

Best Water Resistant Headphones In The Market

If you’re in the market for water-resistant headphones that offer some protection against moisture, then take a look at this list of our top 3 best water-resistant headphones picks.

Powerboats pro

First on the list is Beats very own Powerbeats pro, these headphones have an IPX4 rating which makes them sweat & water-resistant. This allows you to use these headphones in the gym, while running, or any activity that causes you to sweat without having to of the moisture damaging your headphones.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT 6100 – Best Over Ear

If you’re looking for an over-the-ear water-resistant headphones then you will want to check out the Plantronics BackBeat FIT 6100.

These headphones have an IPX 5 rating, making them water & sweat resistant this allows them to withstand a certain amount of moisture and spills. Additionally, they are equipped with a breathable perforated headband and wipe-clean ear cushions for additional external protection against moisture.

Jaybird Vista

Next on the list, we have the Jaybird Vista with an IPX 7 rating, classifying it as waterproof. Its IPX7 rating makes it usable in the rain, for running, or just working out in the gym.

It allows for 6 hours of battery life, with a small compact charging case allowing you to charge on the go. Additionally, it provides three sizes of interchangeable ear gels, ensuring you get a secure & comfortable fit at all times.

Related Questions:

can you wear beats solo 3 in the rain?

Beats Solo 3 cannot be used in the rain, since it does not have an IPX rating it offers no protection against water or moisture in general. Using your Beats Solo 3 in the rain can result in internal damage. Water & moisture damage may not be covered in Beats warranty.

are beats solo 3 noise cancelling?

Beats Solo 3 are Noise Isolating but does not feature Active Noise Cancelation technology. The difference is noise isolation blocks out ambient sounds physically through additional earcup padding. Whereas Active Noise Cancelation utilizes additional microphones in order to detect external noise and block out the sound digitally.

can beats solo 3 be used for running?

Since the Beats Solo 3 isn’t water or sweat-resistant it’s not recommended for running. Additionally Using your Beats Solo 3 for running may result in internal & external damage to the padding & cushion due to sweat.

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