Are Beats Headphones Noise Canceling?

Beats headphones have been on the rise thanks to their stylish trend-setting design, innovative features & wide range of options. However, how do the headphones fair in terms of blocking out external sound? Does this brings us to the question Are Beats Headphones Noise Canceling?

The beats Solo Pro & Beats Studio 3 are currently Beats’s only Noise-canceling headphones. The Beats Solo3, Beats EP, PowerBeats, Power Beats Pro, & Beats Flex are not equipped with noise cancellation features but are equipped with Noise Isolation.

Let’s now take a quick look at Beats entire headphones list & their noise-canceling options as well as whether or not Active Noise Cancellation features is the right option for you. Let’s dive in!

Are Beats Headphones Noise Canceling

Currently, only the beats Solo Pro & Beats Studio 3 are noise canceling. Whereas The Beats Solo3, Beats EP, PowerBeats, & Power Beats Pro only feature Noise Isolation.

Here’s a quick list we conducted of all of Beats current headphones as well as whether or not they’re equipped with Noise Cancellation features.

HeadphonesActive Noise Cancelation
Beats Solo ProYes
PowerBeats ProNo (Equipped With Noise Isolation)
Beats Studio 3Yes
PowerBeatsNo (Equipped With Noise Isolation)
Beats EPNo (Equipped With Noise Isolation)
Beats Solo 3No (Equipped With Noise Isolation)
Beats FlexNo

As you can see from the list above the Beats Solo3, Beats EP, PowerBeats, & Power Beats Pro all feature noise isolation instead of noise cancellation. So what’s the difference between Noise cancelation & noise isolation?

Active Noise cancelation utilizes additional microphones in order to detect & filter out external noise digitally. Whereas Noise Isolation simply blocks out ambient sounds physically through additional earcup padding.

Active Noise Cancellation is more superior in blocking out noise effectively making it hard to listen to external noise when wearing the headphones. Additionally, Active Noise Cancelation enhances the built-in microphone by filtering out external noise & picking up your voice more efficiently & effectively.

Do Beats Headphones have a Mic?

All of Beats latest headphone models feature built-in microphones. Older models, however, may not be equipped with a built-in microphone.

Here is a list of all the current Beats headphones with microphones:

HeadphonesDoes it Have a Microphone?
Beats Solo ProYes
Beats Solo 2Yes
Beats Solo 3 WirelessYes
Beats EPYes
Beats FlexYes
Beats Studio 3Yes
PowerBeats ProYes

Beats headphones microphone can be used for several activities such as making hand-free calls, gaming, conference calls, streaming…etc.

Are Noise Cancelling Headphones Worth it? (Pros & Cons)


reduces the volume levels for your audio

One of the major benefits of noise cancellation is that it reduces the overall volume you would typically be inclined to use. This is due to the fact that the quality of sound is enhanced simply by filtering out external noise, thus providing you with clear sounds while using less volume.

Enhanced Microphone

Active noise cancelation filters out background noise for both the headphones themselves as well as the microphone. This filters out external noise when using the headphones built-in microphone which allows the microphone to pick up your voice more clearly & accurately allowing for an overall better sounding microphone.

Filter Out Distractions

Noise-canceling headphones are not only great when you want a more enhanced listening experience but are also perfect for those who want to stay focused on their work, studies…etc. Active Noise Cancellation does a great job at filtering out background noise allowing you to stay focused on your task while in the library, local coffee shop, or even at home.



Active Noise Cancelation headphones come at a heftier price tag, which is why you will need to consider whether or not the feature will actually be worth the additional cost. If you’re on a budget then noise isolation can work great.


Headphones equipped with Active Noise Cancelation tend to be heavier due to the added hardware & additional microphones. This isn’t a major issue, however, can be a con depending on how you will be using the headphones.

Power Usage

Active Noise Cancellation features do require more power out of your headphones meaning the battery will almost always run out faster when the feature is on.

Related Questions:

Are Beats Headphones waterproof?

no, Beats headphones are not water or sweat proof nor are they water or sweat resistant. This means that contact with any form of liquid be it sweat or water can cause damage to your Beats headphones.

Can Beats be used for running?

Since Beats headphones aren’t water or sweat-resistant they are not recommended for running. Additionally, using your Beats head[phones while running may result in internal & external damage to the padding & cushion due to sweat.

Final Thoughts

If Active Noise Cancelation features are important to you then you will want to go for either The Beats Solo Pro or the Beats Studio 3. However, all other Beats products except for the Beats Flex do feature noise isolation features which offer a degree of protection from external noise which is a great option especially when you’re on a budget.

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