Why LG TV Turns Off By Itself? (Causes & Solutions)

LG TV users would often find themselves reeling over an inconvenience: their TV is turning off by itself. Unexpected problems like this are very frustrating, and the first course of action is often calling for technical support. But before seeking professional help, there are simple remedies you can try at home.  

Auto-timers and connected device problems are often the main reasons why LG TVs are turning off intermittently. In most cases, disabling your timer and removing the connected device would fix the problem. If disabling these features doesn’t fix the problem, check your remote for misfires or damaged power cord. 

Most TV-related problems are due to features that customers don’t use often. An LG TV turning off by itself is likely due to an auto-timer setup, which is a thing that happens after the user’s one-time testing to quench curiosity. The fixes below work for most people, so give it a try. 

What Makes the LG TV Turn Off By Itself?  

Smart TVs are relatively a new technology. It has been an improving tech since the early 2010s and has been an overall successful product. But there’s no doubt that it still has some rough edges, especially with AI integration. If your LG TV suddenly started to turn itself off while you’re watching, you might find the culprit below.  

Automatic Timers 

TV manufacturers often install the timer feature in their products to entice potential customers with cutting-edge features. By setting the timers once, the TV can turn itself off without input from the user. It is a very nifty feature if you need it and knows how to set it up properly.  

In reality, most people try this feature once and would never touch it again. The problem starts to appear when the user forgot to this feature off after testing. It can also be because the component itself is malfunctioning.  

Power Cord Problems 

Another common problem that causes LG TVs to turn off irregularly is a faulty power cord. This problem is quite common on old TVs due to wear and tear. Check if there’s a tear in your cord’s casing or if there is an exposed wire. Unfortunately, for this case, you might want to contact a professional electrician.  

Connected Device 

Connected devices can conflict with your LG TVs’ local settings. For example, a connected Google Home or Alexa automatically turns the LG TV off when there’s no user activity recorded over a short period. If you have a couple of smart devices connected to your TV, there’s a higher chance of a settings mismatch happening. 

Bose Soundtouch Sound Bar 

LG itself recognizes the problem which arises from using some models of Bose soundbars. If a Bose soundbar is connected to the LG TV but not being used, it will automatically fire up the HDMI CEC command. This event also happens when the HDMI CEC sends a misinterpreted signal, which the TV acts upon by turning the power off.  

Other Weird Reasons 

If there are no technical problems with your TV, you might be facing a more problematic situation: shenanigans! If you’re using the LG TV with your family or friends, they can download a universal remote-control app to mess around.  

Another weird problem that can cause your LG TV to shutdown is due to a remote malfunction. The remote might have substantial damages due to wear and tear (and breaks from accidental drops.) If the remote is too damaged, it can misfire signals that shut down your LG TV. 

Common Fixes for LG TV’s Irregular Shutdown 

Now that we know the common causes of LG TV’s automatic shutdown, it’s time to try and fix the problem. Take note: these are only for easy software fixes and are not meant to solve problems afflicted by real hardware problems.  

Unplug and Plug Method 

The “unplug and plug” method is a universal fix that would often fix the problem. First, unplug the power cord from the socket. Wait for 60 seconds before plugging it again. With this action, you would successfully reset the power of your LG TV. Unplugging the machine shuts it down completely, and it has a different effect on using a remote.  

Remove Connected Devices 

Another easy fix that you can do is to remove the connected devices in the TV. Specific devices would automatically send a “turn off” signal” after a particular time of inactivity. One such example mentioned by LG itself is the Bose soundbar automatic shutdown. Although this can help save electricity, it can be inconvenient for longer watch times.  

Alternatively, you can disconnect your TV from the WiFi connection for a few days. This way, you can disconnect your smart devices at one sweep. If the automatic shutdown disappears while your TV is offline, start checking your connected device to find any conflicting settings.  

Disabling Timers:


The WebOS is found on LG smart televisions made from 2014 and beyond. Disabling the timer is the most straightforward option for people who don’t use the timer at all. Push the “Home” button in the remote, and choose the gear icon on the top right corner of your screen. A set of new icons should appear.  

Go to the icon with the “Sleep Timer” label and turn it off. If you want to turn off all the TV timers, go to the General settings and enable the “Time Power Off” option.  


Netcast users can directly access their sleep timer options by pressing the button in the remote. This process varies from user to user, but you should find the clock settings’ sleep timer option. Disable this feature, and you’re ready to go.  

Factory Reset 

If all the other fixes do not work, your best bet is by making a factory reset. Simply go to your local settings, go to “general,” and choose the “Reset to Initial Settings” option. If you have several settings that you want to keep, you can disable the HDMI-CEC feature instead.  

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