Why Is Amazon Echo Flashing Green?

An Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that connects with the Alexa device, a voice-controlled personal assistant developed by Amazon. There are several different colored lights on the device to indicate different things. One of the lights you may notice is a subtle green flashing light. 

A green light indicates that you have an incoming call. However, if the green flashing light is spinning it means that you have an active call or your device is drop-in ready.  

Getting to know what the lights on your device stand for is the best way to become familiar with how your Amazon Echo operates. Keep reading for everything you need to know about why your Amazon Echo is flashing green. 

What The Flashing Green Light On Your Amazon Echo Means 

When you see lights on your Amazon Echo, you know something is happening. Green lights aren’t anything to worry about because they aren’t there to tell you something is wrong with your device. That green light is necessary because it’s part of the device’s notification system. The lights on your Amazon Echo allow you to know the status of your device just by looking at it. 

Since there are several different colors of lights on the Amazon Echo, it makes it easier for the user to determine what the device is trying to communicate to them. The only issue that many users have run into is that Amazon didn’t provide clear instructions with the Amazon Echo, so many people were left confused about the meanings of each light. 

So, if your Amazon Echo has a steady flashing green light it means that you have a call coming in. Answer the call to get the light to stop flashing. If you don’t want to answer the call, you can wait it out. The light will eventually turn off when there is no longer a call on the line. 

However, if that flashing green light is spinning then it means that there is an active call or drop-in ready for you. In this case, the green light will remain on until you finish your call and hang up. The green light isn’t a sign that something went wrong and it only kicks on when your device is ready to connect you to a call. 

Why Is The Amazon Echo Flashing Green When I’m Not On (or Expecting) A Call? 

You may notice that the spinning flashing green light is on even though you are not expecting a call or drop-in. Although your Alexa device is full of useful information and can make your life a lot easier, it isn’t perfect. There is always the chance that your Alexa device might mishear something you have said and then start a call or drop-in.  

You can always check the voice history of your Alexa to see if this is what happened. While these devices get it right most of the time, they can still mishear something you have said. This could happen if you aren’t speaking clearly or there is a lot of background noise. Depending on where the device is located, it could also pick up on voices from the TV or radio. 

If you are worried about accidentally making or answering a call or dropping in on someone else’s Amazon Echo by using one of the trigger words in one of your casual conversations, you can turn these off by accessing the communications menu on the Alexa app. This could prevent a lot of embarrassing situations. 

How To Turn Off The Green Light On The Amazon Echo 

If the Amazon Echo is flashing green because you have an incoming call, the only way to get it to stop flashing green is to either accept the call or wait it out. The green light is subtle, so it shouldn’t cause too much of a distraction for anyone in the room. 

When you’re on a call, the light will remain on as well. Once you’re finished with your call and hang up, the green light will turn off. This light shows that you are connected and on a call, so it shouldn’t raise any concern when flashing. 

Turning the green light off when it comes to drop-ins is a different scenario. You see, someone can randomly drop in to your Amazon Echo without your permission. Anytime someone drops in, the spinning flashing light will stay on. If you don’t want random people being able to drop in, you can customize this feature in the app. 

Amazon Echo allows users to customize and only allows certain people to be able to drop in to their device. This feature is very useful for elderly and handicapped people that may have difficulties making a regular phone call. You may only want certain family members or close friends to be able to use this feature, which is why you can pick and choose who can drop in. 

Your Amazon Echo’s green light will remain on until the drop-in leaves or you turn off the drop-in option.  

Final Thoughts: Why Is Amazon Echo Flashing Green? 

When your new device doesn’t come with clear instructions, it can be frustrating to try and figure out what everything does on your own. The Amazon Echo has several different colors of lights, and each one has a different meaning. When you see a flashing green light, it means that you either have an incoming call or that you have an active call or drop in.  

This light will remain on until you hang up the call. If you notice the light is on when you aren’t receiving a call and you didn’t make an outgoing call, then you may have accidentally said something that triggered Alexa to make a call. To see if that happened, always check your Alexa voice history and adjust the settings.  

Flashing lights aren’t always a bad sign. In the case of flashing green light, it just means that someone wants to talk to you.  

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