Why Does Ecobee Say Calibrating?

Does your Ecobee randomly switch to ‘Calibrating’? Wondering why this is?`Don’t worry, it is a rather common problem with the Ecobee. On this page, our experts want to go through everything that you need to know about diagnosing this problem and fixing it once and for all. 

So, why does an Ecobee say calibrating?

It is because the Ecobee has lost power for a short period of time. This could be for a multitude of reasons. Either the air conditioner or heater could be shorting out, or there simply may not be enough power coming from the transformer supplying the Ecobee with power. 

We do want to share a bit more advice with you on determining why your Ecobee is calibrating. We also want to talk a little bit about how you can determine whether your Ecobee is shutting down more often than you may think. We even have a few solutions for dealing with the problem. If you read on, you are going to know everything that you really need to know about a calibrating Ecobee. 

Why Does Ecobee Say Calibrating? 

Whenever the Ecobee loses its power and turns itself back on, the Ecobee will have to recalibrate its temperature sensors. 

If your Ecobee says ‘Calibrating: Heating and Cooling Disabled’ then it means that your Ecobee has lost power in roughly the last 15-20 minutes. If you have not removed the Ecobee from the power source yourself, then it does mean that there is an issue somewhere with the power supply.  

If you are setting up the Ecobee for the first time, then it is perfectly normal to see this message. It should disappear within about 20-minutes once the Ecobee has managed to determine what the ambient temperature in the room is.  

In exceedingly rare cases, an Ecobee may display the ‘Calibrating’ message if you have a  faulty Ecobee. If this happens, then you will likely see the message displayed for hours on end i.e. your Ecobee is unable to determine a temperature in the room. 

The Ecobee Web Portal Says My Ecobee Temperature is -500F or N/A, Why? 

If you check the Ecobee temperature via the web portal and it says the temperature s either -500F or N/A, this means that the unit is calibrating or unable to gain a temperature reading for some reason. 

Once your Ecobee has finished calibrating, it should give you a proper readout again.  

How Can You Check the Uptime of Your Thermostat? 

Chances are that you may only notice that your Ecobee Thermostat is going down a fraction of the times that it does. Thankfully, Ecobee makes it easier to check the ‘up time’ of your Ecobee to see whether there are any deeper issues. 

In order to check the uptime of your thermostat, you will need to login to the Ecobee Web Portal. You will need to look for the option that says ‘Home IQ’. From here, select ‘Download Data’. You can then open it up. 

If there seem to be huge gaps on the record, then this indicates that your Ecobee was switched off for long periods of time. Thankfully, you can use this information to determine what the potential cause of the thermostat power loss is. If you notice it switches off shortly after the Ecobee requests cooling or more heat, then you will know that it is a problem with either your heater or air conditioner (depending on when the issue is triggered) 

How Do You Fix an Ecobee That Says Calibrating? 

Fixing the Ecobee will be dependent on what is causing the Ecobee to lose power in the first place. 

Power Supply is Interrupted 

Your Ecobee Thermostat is running on power from a 24VAC transformer. If the power is interrupted, then the Ecobee Thermostat is likely to switch off. This is a common problem if you have multiple thermostats in your home and they are all trying to increase the heat at exactly the same time. 

When you look at the transformer, it should say 24VAC / 40VA somewhere on it. If the VA (volt-ampere) is below 40, then it should not be used to run a thermostat and you will need to replace it. It certainly isn’t going to be enough to keep multiple thermostats running. 

Ecobee recommends that your Ecobee Thermostat should have its own 24VAC / 40VA transformer keeping it powered. 

There may also be wiring issues. It would be wise to contact an HVAC expert to deal with those problems. 

Forced Air Furnace is Overheating 

If you notice that your Ecobee is losing power when your Forced Air Furnace is triggering, then chances are that the Forced Air Furnance is overheating.  

In the vast majority of cases, this is because you have not cleaned the filters for your air furnace in a while. Thankfully, if you consult the manual for your air furnace, it shouldn’t be that difficult to clean or replace the air filters yourself. Most people find that this corrects the issue. 

If there doesn’t seem to be an issue with the filters, then you may want to consult an HVAC technician.  

Drain Lines are Clogged 

If your Ecobee seems to be losing power when it is attempting to tell your air conditioner to cool your home down, then chances are high that the drain lines on the air conditioner are clogged. 

This is an issue that you can deal with yourself. You will have to consult with the instruction manual for your air conditioner. However, cleaning your drain lines is something that requires little in the way of specialist tools or knowledge. Of course, an HVAC technician will also be able to help you out here. 

Faulty Air Conditioner 

In some cases, there may be a faulty component in your air conditioner that is causing the system to trip. Since it is not really recommended that you try and fix a faulty air conditioner yourself, you will need to call in an HVAC technician. 

This is likely to be the case if your air conditioner is more than a few years old, particularly if you have not really been putting it through regular maintenance.  

Will Ecobee Replace a Thermostat That Constantly Needs to Calibrate? 

In the past, Ecobee did have a few issues with their thermostats. While rare, some people found that their Ecobee would constantly need to recalibrate without there being any real reason why. 

If you find that your Ecobee constantly needs to recalibrate, often for hours on end, then this could indicate that you have a faulty Ecobee. If you contact the company, they will be able to help you with a warranty claim.  

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