What Are the Best Web Browser Apps for Smart TVs?

With Smart TVs transforming the way we entertain ourselves at home, it’s imperative that you obtain content of only the highest quality.  

Modern TVs not only give us the option of streaming our favorite shows and movies, but they also offer the chance to surf the web. We can now go on YouTube to listen to our favrotie music and we can utilize the larger screen size of a television to browse through forums and websites. 

Considering that a large segment of the TV audience is older, it can be tricky to find the best web browser app for smart devices. You may have no idea where to start and you may struggle to find the differences between one browser and another.  

If that’s you, then this is the article for you. We’ve examined some of the major web browsers out there and judged their suitability for TV use. 

We’ve found that browsers with good flash processing and simple user interfaces work best. However, no browser is perfect and deciding on one is ultimately up to you.  

Let’s jump right in. 

Puffin TV Browser 

One of the only browsers custom-built for TV use, the Puffin browser merges online surfing with the more visual medium of television. 

After you pay for it, that is. 

What lets the Puffin browser down is its insistance on payment.  

A quick visit to Google reviews reveals numerous frustrations about its ‘pay-to-play’ nature. If the payment aspect doesn’t bother you then Puffin is a fine TV web browser. 

You’ll able to watch videos and glide through websites with ease. You don’t need to worry about lagging or crashing like other browers are guilty of.  

Overall, the Puffing browser is custom-made for TV use. It may have its issues with the annoying mandatory payment, but the benefits of being able to effortlessly glide across the Internet universe makes it just about worth it. 

Currently, this browser is only available for Android TVs, but hopefully it offers a wider range of compatibility in the near-future.  

Google Chrome  

A classic web-browser that everybody is familiar with. 

What Google Chrome lacks in sophistication it makes up with in ease. 

Thanks to the all-conqering capabilities of Google, you can sync your emails, music, photos, and passwords to your TV and even surf the web in style. 

Google Chrome is easy to use and won’t confuse even the most rudimentary Internet user.  

Its friendly interface may be wonderful, but it isn’t perfect.  

Since Google Chrome doesn’t have a standalone TV browser, the interface is the same as the mobile version, making it ineffective for growing websites and online shopping. 

As a basic interface, though, it is satisfactory.  

Web Browser for Android TV 

This browser is as basic as it sounds.  

The Android TV browser doesn’t really excel in anything but that doesn’t rule it out as a competent web browser. 

The fundamental capabilities of this browser are acceptable and perfectly suitable if you only have a remote to navigate your way through websites.  

Though the appearance leaves a lot to be desired it is able to display websites competently and is, unlike the Puffin browser, free to use.  

Mozilla Firefox 

Kind of a retro throwback in terms of a web browser, Mozilla Firefox still retains its charm and still does its job even in 2021. 

One of the main saving graces of the Mozilla Firefox browser is that it comes equipped with an ad-blocker. Though it may sound like a minor feature, this goes a long way in making your Web experience enjoyable and hassle-free. 

You’re able to watch YouTube videos at a faster rate than Google Chrome as this browser is more adept at loading flash content.  

It is, however, a bit of a pain to use with only a TV remote and it also doesn’t offer support for Android TVs.  

Overall, Mozilla Firefox is a solid option for Google TV owners looking to get their YouTube fix. 

How is Browsing the Internet Different On TV Than on a PC? 

Computers have much faster processors than TVs due to the fact they are designed primarily for Internet use.  

Therefore, surfing the Web on a laptop or a PC is going to be wildly different than a TV. 

TVs are often slower and have considerably more lag than PCs. They also have trouble displaying websites properly sometimes due to the larger aspect ratio. 

The larger display can help sometimes, though, especially if you are watching videos or viewing an online photo slideshow.  

The remote control can also be a limiting factor. It provides much less autonomy than a computer keyboard and figuring out how to gloss through online pages can be very frustrating. 

So, Which Browser is the Best? 

For pure TV use, we’ve decided that the Puffin TV browser is the best TV Internet browser on the market at this current moment.  

Not only does it it provide a beautiful, sleek display, but it also boats rapid loading times and great usage of the remote control. 

Whilst the other browers are satisfactory, they suffer from not being specialised for TV use – meaning that they have inherent problems with their layout, design, controls, and loading times.  

Whilst the Puffin browser is far from perfect due to its suscription-based business model and limited availability, its glamorous features puts ist streets ahead than any of its counterparts.  

Steven Carr

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