Live View Not Working on Ring Doorbell? (Here’s Why)

Ring Doorbell live view is a convenient feature that makes use Wi-Fi network to send HD video to tablets and android smartphones, alerting that someone or something is at the door. The Ring video doorbell features motion sensors to detect if someone is approaching the door, HD camera to take a video of the person, a Ring App so you can access the video on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and two-way audio communication so you can converse with whoever is at the door without walking towards it to take a peep.

It’s not unusual, however, to experience problems with your live view smart home feature. Ring Doorbells use internal batteries or can be hooked to the existing doorbell wiring. They also require internet connectivity for visual and audio transmission. So, if Live View is not working on Ring Doorbell, troubleshoot for the following:

Ring Doorbell is not online

Before you start checking the power supply, internet speed, wiring, etc., ensure the Ring Doorbell is online and recording events. Sometimes, the reason you are not accessing the live footage of your door front is simply that the Ring Doorbell is not connected to your Wi-Fi network.

In case you installed a Ring Doorbell Pro, press the front button on the Ring Doorbell to check if it’s online. For Floodlight Cams, try triggering a new event, then check the Ring App for a record of this activity.

In case the Ring Doorbell is not online, reconnecting it to the home Wi-Fi should deliver you a live view of your door front.

Poor/ Lost Wi-Fi signal

In case of a poor or lost Wi-Fi signal, you are going to experience poor and delayed footage and occasionally no notifications at all. The strength of your home Wi-Fi signal is one of the vital measurements of the effectiveness of your Ring Security System.

A strong Wi-Fi signal is vital for various elements of the ring security system to establish communication with each other. After setting up a new device, the Ring App always performs a special connectivity test. But you can also manually run this test anytime by opening the Ring App, select the device you want to inspect, click the “Device Health” panel, then select “Connectivity Test” to perform the network inspection.

The test should deliver the results of how strong your device is connected both to the cloud and the internet. Green indicates a strong signal, Yellow for weak signal, and Red for no signal at all. Poor/ lost Wi-Fi signal may be due to:

Ring Floodlight Pro Vs. Plus: The P...
Ring Floodlight Pro Vs. Plus: The Power of Light

The Wi-Fi router is using a crowded channel

If the router is using a crowded Wi-Fi channel, then surely the Ring Doorbell application is going to experience trouble connecting to the internet. Most routers are set to switch to less crowded channels automatically, but some need to be manually configured; if so, try finding the best channel for your router. Here’s a detailed outline of how to do so.

Wrong router position

The Wi-Fi router should be mounted close to the Ring Doorbell because routers have a limited reach. Weak Wi-Fi signals could be the result of placing the Wi-Fi router in a bad location.

Always move place the router 200 feet from where the Ring Doorbell is mounted. Also, try boosting the Wi-Fi signal using setups such as Chime Pro.

Weak internet speed

Obviously, slow internet speed means uploads and downloads take time, and bang goes that live view of your door front. If the Ring Doorbell is already online, visit to check the internet speed. It should be at least 2mbs for both uploads and downloads. In case of poor internet speed, consider resetting your router. Just press and hold the reset button on the Wi-Fi router for about 10 seconds.

Insufficient power

Ring Doorbell application can use an in-built battery as well as the existing doorbell’s power. If your Ring Doorbell is utilizing the door’s existing power supply only, you won’t get live view in case of a power outage. That is why having an internal battery as a backup is a wise step. Internal batteries are simple and easier to install without tempering with the existing doorbell wiring. Always ensure there’s at least 3,900 mv.

You can check the voltage on the Ring App. Insufficient voltage may be due to a faulty capacitor or battery. In case of a faulty battery, the Ring Video Doorbell may not turn on at all. Follow the steps outlined here to replace a faulty Ring Doorbell battery.

Poor wiring

In case the videos keep freezing or night vision is not working correctly, poor wiring may be the cause. Poor wiring may also lead to power loss, choppy playback, or even keep the doorbell from ringing.

If you experience any of the above issues with your Ring Doorbell feature, verify that the power kit is installed in the right way. If everything is set up correctly, you must be able to receive notifications or alerts, you must also be able to hear the doorbell when it rings, and there’ll also be a soft white circular indicator light at the front of the Ring Doorbell Pro device.

Faulty Camera

If everything else is functioning as designed, yet there’s no live view still, the problem may lie with the camera. If the Ring Doorbell camera is not responsive, replacing it should get the live view feature working again. Get an HD camera equipped with features for night vision capabilities for a 24/7 live stream.

Ta-dah, there you go, nerds: Ring Doorbell Live stream is an essential feature for creating smart homes. With this feature, you can conveniently tell who or what is at your door front without having to stand up and take a peep. Ring Doorbells run on things like Wi-Fi, apps for mobile access, two-way audio channels, and HD camera. If you are experiencing trouble with the live view, any of these features could be the culprit. Learn how your Ring Doorbell functions so you can tackle any issue that interferes with normal functioning on your own.

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