How to View Ring Doorbell on Amazon Echo Show

The Ring doorbell on its own is quite the product. It allows you to know who’s at the door ahead of time without you even having to get out of your seat. That’s amazing on its own, but what if I told you you could combine this with the Amazon Echo Show’s microphone feature to communicate with whoever is at your door directly without even having to get up! 

To use your Ring doorbell with an Amazon Echo Show, simply search “Ring,” on your Amazon Echo Show and tap the “Enable to Use” button.  

In this article, we’ll go over step-by-step how to connect your Ring doorbell camera with an Amazon Echo Show, what benefits this might have, and other information that could be useful to Ring doorbell and Amazon Echo Show owners.  

Read on to find out how to connect your Ring doorbell to an Amazon Echo Show, and how to use this to view your Ring doorbell’s history and live feed, or answer your Ring doorbell remotely from the comfort of your living room, basement, or bedroom! 

How to connect your Ring doorbell and Amazon Echo Show 

Here, we’ll go through a step-by-step process of how to connect your Ring doorbell and Amazon Echo show, allowing you increased functionality for your Ring doorbell and more accessibility and ease of use for yourself.  

  1. Download the Amazon Alexa App: In order to connect the two devices, you’re going to need the Amazon Alexa app, as they both connect via the Amazon Alexa network. This will allow you to add the Ring as a “skill” to your Amazon Alexa.  
  1. Open the menu: Once you get into the Amazon Alexa app properly, open the menu. To do this, tap the icon with the three lines in the upper-left-hand corner of the screen. This will pull open a menu from the side of the screen with a number of options.  
  1. Tap Skills and Games: Tap on the “skills and games” option on the menu that you’ve just opened. This is where you add new devices, skills, games, and other functionality to your Alexa.  
  1. Search: Find the search function in the “skills and games” screen. It should be in the top-right corner of the screen.  
  1. Search Ring: Type “Ring” into the search bar. Ring is a very popular product, so it should be the first option you find. The logo is a white and blue speech bubble with the word “Ring” on it.  
  1. Enable to Use: Next, you’ll want to tap the “Enable to Use” button. This will allow your Amazon Echo Show (or any device on your Alexa network) to connect with the Ring doorbell.  
  1. Sign in: After allowing use, you’ll have to sign in to your Ring account to actually have access. Enter your login credentials (username and password) manually and then tap “sign in.”  
  1. Discover Device: Once you’re signed in, you’ll be prompted to have your Ring devices discovered. Tap “discover devices” to make this happen, allowing your Ring device to connect to the other devices directly.  
  1. Connection!: After this, your Ring doorbell should automatically connect. If it does not, ask Alexa to discover your devices again.  

If you follow the instructions above, connecting your Amazon Echo Show and your Ring doorbell should be easy and pain-free.  

Why connect your Amazon Echo Show to your Ring doorbell? 

So, now that we understand how to connect these two devices, we might want to know why it’s a good idea. What bonus functionality does it give you to connect the Amazon Echo Show to a Ring doorbell?  


One of the greatest features that the Amazon Echo Show and the Ring doorbell can provide you is notifications for when someone is at or near your door, or your doorbell is rung. This will allow you to know that your doorbell is being rung even if you’re across the house, in the basement, or just out of earshot.  

Untitled - October 27, 2022
Untitled - October 27, 2022

This is especially helpful if you have more than one Amazon Echo Show (or other Alexa-enabled devices) throughout your home. This way, no matter where you are, you will be able to see or hear when someone is at your door.  

So, how do you connect your Amazon Echo Show to your Ring and allow notifications? 

  1. Download the Alexa app: In order to receive notifications, you’ll need to download the Alexa app. If you already have it downloaded, make sure you have the latest version and make sure it is up to date.  
  1. Devices: Find the “devices” section. There should be a tab that you can tab at the bottom-right corner of your screen. Once you find it, select it.  
  1. All Devices: Once you’re in the Devices tab, tap “all devices” to access the list of devices your Alexa is connected to.  
  1. Select Camera: From here, select which camera you want to be notified about. If you want to be notified about more than one, you may select multiple cameras.  
  1. Doorbell Press: Turn on the doorbell press. This will make it so you receive notifications from that specific doorbell when it is rung.  

Note: You need to repeat this process for every doorbell you mean to get notifications on your Amazon Echo Show from.  

Answering Remotely 

One of the best functions of connecting your Amazon Echo Show to your Ring doorbell is the ability to answer your door remotely.  

When someone shows up at your door and is detected by the Ring doorbell, an alert will be sent to your Amazon Echo show with the name of the doorbell (that you gave upon setup) so you know exactly which door they’re at if you have more than one ring.  

After this, you can simply ask “Alexa, answer the door” to enable two-way voice communication with whoever is at your door. This will allow you to not only speak to them but also hear how they respond. This is great for things like no-contact food delivery, package deliveries, or solicitors you aren’t interested in talking to! 

This doesn’t only show give you the option to talk to the person at your door, but you can see them as well! 

Live Video Feed 

Sometimes you don’t want to answer the door and just see who or what is there. The Amazon Echo Show will also allow you to do this. If you give the command “Alexa, show front door camera,” a live video feed of your Ring doorbell will show up on your Amazon Echo Show screen.  

This will allow you to remotely view who or what is at your front door without having to approach the door at all.  

This is an excellent feature for a number of reasons. Firstly, it allows you to see what is happening in your yard or at your door without you having to get up. This not only is extremely convenient but can also double as a security measure! 

Secondly, it allows you to see ahead of time when someone is approaching your door. Did you order a pizza that you’re waiting for? Well, now you can see the delivery person ahead of time and prepare the tip. Are you expecting company? 

Now you’ll never be surprised by them showing up early or late! The live video feed is among the best functions the Ring camera gives, and when connected to your Amazon Echo Show, you can see what’s happening at your door from anywhere in the home! 

Doorbell History 

The Amazon Echo Show can give you a screen to view the last 30 days of doorbell activity from your Ring camera. To do this, you’ll have to invest in the Ring protect plan.  

If you have the Ring protect plan, you can view any doorbell activity that has occurred over the last 30 days. Your Echo can help you do this. Simply say “Alexa, show me the last activity from (name of camera).” This will pull up the activity on your Amazon Echo Show screen, where you can view it at your leisure.  

Doorbell history is useful for a number of reasons. It can be great for security reasons, to see when a package got delivered, or for any number of reasons you’d need to see what guests (invited or uninvited) have shown up on your doorstep.  

Final Thoughts 

The Amazon Echo Show and the Ring doorbell are a great fit together. While the Ring doorbell captures everything that happens at your door, notifies you when it’s rung, and allows you to communicate (given the proper device is connected), the Amazon Echo Show gives you a device to access the Ring’s functions through.  

To connect the devices, add the “Ring” skill to the Amazon Echo Show through the search bar. This will allow you to view doorbell history, view the live feed from your Ring doorbell, or answer your door remotely. This increased functionality makes your Ring doorbell the best smart doorbell it can be! 

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