How To Use AirPods On Zoom On a Mac

Connecting your Airpods to your zoom meetings is quite simple, lets get started:

  1. First, you want to disconnect your AirPods from any other devices, to avoid any interference issues.
  2. Next, lift up the lid on your Airpods case to enable pairing mode, then simply hold the setup button on the back of that case until it starts to flash

3. Now head over to your PC & locate the system preferences tab under the apple logo on the top left corner

4. Simply click on the Bluetooth icon as shown below

5. ensure Bluetooth is turned on & your Airpods are connected to Bluetooth

6. Once your AirPods are connected to your PC, open your zoom application & locate the preference tab on the top left corner of your screen

7. Once your in Zoom preferences, locate the Audio tab & simply set your speaker to your AirPods on the dropdown menu on the right-hand side. You can also set AirPods as your microphone below by clicking on the drop-down menu & selecting your Airpods

That’s it your all set! you can now use your Aipods on your zoom calls.

Steven Carr

Steven is a certified IT professional and gaming enthusiast. He has been working in the tech industry for over 10 years, and specializes in all things Tech-related. When he's not geeking out over the latest hardware or software release, he can be found testing out the latest video game.

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