How to fix a Logitech keyboard not Connecting?

Few common keyboard problems compare with the frustrations of not connecting properly to your Bluetooth device. If you reached your patience limit when trying to connect your Logitech keyboard to your computer, all might not be lost yet.

Some Preliminary Troubleshooting

Not to embarrass you, but do you know for sure if both your Logitech keyboard and your computer both have Bluetooth? Verify yes or no on this after reviewing product packaging, manuals or online documentation. Then, proceed with the rest of the following connection steps.  

Logitech Keyboard Connection Guide

You can perform one of several actions to figure out why your Logitech keyboard won’t connect to the hardware you just purchased. If you still have the product package and the receipt, save those. You might have to exchange it for a different one.

Even if you have had your Logitech keyboard for a while, try all these tricks to see if you can get it to work. If it still won’t connect, then it’s probably time to take it to a recycling center. Even if you’re not sure if it will eventually connect again, trying the following steps before discarding it could save you about $20. 

Check the batteries.

No matter how high-quality your Logitech keyboard battery may have started out as when new, it eventually will reach the end of its life. It’s one of the easiest fixes to make, whether your device runs using removable batteries or recharges using USB power. You might need to replace the disposable batteries with new ones or try the keyboard again after a full charge.

Check compatibility.

Some Logitech Bluetooth keyboards will only work with Windows machines, but others will connect to Macintosh computers. Others might not work with other Android or iOS mobile devices, including your tablet or smartphone.

This could bum you out if you just purchased a Bluetooth 5.0+ smartphone or computer and your devices run with 4.2 or earlier, for instance. However, you also might have compatibility issues if your keyboard will only work with earlier computers or mobile operating systems.

Check Bluetooth version.

As of August 2021, the latest Bluetooth version is 5.2. However, your Logitech keyword or computer might not have that version. Therefore, your keyboard might connect with newer or older models but not always. You’ll need to check if the Bluetooth of your device matches with what operates your keyboard.

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Chances are, you will have to use the 3.x, 4.x, or 5.x versions with devices equipped with similar. However, that could change as technology keeps advancing. For instance, perhaps someday, backward compatibility software that will make it work will become available.

Test on another device.

If you have two computers with the same operating system, for instance, see if it works on the other. Then, maybe try it on a device with a different OS. If it doesn’t even work with your phone or tablet – which usually it would – then compatibility is not the problem. It might be defective.

Download necessary drivers.

These days, most hardware runs without the need for manual driver downloads. However, an automatic download might not always happen. Check product manuals provided in the Logitech keyboard packaging. It will show you the download and installation guide and URL for necessary drivers if they exist for your keyboard.

Otherwise, go to the product website, enter the information about your keyboard, and download the drivers. In some cases, it will enable you to connect to an earlier Bluetooth version but not always. Either way, you’ll need to do this if the Logitech connection driver won’t automatically install onto your device.

Another way to find drivers on a Windows computer is to search for the “device manager” and select your connected device if you see it. Then, hit the “update” or “find driver” section to see if you can find the latest version. Similar instructions will also help you quickly update your hardware on Mac machines, so follow the steps shown in your Control Panel or seek your operating system “Help” manual.

“Forget” or “Unpair” previous connections.

On the device you want to pair with your Logitech keyboard, you can find the option to “forget” any other keyboard. Doing this will usually stop your device from trying to connect from a previously paired keyboard or other hardware. The “Unpair” options in most Bluetooth settings panels have a similar effect. This should prevent from trying to link to a keyboard that no longer exists.

Note when attempting to replace your Logitech keyboard: If you have the exact same model that you previously had but is an entirely different unit, that’s what can cause the most confusion. However, it can occasionally happen if the new keyboard does not have the same model number as the old one.

Turn on Bluetooth Smart (if exists).

Some of the newest devices made by 2021 enable you to use Bluetooth Smart. This usually applies to smartphone Bluetooth accessories, such as a fitness tracker, but it could apply to your keyboard. If you find this in your device’s settings, turn it on.

Bluetooth Smart runs on a different protocol than the standard Bluetooth connection technology. It might work best with devices that have at least the 4.0 wireless version. However, it’s worth a try if you’ve had your device for a while. It might work, or it might not.

Move devices apart and away from router, USB ports, etc.

Apparently, you can experience electronic interference if you have too many connected devices. Each device, such as your computer, phone or speakers, might need some greater distance between them. They also might need some extra space away from routers, USB ports, and other wireless receivers.

Upgrade your Bluetooth.

For computers, you might have the option of upgrading the Bluetooth by using a unified receiver or dongle that has the Bluetooth version on it that you need. As this wireless technology becomes more advanced, the option of updating the Bluetooth technology on mobile devices might also happen. If you have newer devices, you could try this.

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