How Long Do Smart Light Bulbs Last?

The primary purpose of smart lightning is to use energy efficiently. These smart bulbs also save a lot of energy.

The life of smart bulbs depends on the process of smart lightning. These bulbs have different types of sensors, making them far more energy-efficient than regular bulbs.

They can detect motion. This type of sensor can recognize if there are occupants in the room or not. Time can be selected for off and one of these smart bulbs. The kinds of sensors used in these smart bulbs are hybrid, ultrasonic, and infrared. These bulbs can automatically detect the sunlight. But there is a problem with the sunlight sensing that sudden off and on may reduce the life of the smart bulb. The weather conditions also play a vital role in it. The continuous on and off from the bulb may cause discomfort in the inhabitants of the house. The bulbs having ultrasonic can detect the motion in a blink of an eye.

Comparison with Standard Bulbs

First, it is essential to mention that smart bulbs must not be confused with LEDs. These are both totally different things. The bulbs are called smart bulbs because they can be controlled by mobile applications, Bluetooth, hot spots, or WiFi. This means you may control them from any corner of the world. That’s why these bulbs are called Smart Bulbs. They may be easily dimmed, but standard bulbs cannot be dimmed. The smart bulbs can be dimmed with the help of the dimmer or the default application of the bulbs. These bulbs do not flicker, unlike the ordinary bulbs.

The smart bulbs can be scheduled in case you are away from home. They would automatically switch on and off when their schedule is set. This improves your home security when you are away. This feature also saves electricity. As you know, the standard bulbs must be operated manually. There is an option to change the color of your smart bulb according to your mood and desire. It is reported that as many as 16 million colors are available in their application. You may choose any color you want to display from the app. The yellow color is mostly selected when you want to feel warm up. In dinners or parties, the color of the smart bulb may be chosen according to your theme of dressing. These can also be matched with the type of festival coming like red and white can be chosen for the Christmas. The significant difference between them is the price. The more the options, the more the cost. The smart bulbs maybe twice or thrice the price of the standard bulb, and their lifetime is far more than standard bulbs.

Life of the Smart Bulbs

The best and the crucial feature of the smart bulbs is the life of them. It is a common question of how long do smart bulbs last ? The answer would be given in detail in this article. It would be unjust if we compare ordinary LEDs and bulbs with the smart bulbs because the smart bulbs are as much as 90% more efficient than both the ordinary and LEDs. It is estimated that your standard bulb lasts 1 hours to 2 thousand hours at the maximum. Smart bulbs last from 15 to 25 thousand hours depending upon their use, weather conditions, type, and many more factors. For instance, a smart bulb of 15 thousand life is used 5 hours daily; it is expected to last for eight years. The warranty given by most of the manufacturers is from 1 to 3 years. Every company requires a receipt for the exchange of the smart bulb. These are replacing the standard bulbs at a very rapid pace. People are buying them because of their efficiency and their low power consumption ability.

It is said that the cost of smart bulbs is much more than it should be. The price of the smart bulbs is nothing compared to the options they offer. The technology used to manufacture smart bulbs is not cheap. The manufacturers must buy expensive machines to make them. Most of the factories of smart bulbs are in developed countries because they are challenging to set up in a developing country. The lifespan of anything is directly proportional to its price. More the price more the life. The imports of smart bulbs have been increased tremendously in developing countries.

The energy consumption and life of the bulbs are related to each other. The efficiency range of the smart bulbs is from 30% to 90% as compared to the standard light bulbs. The low life of the standard bulbs can be understood by the fact that 90% of the energy in these bulbs is wasted in heating it while only 10% goes to produce light. This makes their life 1 to 2 thousand hours only. The ordinary bulbs are inexpensive, but a single, smart bulb can last much longer than six standard bulbs. You would replace six standard bulbs which would take your time and money in comparison to just one smart bulb. The smart bulbs not only last longer but also provide more energy as compared to the standard bulbs. Your electricity bill would show a clear difference in energy consumption.

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Installation of the Smart Bulb

The smart bulb can be screwed in place of the standard bulb easily. There is no unique installation technique for smart bulbs. After installation, you would see a clear difference in the amount of light provided by the smart bulb. You must have some wireless network to use the smart options of the bulb. The application of smart bulbs does the rest of the job. The apps come with the complete user guides, which help its new customers to use the smart bulb.

Selection of the Smart bulb

The standard bulbs are selected based on the voltage and watts they consume. But the smart bulbs are chosen by keeping many things in mind. There are a lot of shapes and sizes of smart bulbs. You must choose according to your house, weather conditions, place of the installment in the house, how many hours you would use it daily. You must have the basic concept of these things; otherwise, you would be much confused about buying the smart bulbs. This confusion may lead to the wrong selection of the bulb. We have listed the following items, which you must consider before buying the smart bulbs.

Bulb’s shape

The kind of shape majorly depends on the interior designing of your room or the porch. These are available in various forms ranging from the regular round to the new cone shapes. Many people prefer the round shape as this is being used for years.


The price of the smart bulb also depends on the range of the colors it offers. The bulbs having yellow colors are somewhat low priced as compared to those which offer a lot of colors through the application. The multi- color smart bulbs are mostly selected for children’s rooms.


The smart bulbs do not come in a broad range of watts. Most of the smart bulbs come under 10 watts. This feature makes them very efficient as compared to the standard bulbs.


The light produced by the bulb is measured in a unit called Lumen. It is abbreviated as lm. The luminosity of most of the bulbs is around 650 lm. The intensity of the yellow and white lights also classifies the different types of smart bulbs. The people mostly prefer to buy light yellow lighted bulbs.


This is the most crucial option you must choose before buying any smart bulbs. There are many options like

a hotspot, WiFi, HUB, or commands by voice. The prices of smart bulbs also vary on this basis. As technology is advancing day by day, more and more options to operate the smart bulbs are introduced.


The type of manufacturer of smart bulbs also plays a vital role in how long they will last. Always read online reviews of different companies before buying the smart bulb. The features offered by different brands are various, so you must choose the brand based on your needs. It is not necessary that only the renowned brands would have the best smart bulbs; any local manufacturer may manufacture a right smart bulb.


The major problem with the standard bulbs is that they were not manufactured to last long. But the most fantastic feature of these smart bulbs is their long-lasting ability, and this makes them better as compared to the standard bulbs. The smart bulbs have the best efficiency along with other smart features. The price of these smart bulbs is much higher as compared to other bulbs, but at the end of this article, we would say that it’s worth the price. If you want the smart options along with the best long lasting life of your bulb, we highly recommend you to go for the smart bulbs.

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