Gaming Laptop vs Normal Laptop What’s The Difference?

With all the different types of laptops in the market, it can be quite difficult to decide which one would be best suited for your own needs.

Nowadays there’s massive buzz on gaming laptops, so what exactly is the difference between a gaming laptop and a normal laptop?

Gaming laptops are optimized with performance in mind, they come with greater specs such as a dedicated powerful graphics cards, larger RAM capacities, as well as multiple fans to cool off heat generated from the CPU & GPU. Whereas normal laptops come with fewer features and lower specs which are necessary for gaming such as weaker Graphics cards and fewer RAM capacities.

When trying to decide which laptop would be right for you it’s important to know what really separates a gaming laptop from a normal laptop. Let’s take a look at the key differences.

Gaming Laptops VS Normal Laptops:

Let’s take a look at the major differences between gaming laptops and normal laptops.


Normal laptops often do not require high specifications to perform their functions because the necessary working functions do not require more usable processing speeds. Normal working devices often require at least 4GB of RAM space.

The minimum requirements for these laptops are quite low, which may include a functioning operating system, a complete file system, and a well-equipped encoding application set such as Microsoft Office.

Conventional laptops are also equipped with regular working functions such as conventional internet and Bluetooth firmware. This allows laptops to connect with other units. These plug- ins, at the minimum, include ethernet connections, Bluetooth connections, server ports, and music and video player plug-ins, allowing the users to immerse deeper into their work and entertainment needs. It also allows the users to extend the functionalities of their laptop units when connecting to RAM extenders whenever necessary.

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Gaming laptops, on the other hand, may require more processing speed, therefore requiring better hardware and software. Gaming laptops often have at least 8GB of RAM space, with some gaming units even reaching 64Gb of RAM space. These processing speed allows gamers to play with better graphic settings. Also, to speed up processing, gaming laptops are often equipped with specialized processors like video cards and sound cards which would help partition the functions, allowing the user to access more applications without compromising the quality of experience. Unlike regular laptops, gaming laptops have the ability to process individual functions on its own, virtually eliminating the need for external plug-ins.


In terms of design, normal laptops often have thinner designs, thereby increasing the convenience and portability for their users. A simple yet elegant design is what makes it desirable for working environments. Some regular laptops even have smaller frames to ensure its lightness. These are more compact and lighter than those designed for gaming. Gaming laptops are more robotic in design, having more colors available, and mostly have hardware lighting, which may not be available for most regular laptops. In contrast, gaming laptops often have heavier weight loads than regular laptops. This is because gaming laptops often have more parts required than regular laptops. Gaming laptops are also equipped with more ports that regular laptops. Gaming laptops have more specialized functions than regular laptops, which is why there are more auxiliary parts than regular laptops.

Customer base

When it comes to customers, gaming laptops are generally more expensive, generally costing at least $1,200, while the average laptop can cost at least 300$. Therefore, gaming laptops often appeal to heavy gamers who are able to afford them. Those who avail of gaming laptops often have jobs related to gaming, such as video streaming. General laptops, on the other hand, are followed mostly by people who work or study. With its

capabilities, working people find it enough to own regular laptops despite the lower specifications compared to gaming laptops. Normal laptops, by comparison, have a larger customer base because of its cheaper price and a wider array of functions. It is non-specialized, making it more useful for people intending to use it for work or conventional entertainment. Gaming laptops, on the other hand, has a more rigorous following among younger people and those who are heavily engaged in gaming.

Related Questions:

1. Can I use my gaming laptop like a normal daily laptop for work?

Yes, gaming laptops have similar features to normal laptops but those features are upgraded on a gaming laptop. The only downside gaming laptops have over regular laptops is that gaming laptops are quite heavier to support the additional cooling system. Gaming laptops batteries also don’t typically last as long as normal laptops since gaming laptops have more resources than your average laptop.

2. Can I use a non-gaming laptop for games?

It depends on a few factors such as the game and the laptop. But most likely games that require high graphics cards are never going to work on normal laptops. They don’t have the GPU and CPU power to power hardware-intensive games. Although a few non-demanding games can work in non-gaming laptops.

3. What laptop should I get if i want to play games and use my laptop for work?

If the type of game you want to play is a game that requires high specs than a gaming laptop is your best choice since it allows you to play the game you want to play as well as being effective for work. Although if your game is a low-resolution game that doesn’t really require much to play then you can definitely use a normal laptop.

Final Thoughts

One of the main differences between gaming laptops and regular ones is that gaming laptops are more specialized in nature. While highly specialized, gaming laptops are sometimes being employed for general purposes. With its high functionalities, gaming laptops can perform tasks which general laptops can do, while occupying less processing capacity. As technology evolves, so would the level of sophistication among these devices. Time may come where the general requirements of computer operations can be achieved by merging the capabilities of the gaming laptop and the compact size of the regular laptop. However, since the current system works well with specialization, the value of having specific functions would allow people to work productively.

One of the most common notions when seeing people with laptops is that these are used for work or study. This notion is not statistically wrong. Most laptop models being released today has functionalities mainly designed to make working easier, which means laptops in general are correctly associated with work. However, with the rise of several industries focused on computer games, gaming laptops have now been taking the attention of gamers around the globe. With a laptop’s portability and functions, these have become a more convenient gaming set up for most gamers.

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