Does Roomba Require Wifi?

Roomba is known for being an efficient and effective smart vacuum cleaner that saves you time & energy. It’s designed with artificial capabilities in order to get the most out of each cleaning session. However, is this smart device capable of cleaning without a Wifi connection?

Roomba does not require Wifi in order to clean. However, connecting your Roomba to your Wifi network will provide you with additional advanced features such as voice commands through your voice assistant, the ability to view your cleaning history, set up a cleaning schedule & more.

Let’s now take a look at what you can do with your Roomba without a Wifi connection, as well as why connecting your Roomba to your Wifi network may be the better option. Let’s dive in!

Does Roomba Require Wifi?

Your Roomba doesn’t need an internet connection whatsoever in order to clean your room. Roomba comes equipped with a range of offline commands that work by simply pushing the buttons located on top of your Roomba. The Clean button will command Roomba to start cleaning; Spot Clean will command Roomba to clean a specific area; Home will simply return Roomba to its charging port.

However, newer Roomba devices come with additional advanced features that utilize an internet connection in order to enhance the effectiveness & efficiency of your device. This includes:

  • Setting up a regular cleaning schedule
  • Mobile push notificaitons
  • Smart home integration (connect your Roomba to your Smart Home devices)
  • Cleaning Maps
  • Directed Room Cleaning
  • Imprint Link Technology
  • View cleaning history

These features aren’t required; however, they will allow you to customize your experience. You will be able to create cleaning maps for a more efficient cleaning experience. Get notifications when cleaning is done and integrate your smart home devices for simpler hands-free controls, allowing you to control your Roomba device through Alexa or Google Assitant.

Does Roomba Need To Stay Plugged In When Not In Use?

It’s good practice to always charge your Roomba after use, whether it’s through the charging base or by plugging it into the charger. According to iRobot, waiting a few days to charge your Roomba can have a negative impact on its overall battery health.

How long does the battery last on Roomba?

This depends on your Roomba model; if you’re using the 900 S9 series, then it will last around two hours on a single charge. If you own an e, 600, 800 Series, it will last around 90 minutes in a single charge.

Does Roomba have a camera?

Yes, Roomba has a camera in order to map out rooms in your home for a complete cleaning experience. iRobot states that Roomba doesn’t record videos or images, nor do they share any data with third parties. The camera utilizes artificial intelligence capabilities in io=order to clean your home effectively & efficiently.

Does Roomba Work on Carpet?

Yes, all Roomba models are effective at cleaning carpets. Some Roomba models, such as the Roomba S9+, feature 40x suction power, making it the ideal option for cleaning carpets. It also features a wide brush roll making it the perfect device for cleaning carpet areas.

Does Roomba Need Light, or Can it Clean in the Dark?

Roomba does, in fact, need light in order to make use of its built-in camera. Daylight or even dim lighting is enough for Roomba to operate. However, it will have trouble navigating in complete darkness.

Related Questions:

Can Roomba mop?

No, but Roomba does feature imprint link technology which allows your Roomba to work with iRobots Robot Mop Braava Jet. This will allow your Braava to mop similar areas right after your Roomba has vacuumed.

Can you get a Roomba wet?

Roomba should never be exposed to water. It’s designed to clean dirt & debris from dry floors & carpets. If your Roomba does come in contact with water, turn it off, remove the bin & filter, clean & dry all parts of the vacuum, & wipe the brushes thoroughly. Once everything has dried off, you can reassemble the parts.

Does Roomba clean tile floors?

Yes, Roomba can effectively and clean tile floors with no issues.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, Roomba does not need a Wifi connection or any internet connection in the matter to clean. However, connecting your Roomba to your Wifi network will allow you to use your Roomba more efficiently, through cleaning maps, scheduled cleaning sessions, mobile notifications & much more. However, simply using your Roomba remote with no internet connection will allow quick and easy access to cleaning your home.

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