Does PS5 Have a Display Port?

Technology and gaming systems are constantly changing and becoming even better. Gaming systems have become closer to being able to function like PCs, which is great if you enjoy a variety of gaming on one system. If you like to game on a computer screen with your gaming system, this is a great feature. 

Some things have been exclusive to the PC are being slowly added to the gaming systems that we all love. One of the effects that have come along with these changes is the ability to use a computer monitor with your PlayStation with Display Port. Is this a feature that you can expect out of the new PS5? 

What is Display Port? 

Display Port is a digital display interface that is primarily used to connect a video source, like a gaming system, to a display device, like a computer monitor. It has the ability to carry USB, audio, as well as other forms of data. It was designed to be able to replace the VGA interface, FPD-Link, and the Digital Visual Interface. 

A Display Port looks pretty similar to an HDMI, but it is shaped slightly differently. It is most commonly used with PCs instead of TVs. It still allows you to view high-definition video for your games. You will still be able to hear your audio in high definition as well. 

Display Port can support AMD’s FreeSync and Nvidia’s G-Sync, as well. It also gives you the ability to use multiple monitors from one connection, instead of using multiple ports. This keeps your setup looking cleaner and more organized.  

PS5 Does Not Support Display Port 

If you are wondering if you can connect your PS5 to your PC monitor with the use of Display Port, it is not available. The only input supported with the PS5 is an HDMI port. Display Port is not currently supported on the new gaming system, and it likely won’t be. 

One of the most convenient features of Display Port is the ability to use more than one monitor at once with only one output. Is that a feature that will be missing without the Display Port? Yes, unfortunately you will not be able to use multiple monitors with the PS5, just like the PS4. 

HDMI 2.1 

Not quite the same as Display Port, HDMI 2.1 is a close second. If you have a monitor that supports 4K or 120 FPS, you will be able to use it for gaming with your PS5. While it is not likely that most PS5 games will reach 120 FPS, some games already support the feature, and more are expected to come in the future. 

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It’s still unclear whether or not G-Sync and FreeSync monitors will be able to use things like Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) with HDMI 2.1. However, Sony did state that they are working on a firmware update that will add VRR support for TVs. It is worded to conclude the statement “compatible TVs”, which is pretty vague. 

HMDI vs. Display Port 

HDMI was first introduced in 2003 by display manufacturers including Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, and Philips. The HDMI is standard, and you will find them on most TVs, projectors, and computers. In 2006, manufacturers again worked together to create Display Port. 


The HDMI connector has 19 pins, and are available in 5 shapes, but you typically only see 3 of them. The most well-known shapes are Type A, Type C, and Type D. 

Type A is the standard HDMI that is mainly used for TVs, laptops, and projectors. Type C is the mini HDMI which is common for tablets and some laptops. Type D is the micro HDMI used for tablets and headphones. 

Display Port connectors have 20 pins and are available in 2 sizes. There is the standard Display Port and a smaller alternative from Apple known as the Mini Display Port. The mini is the same port as Thunderbolt. Most full-size Display Port connectors have a mechanism that locks and prevents them from being disconnected by accident.  


The most common version of Display Port is 1.2. It is capable of supporting video resolutions of up to 3840 x 2160 pixels at a rate of 60 Hz. The most common HDMI version is 1.4. It is capable of the same resolution as the Display Port, but only at 30 Hz. 


HDMI and Display Port are both able to support up to 8 audio channels at 24 bit AND 192 kHz. The only main difference between the two when it comes to audio is that the HDMI cable has an audio return channel. This makes the HDMI cable able to send audio to the TV while receiving it back in the other direction.  


Technology and gaming systems are always undergoing changes that are meant to make them better. Over the years, gaming systems have become more able to function like PCs. This is great feature for those who love using gaming systems on their PC monitor. Some things that were previously only used with PC are being integrated into gaming systems.  

One of these features includes the use of a Display Port to connect a gaming system to a PC monitor with ease. Is that a feature that can be expected from the new PS5? Display Port is not a feature that we will be seeing on the PS5, which makes it incompatible with computer monitors. 

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