Does Oculus Quest work with PS4?

Virtual Reality has quickly gained attention among gamers over recent years. Many people want something that allows them to experience VR on all platforms, whether PC gaming or an ever-growing list of consoles. 

Unfortunately, Oculus quest headsets do not work in place of a PSVR headset. You may connect the Oculus cable through one of the PS4’s 3.0 USB ports, but it won’t result in the quality of use you might expect. However, you can connect your PS4 to your PC and then join your Oculus to your PC as a way of connecting the two devices. 

Keep reading to learn the compatibility issues between Oculus and the PS4 and how to bypass the compatibility issues by learning how to set up Remote Play to connect your PS4 to your PC and then your Oculus to your PC. 

Can You Connect Oculus to a PS4?

Officially, Oculus is not compatible with PS4s as Sony has its own VR technology with the PSVR headset. Companies want users to use their brand of devices with their consoles most of the time, and Sony is no different. Making a VR-specific product means that they want their users to use their VR over another company.

There are some issues with compatibility between Oculus and console in general. In the case of the Oculus Quest, the VR headset is for PC use which plugging it into a console of any kind will cause issues.

Can You Connect an Oculus Quest 2 to a PS4?

There is no official support between the Oculus Quest and PlayStations. If you want to play a PS4 game on your headset, there are some options. The easiest way is to link your PS4 with your PC then mirror your PC screen to your VR headset. With this method, you’re technically still using the headset with PC while also linking to your PS4.

How to Connect a PS4 to a PC

PS4 comes with Remote Play, which allows you to play your PS4 from any computer. It creates a backdoor to linking your Oculus to the PS4 with your PC acting as a go-between.

To connect your PS4 to your PC:

  1. First, you will need to set up your PS4:
    1. Turn on your PS4 and navigate to Settings.
    2. Scroll down until you find “Remote Play Connection Settings,” and click on it. You can check the “Enable Remote Play” option on the new menu. 
    3. Navigate back to Settings and scroll up to “PlayStation Network/ Account Management.” Select “Activate as Your Primary PS4.”
  2. Next, you will need to prep your PC and the Remote Play application:
    1. Download the “PS$ Remote Play” program onto your PC. This program is available for both Windows and Mac. Follow the prompts to install it.
    2. Once the download is complete, double-click on the Remote Play icon to start the program, a dialogue box will open asking you to connect your PS4 controller to your PC via a USB cable. After plugging in the controller, click the “Start” button.
    3. A new window will open, asking you to sign in to your PlayStation account. Enter your information and wait a few moments for the connection to complete. You will know the link is complete when the PS4 Home menu appears on your PC screen.

Remember that this connection to your PC will have a lower resolution than your PS4, usually 720p. There may be other limits to features and settings than you would find while using the console itself. 

How to Connect Your PC to Your Oculus

Now that you have your PS4 connecting with your PC, you can set up your Oculus for your PC to interact between the two devices. Luckily, it’s a lot easier to connect your Oculus with a PC since it is for PC use. 

To connect your PC to your Oculus:

  1. Ensure that your PC meets the requirements for the Oculus and then your Oculus software is up-to-date both on your PC and your headset.
  2. Open the Oculus application on your PC. If you don’t already have the app, you should download and install it by following the prompts. 
  3. Turn on your Oculus headset.
  4. Plug a USB 3 cable into your PC using a USB 3.0 port, plug the other end into your Oculus. 
  5. A dialogue box will open on your headset display with a prompt to “Allow access to data.” Select “Deny.” If you accidentally select “Allow,” then you will need to unplug your headset and plug it back in again. 
  6. Another dialogue box will open, asking you to “Enable Oculus Link.” Select “Enable.” It should automatically render a link to your Oculus. 

Remember that a few devices are trying to connect, which can cause issues with quality and buffering. It’s not a perfect solution, but if you don’t want to buy a whole new VR system specifically to use with your PS4, then this is by far the best solution. 

What to Do When Your Oculus Doesn’t Connect to a PC

If you are unable to get the Oculus Link to work, here are a few suggestions on how to fix the problem:

  • Check to see if you can add your Oculus device to your PC software. If not, log out of the PC software, then log back in. 
  • If you don’t see an “Enable Link” option on your PC software, then log out of the PC software, then log back in. 
  • If you don’t see an “Enable Link” option on your headset, turn off the headset and restart it. 

You can check out the Oculus support page for other solutions and contact their support team if your connection problems persist. 

Final Thoughts

While there is no official compatibility between a PS4 and an Oculus headset, there are a few ways of getting around it. The easiest solution is the connect your PS4 to your PC then connect your PC to your Oculus since Oculus is for PC use. There are limitations to this solution, but it’s a cheaper option than buying a new VR headset just for the PS4. 

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