Does Nest Work With Apple Homekit?

Does Nest work with Apple Homekit? The direct answer is NO. However, there are ways to integrate the Nest devices to Apple Homekit. Read on to know more about the tips and tricks of controlling Nest devices using Apple products.

Smart home technology is here to stay, and it will become more of a norm each year. Everyone wants to feel safe and keep their home safe from intruders or just ensure lights are on in the evening. It is essential to use quality tech for smart homes for reliability and aesthetic purposes. No one wants an intelligent lock that glitches and refuses to open when you are ready to leave for work.

Whatever smart home devices you choose, it is easier to manage all devices on one dashboard. There are several intelligent home devices management platforms available, like Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Home. This article will cover integrating Nest Smart devices with iPhone and iOS devices.

What Is Nest?

Nest is the leading company in manufacturing smart home devices. The company started with thermostats then expanded to other areas. There are many smart home devices in the market, but Nest Smart Devices are the best in the market. Nest devices are beautiful, simple, minimalistic, and efficient. You can’t go wrong when you buy any of the Nest Smart devices.

One of the co-founders of Nest, Tony Fadell, was a co-founder of the iPhone and helped create the first three generations of it. Even though Nest isn’t directly compatible with Apple Homekit, iPhone and iOS device owners can use the Nest app for iOS. The Nest app for iOS acts as a bridge between Nest Smart devices and iPhones or iOS devices. The Nest app is well designed and works seamlessly, just like the Apple Homekit could.

The app works well with all of Nest devices without failure or crashing. It is an excellent alternative to the Apple Homekit. It may not be a native integration, but its performance is impressive.

What Is Apple Homekit?

Apple Homekit is a platform that integrates smart home devices to iPhones and iOS devices for access and remote control. Homekit supports Siri’s voice commands, making it easy for users to change settings on various smart home devices without even lifting a finger. That is, you can command Siri to change light settings or the thermostat temperature when from anywhere in the world. The platform’s magnificent design sort to allow someone to create the perfect ambiance in every room on whatever season.

Basically, you can set your smart home devices to change the temperature before you get home, switch the lights on, or even set your devices on energy-saving mode when you are away. Initially, Apple insisted that brands who could partner with the Homekit platform had to have an MFI chipset, which made it difficult for most brands to integrate into the Apple Homekit. However, the requirement changed, allowing brands to integrate their smart home devices to the platform.

Is Nest Compatible With Apple Homekit?

No. There is no way to integrate Nest devices into Apple Homekit directly.

However, some apps can integrate iOS devices with Nest. The best app so far is the Nest iOS app, whose functionality is similar to Apple Homekit. It may take a little more effort to configure the connection, but it is possible. The main thing is to ensure that you connect your iPhone or iOS devices to the same Wi-Fi connection during integrations.

The main reason why Apple Homekit doesn’t integrate with Nest smart devices is that Google owns Nest and Android. Apple is a direct competitor with Google for several services. Users have tried to push Google and Apple to disclose when the two parties will agree on terms to no avail. In reality, Google and Apple need to create an agreement with the terms of making Nest compatible with Apple Homekit.

There was speculation as to why Apple couldn’t strike a deal with the co-founder of Nest Tony Fadell? The Nest was launched into the market in 2011 as a smart home device manufacturer. In 2014, Google bought Nest and made the integration into Google Home. Apple Homekit was launched several months later, so Google already reserved the right to chooses partners for Nest.

There seems to be hope for Google and Apple agreeing about integrating Nest into Apple Homekit. After all, you can’t force Nest users to move to Android devices to access a platform to manage all Nest devices. In the meantime, iPhone lovers can use the Nest iOS app to manage Nest devices.

What Are Some Of Nest Smart Devices?

The Nest is a market leader in smart home devices. Many smart home devices make the lives of people more comfortable, including doorbells, video cams, and thermostats. All the accessories are easy to purchase and physically install in the house. Also, they look modern and enhance the décor of a home. The configuration of Nest devices is too easy, whether on Google Home or Nest iOs and Android apps. Below is a list of several Nest smart home devices and their capabilities upon integration to the Nest iOS app.

1. Nest Thermostats

Nest thermostats include the Nest Learning Thermostat and the Nest Thermostat E. You can easily change the temperature of the house or room from your iPhone or iOS devices. You can also create and edit an automation schedule. You can set different temperatures for different hours of the day to keep your home in optimum temperature throughout. The Nest thermostats provide notification on temperature changes and reports on energy consumption by HVA devices. You can receive all notifications directly from your devices for easy access.

2. Nest Room Sensors

Nest Room Sensors are responsible for the ability of the thermostats to maintain different temperature requirements throughout a house. Batteries power the sensors; hence it is vital to ensure they have working batteries all the time. The sensors send feedback to the thermostat about the temperatures in a particular room. The thermostat then produces a corrective measure depending on whether the temperature is high or low.

3. Nest Smart Camera

The Nest Smart Camera has some sweet features that make it ideal for monitoring activities in and out of the house. It is common for people to forget to do things when leaving in a hurry, like turning off the lights or locking the door. A smart camera gives a homeowner a choice to check the live feed and ensure everything is in order in the house. The smart camera comes with motion sensors that notify you in case of motion on your compound.

It also has a familiar faces recognition feature to let a homeowner know when a regular visitor is approaching. The camera also has a loudspeaker and stores the video history for at least 30 days.

4. Nest Hello Doorbell

Having a smart doorbell is a neat tool to have. Nest Hello performs wonderfully by giving alerts of people approaching the door. The doorbell comes fitted with sensors that can differentiate between humans and other objects. The sensor notifies you even if your visitor does not ring the doorbell. You can communicate with visitors through a two-way communication option through your iOS device. There is an excellent option that allows you to record responses for visitors whenever you are not home.

The recording automatically plays to visitors who use your doorbell. You can easily video stream the feed from your door on your iOS device on-demand. You can check out what’s happening outside your door or check the feed when waiting for deliveries to arrive.

5. Nest Alarm Systems

The Nest app for iOS allows you to turn your alarm system on or off from a remote location using your iOS device. Did you forget to turn on your alarm when you left your house? Don’t worry; you can turn it on using your iPhone or iPad. Did your neighbor’s kids accidentally trigger your alarm when you are away from home? You will get a notification straight to your devices when anyone triggers the alarm. Depending on the situation, you can decide to reset your alarm or call law enforcement. Either way, Nest Alarm keeps your home safe from intruder round the clock.

6. Nest Protect

The Nest app for iOS can seamlessly integrate the Nest Protect Alarm to your devices. You can receive notifications straight to your devices in case the sensors detect smoke or carbon monoxide. You can turn on or off the Nest Protect alarm from your iPhone or iOS devices. Also, you can generate a report for alarm triggers and the reason. Nest Protect can also test your alarms to ensure they function adequately.

7. Nest X Yale Lock

The Yale lock is an impressive device that is easy to use. The smart lock can automatically lock your door when you leave the house through auto-lock. The lock is excellent, especially if you are forgetful and have valuables in your home. You can get notifications on your devices when the door locks or unlocks. Also, you can easily share your passcodes to trusted individuals using the Nest app. You can easily see movements to and from your house from your iPhone or iOS devices.

The collection of Nest smart home devices is fresh. You can control various aspects of your home without moving from your location. Nest devices allow remote access from authorized users. Not only are Nest devices high, but they also offer value for the cost. Ideally, it would be good to use Google to manage and control your Nest smart home devices.

How to Connect the Nest App For iOS

The Nest app put into consideration a lot of aspects, and it can perform pretty well on any iOS device. Connecting Nest Smart Home devices to Apple products is pretty straightforward using the Nest app. First, you can download the app to your iPhone or iPad and create an account. Second, connect your Nest Smart devices to your Wi-FI as well as your iOS device. Finally, add your Nest devices to the Nest app on your iPhone or iPad.

You have to download the Nest app in each Apple device you desire and manually add the Nest devices to the app. The Nest app is compatible with Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, and other Apple products. To control

Nest devices from a Mac PC, you need to log into your Nest account from the Nest Home website.

The process of adding Nest devices to the Nest app for iOS takes a short while, and it will save you a lot of hassle when you want to access your home ecosystem remotely. Nest app for iOS may not be a native integration to Homekit, but it works well for Apple products.

Using Third-Party Tech for SIRI Commands

Every Apple product user knows how Siri is essential in executing voice commands. Why would you lift a finger to do something you can command Siri to execute? The Nest app for iOS doesn’t come with integration to Siri’s voice commands. There are third-party apps that can imitate the functions the Homekit offers for Apple devices.

So exactly how do the third party apps enable Siri Voice commands?

Let’s go through some third party tech that connects to Homekit:

Thermo Watch APP

The Thermo Watch App is compatible with the Apple Watch. All you need to do is download the app and add your Nest thermostat to the app. The app works by making the Nest device seem like part of the Apple ecosystem. Homekit accepts the Nest Thermostat as a product acceptable to the ecosystem. The app has approval from the Nest, so it isn’t a breach of the company terms and conditions.

Once the thermostat connects to the Apple Watch, you can pretty much do anything you want. You will have access to Siri voice commands, and you can give instructions for changes. For example, you can simply say, “Siri, check the humidity,” and Siri will provide you with a response. You can do things like turn on or off the thermostat as you would on Homekit. Thermo Watch app makes it easy to manage the Nest Thermostats from the Apple Watch and Siri voice commands.


HomeBridge is a NodeJS server that runs on Mac PC/laptop and allows you to access Nest Smart devices from Apple Homekit. It may take some finesse to configure the server, but it will be worth the effort. In the end, you will be able to control Nest Smart devices from Homekit and use Siri voice commands. So how does it work?

Homebridge allows a user to use a home server to integrate Nest devices and Homekit. The first step is to purchase the HomeBridge server. It can take a couple of days for online delivery. Once you have it, you need a power source and a route. Connect the device to power and plug it into a router port. The device does not work on Wi-Fi hence the need for a router.

After that, you can log into HomeBridge’s website and attempt to set up your account. Once you have setup HomeBridge on you Mac, you set up the Nest devices on your Apple devices. The configuration can be a bit complicated for people who aren’t tech-savvy, but it’s easy to learn. After the setup, you can control all your Nest devices from Homekit just as you would other smart devices compatible with Homekit.

The integration of Nest devices to Homekit through Homebridge allows you to use Siri voice command to issue instructions. The Homebridge software is compatible with all models of Nest Smart home devices. Therefore, you can access Nest Hello, Nest Protect, Nest camera, Nest secure, Nest Thermostats, Nest Temperature Sensors, and the Nest x Yale Lock from the Homekit dashboard.

HomeBridge offers an excellent device that integrates the Nest devices into the Apple ecosystem seamlessly. Even though this method isn’t a native integration, the performance is impressive.

Is Integrating Nest Devices to Homekit Worth It?

Yes, it is. Nest Smart Home devices are the best in the market. Nest is the trendsetter for smart home devices. On the other hand, Apple has impressive features, including the Siri voice command IA. In short, combining two great technologies is guaranteed to give you an excellent user experience. There is no direct way to integrate Nest devices to Homekit, but that shouldn’t hinder you from enjoying the best of both worlds.

What’s The Alternative?

You can opt for smart home devices that are compatible with Homekit if you find the whole process tiresome. Other brands offer various smart home devices. So far, only the Nest has a reasonable collection of functional smart home devices. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find quality smart home devices that integrate with Apple Homekit.

Smart Home Devices That Integrate With Homekit:


The third generation or more come with a Homekit hub. The Apple TV 4K is the best choice to pair with your Homekit hub. The Homekit hub’s primary purpose is to do verifications when you access Homekit remotely. The extra layer of security is cool, plus you gain a fantastic entertainment device with the most extensive collection of Dolby-supported movies. You can simply access a live stream video feed of your cameras through a voice command to your TV remote.


Ecobee is the best option for thermostats for Homekit. The latest version is the Ecobee 4, but it is expensive. A more budget-friendly alternative is Ecobee 3 Lite thermostat, which is compatible with Apple Homekit. The thermostat comes with temperature and motion sensors, which are handy in temperature management throughout the home. You can set specific temperature settings for your surroundings, and the motion sensors track your movement and adjust the temperature as you move. It is a perfect home climate control tool and works well with Siri’s voice commands. Other brands have thermostats that integrate with Homekit, like Emerson Sensei and Honeywell.

Ecobee is a reputable brand that is a suitable alternative for Nest thermostats. The thermostat can be accessed remotely from various iOS devices. You can turn on or off the thermostat, you can check the humidity, you can check energy consumption by your HVAC remotely. Ecobee 3 Lite does a good job, and it is available for a reasonable price. Besides, the device comes in a sleek minimalistic design that is compatible with many decors.


The August Smart Lock Pro is an excellent alternative to the Nest x Yale lock for Homekit users. The lock isn’t cheap, but it is practical and functional. Don’t let the design of the simple lock fool you. The August Smart Lock Pro delivers when it comes to offering amazing digital lock services. The lock has a sensor that detects when the door opens and closes. You can access the data of how many users used the door from Homekit.

The lock has a Wi-Fi hub that helps connect the lock to Homekit remotely. Typically, August Smart Lock Pro uses Bluetooth to unlock doors as you approach. The lock comes with a key option, just in case your phone runs out of charge. You can get notifications straight to your phone when your door stays open for long periods. The app also checks whether a door is shut before locking, so it’s easy to confirm whether you shut and locked your door.


The Logitech Circle 2 camera is suitable for indoor and outdoor uses. The camera is weatherproof and has an option for wireless or wired connections. It comes with motion sensors that trigger the home automation system in case of an intrusion. The camera is accessible with various Apple devices, including the Apple Watch. The integration of Logitech Circle 2 is efficient and seamless. The design of the device is gorgeous and blends in with a variety of internal décor.

The cameras allow remote video streaming so you can check-in and confirm everything is okay during vacations or business trips. Wired cameras need to connect to a power source to run 24/7. You can view the feed on Apple TV or your Apple device. Some accessories can assist you in positioning your cameras in strategic areas.


There are other dimmer switches compatible with Homekit like Ecobee Switch+, but only Lutron Caseta Dimmer has fantastic features for a reasonable price. The dimmer switch interacts seamlessly with Siri’s voice commands to control smart bulbs. Homekit can assist you in setting up schedules and different lighting conditions depending on your desires. It is easy to connect the device to Homekit and start utilizing it. There are several hues available for homeowners to choose from to match a room setting.


A smoke and carbon monoxide dictator can save lives. The First Alert Onelink Smoke and Co alarm work seamlessly with Homekit to keep the occupants of a house safe. You will receive notifications on your device in case anything triggers the alarm.


Long gone are the days you had to get out of your car to open the garage door. MyQ garage door controller is compatible with Homekit, and its easier to open a garage door using Siri. All you need to do it say “Siri, open garage door,” and you are all set to park your car. The gadget provides information on the status of your garage door. That is, you can check whether you locked your garage door remotely. MyQ Garage door controller is the only smart garage controller available for Homekit users.

Final Thoughts

Apple Homekit isn’t directly compatible with Nest smart home devices. It is unclear as to when Apple, Google, and Nest will come up with an agreement that will support the integration. Nest device lovers have made countless requests for Google to make Nest compatible with Homekit. At the moment, Google owns Nest and is skeptical about making the compatibility of Nest devices to Homekit possible. Meanwhile, Homekit users have to make do with tips and tricks to integrate Nest device to Apple products.

Nest has the leading smart home devices in the market. Anyway, there are other ways to control Nest devices using Apple products and Siri voice command. With the assistance of Thermo Watch and HomeBridge, it is possible to use Siri voice commands to make adjustments to Nest devices. Both HomeBridge and Thermo Watch have the approval of Nest to indirectly integrate Nest devices to iOS devices. HomeBridge helps users to manage Nest devices from the Homekit app.

The Nest app for iOS is a fantastic app that makes it easy to add Nest devices to iPhones or iOS devices. However, the Nest app does not support Siri Voice commands, and it is compatible with iPhones, iPads, Apples watch, and other Apple devices.

In conclusion, it is possible to control Nest smart home devices using Apple products. Though the methods used are indirect, they work just as well as direct integration. Don’t limit yourself from purchasing Nest smart home devices only because you use iOS devices. Simply chose one of the methods above to integrate Nest with your Apple devices.

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