Does Nest Thermostat Work Without Wifi?

The Nest thermostat is knonw to use artificial intellgence algorithims in order to use your heating & cooling effeciently thus reducing your overall power consumption & energy bill.

However will the Thermostat still work without a Wi-Fi connection?

Nest Thermostat will still work without wifi, however, it will lose some functionality that makes it a “smart Thermostat”.This means you won’t have remote access to control your thermostat nor will you be able to communicate to Alexa to control the thermostat.

However, your thermostat will still use the data collected previously from your daily routines & continue to adjust your temperatures accordingly. Also, nest leaf will remain working, meaning you will be able to make adjustments to reduce the overall energy consumption.

Without wifi, you won’t be able to use your phone to control your thermostat instead you will have to control it through the device itself. To turn on or off cooling & heating simply use the dial in the interface.

What Happens When You Lose Wifi Connection

Once you lose wifi connection your thermostat will continue to operate the same. It will use the data it already had previously to adjust the temperature to your liking. But it may not perform optimally as it would with internet. Most of the beneficial smart features will however still be working. Here is a list of features you will still have without a wifi connection:


You will still be able to schedule your temperatures without wifi. This can be done through the device its self in the homepage scheduling will be available.

Nest Eco

Nest Leaf will still be available without wifi meaning your thermostat will let you know what temperature would be optimal to save more on energy costs this is an important feature as adjusting the temperature by one degree has been proven to save around 5% on your electric bill a year. I would still recommend using internet for this feature as you never know how reliable it can be without an internet connection.

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Check History

You will still be able to check your history, allowing you to view your heating and cooling patterns. This way you will know why your energy bill this month has been lower or higher.

Manually Set The Temperature

You will obviously still be able to manually set the temperature to your liking through the device its self with no wifi connection needed.

Nest Temperature Sensor

You will still be able to use your Nest Temperature sensor without a wifi connection as it is battery powered.

How to use your Nest Smart thermostat as a traditional thermostat

If you’re looking to use your thermostat as a traditional thermostat and disable smart learning mode simply disable Auto-Schedule learning when you do this, however, your existing schedule will remain the same but the thermostat will stop learning.

If you would like to delete your existing schedule simply go to settings then reset then schedule then select Reset/ Clear.

You can then set a manual schedule that will change the temperature at set times which you have selected.

Simply go to settings then schedule and adjust to your preferred temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if my system is Nest compatible? 

Nest has a compatibility checker to help you figure out whether or not your system is compatible with Nest.

What kind of data does Nest collect?

Nest thermostats collect info to enhance your experience here is the type of data Nest thermostat collects:

Your cooling & heating usages: Nest collects your heating and cooling data as well as the duration in order to provide you with weekly reports on your usages & provide you with information on how to reduce excessive energy consumption.

Nest Thermostat Sensors: Nest collects data from sensors in order to enhance user experience. This data includes humidity, temperature, also collects data through movement sensors in order to know whether or not you are in the house to adjust it to the temperature of your liking or if your away from the house to save more electricity.

Changes you make: If you make changes outside your daily routine such as turn up the cooling at a specific time Nest collects that data and transfers it to its algorithm to provide you with the best experience.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it Nest thermostat will still work without a wifi connection. It will maintain some smart features although you will lose a lot of useful ones.

Such as remote access, Alexa control, also the self-learning data might not be as effective without a wifi connection. A huge beneficial factor of using your thermostat with wifi is the automation will be on point.

The thermostat will have plenty of data to recognize your daily routine and adjust the temperature accordingly also Nest Eco features may be more accurate with an internet connection again due to excessive data and information your thermostat will be able to connect.

Also, a wifi connection will allow the thermostat to track your energy usage providing you with a full report each month as well as information on how to cut down on electricity costs.

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