Does Amazon Echo Show Have a Camera?

The Echo Show is known for its highly productive features coupled with its high-quality display which allows for smart home integration as well as watching popular TV shows & movies. But what about some of its online communication features, does the Amazon Echo Show have a camera?

Yes, the Echo Show does have a camera that can be used for video calls as well as for taking selfies which you can quickly and easily add to your photo album. The camera is also equipped with a security feature which electronically disconnects the camera with a press of a button.

Let’s take a look at Amazon Echo SHow’s camera functionality as well as a few of its capabilities. Let’s dive in!

Does The Amazon Echo Show Have a Camera?

All Echo Show devices feature built-in cameras designed specifically for video calls. Additionally, every Echo Show device is equipped with a security feature that disables the camera & microphone completely, this is a feature privacy-minded users would definitely appreciate.

The camera quality varies depending on the Generation of Echo Show below is a list of Echo Show devices with their camera quality in megapixels as well as their security feature type.

NameDoes it have a Camera?MegapixelsSecurity Feature
Echo Show (2nd Gen)Yes5 MPMicrophone & camera off button
Echo Show 5Yes1 MPBuilt-in camera shutter and microphone & camera off button
Echo Show 8Yes1 MPBuilt-in camera shutter and microphone & camera off button
Echo Show 10Yes13 MPBuilt-in camera shutter and microphone & camera off button

As you can see from the table above if camera quality is important to you then you should opt for the Echo Show 10 since it features the best quality camera by far with 13 MP.

Can Echo Show Camera Be Used as a Security Camera?

The Echo show camera isn’t designed to be used as a security camera & therefore does not have an option to view your camera live.

However, if you do want to use your Echo show camera as a security camera then you can utilize Amazon’s Drop-in feature for your own Echo device and drop-in & view your camera remotely through your phone.

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This will require you to enable your Echo Show to be dropped-in by. Once enabled you can drop-in & view your Echo show camera through your phone without any ringing whatsoever you will be able to see & hear everything immediately upon dropping in.

Can I Make Zoom Calls With My Echo Show?

Yes, however, this feature is only currently available on the Amazon Echo Show 8 device. Other Amazon Echo devices will be able to join zoom calls with audio-only but will not have access to the camera feature.

How to use Zoom on the Echo Show:

  1. Download the Alexa app on a mobile device.
  2. Connect your calendar in the Alexa app. (recommended)
  3. Setup your Echo Show with your Alexa account.
  4. Login to Zoom on your Echo Show. (recommended)

It’s that easy! as you can see setting up your Echo Show for zoom calls can be done in a matter of minutes & is quite simple to set up.

Related Questions:

1. Does The Echo Show have to be plugged in at all times?

Yes, the Echo show does not have a battery & will be required to be plugged in at all times in order to work. However, you would be able to convert your Echo Show device into a portable device by adding a battery base. Adding a battery base designed specifically for your Echo Show device will allow you to use your Echo Show portable. This will allow you to move your Echo Show around your home utilizing its productive capabilities throughout the day.

2. Does Echo Show have Bluetooth?

Yes, the Echo Show does have Bluetooth & can operate as an ordinary Bluetooth speaker by pairing your device to your Echo Show.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, every version of the Echo Show is equipped with a. built-in camera as well as a security button that disables both the camera & a microphone to ensure your privacy. The Amazon Echo Show camera is designed specifically for video calls, however, by utilizing its drop-in feature you can occasionally drop into your own Echo show and have a look at what’s going on in its location using it as a security feature.

As for video call compatibility, the Echo Show is now compatible with Zoom however only the Echo Show 8 allows for your camera to be used every other version of the Echo Show will only work with audio.

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