Does Blink Work With Alexa?

Amazon has acquired Blink in 2017, and on the 26th of April 2018 Blink announced it’s compatibility with Alexa.

This means you will now be able to use your Amazon devices such as Amazon show & Amazon Spot with Blink. Which means your Blink devices can now be voice-activated and can perform different tasks such as viewing your camera by telling Alexa to show camera view. You will also be able to arm & disarm your camera by simply telling Alexa.

How to Connect Blink to Alexa?

  • Install the Alexa App if you haven’t already done so
  • click on the menu icon on the top left corner
  • Tap on “Skills”
  • Type in Blink on the search box
  • Select Blink Smart Home & click on “enable”
  • you will be redirected to a login page simply add your username & Password
  • Your all set! Alexa should now be connected to your Blink device

What Can You Expect From Blink Cameras?

Connect To Your Alexa Products

Since Blink is owned by Amazon you will be able to use most Alexa based products with the blink cam such as the Amazon Fire Tv, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Spot.

Motion Detector

As soon as Blink detects motion you will be alerted via your smartphone and will be sent a video with sound instantly.

Free Cloud Storage

Blink cameras provide free cloud storage which means all you need to do is purchase the device and there are no subscription plans or monthly fees you need to pay. Unlike many other smart cam companies in the market, which offer cloud storage as a premium service.

The only issue with this is that there are no options to save your footage locally. Also you will only be able to save 2 hours of footage to the cloud.

Weather Proof

Weather-resistant capabilities mean you don’t have to worry about your camera being damaged by rain or your video quality being lowered due to bad weather.

Two Way Audio

Blink xt2 cameras provide two-way audio meaning you can hear whose at the Otherside of the camera and with the built-in mic you can communicate to them as well.

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Types of Blink Cameras:

Blink XT2 Camera System

Blink Xt2 Comes with 2-way audio for listening & speaking to individuals on the other side of the camera. Extended battery life according to blink which can last up to 2 years depending on its usage. It also contains Motion detection which alerts you when triggered and sends you a short clip. It also comes with Night vision for clearer video when it gets dark. Blink’s most promising feature is its free storage feature which in most smart cameras comes with a monthly fee that can cost you anywhere from $30 to $99 a year.

Key Features

  • 2-Way Audio
  • Live View Video Recording
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Night Vision
  • Motion Detection Alerts
  • Weather Resistant
  • Free Cloud Storage

Blink Indoor Home Security 

The Blink Indoor cameras are completely wire-free and are powered by lithium batteries which means you don’t need it to be next to an outlet simply place the camera anywhere you prefer. The installation process is quite simple and shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes. Motion detectors are active at all times sending you an alert with a short clip when triggered.

Key Features

  • HD Video
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Low-Light Illumination
  • Motion Detection
  • Instant Alerts

Blink Camera Accessories

Let’s take a look at a few ways we can get the most out of blink cameras:

Blink XT2 Camera Wall Mount Bracket

This camera wall mount comes with a shield & a visor which protects it from sun glares or rain. It comes with a metal stem for durability & protects your mount from falling down due to bad weather conditions. My favorite feature in this camera mount is it’s 360° rotation feature & it’s 90° tilt allowing you to capture views on almost all angles.

Blulu Solar Panel

solar panels work incredibly well with Blink the solar panel can act as a power bank to blink and it will allow your Blink camera to work without batteries. Even if the batteries are equipped it will act as a stand by until the solar panel’s battery runs out.


These are skins for your Blinkxt that offer durability to your device from everyday use such as scrapes, dust, and regular wear & tear from constant use. It also enhances the stealthiness of the Blink camera with camouflage skins. You have twelve camouflage skins to choose from.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, Blink cameras offer premium features at an affordable price. Blinks compatibility with Alexa definitely makes the product more user-friendly. Its primary features include extended battery life, 2-way audio, free cloud storage, high-resolution camera & the ability to use it indoors & outdoors. It’s lithium batteries make it incredibly easy to set up anywhere without needing to worry if there is an outlet nearby.

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