Does Amazon Echo Have to Be Plugged In?

Amazon Echo devices are known for their highly productive capabilities as well as their extraordinary smart home integration features. However, a common question most users have about the smart home hub involves its portability features. This brings us to the question Does Amazon Echo Have a Battery?

Yes, all Amazon Echo devices must be plugged in at all times to a power source. This is because Echo devices are not equipped with a rechargeable battery, however, you will be able to add a battery base to your Amazon Echo device in order to use it portably.

Let’s now late a quick look at how the Amazon Echo is powered as well as how you can go about making it portable quickly & easily. Let’s dive in!

Does Amazon Echo Have to be Plugged In?

All Amazon Echo devices lack a built-in rechargeable battery which means it must remain plugged into a power source at all times this includes the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, & Echo Spot.

However, the good news is you will still be able to use your Amazon Echo device portably by simply adding a Battery Base. A battery base will allow you to move around your home with your Amazon Echo device, utilizing its productive capabilities throughout the day.

There are various battery base options in the market designed specifically for each type of Amazon Echo device.

Making Your Amazon Echo Device Portable:

There are 2 ways you can make your Echo device portable the first & recommended option is by adding a battery base & the second is by adding a powerbank.

Battery Base

Adding a battery base is by far the best option for making your Amazon Echo devices portable as mentioned above there are several battery bases available that are designed specifically for Amazon Echo devices. A great option for the Amazon Echo is the Caramote Battery Base, it’s designed for both the Echo 2nd generation as well as the echo plus. It allows for 8-10 hours of battery life allowing for a great portable experience.

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The second option for granting portability to your Echo devices is by simply using a power bank. This isn’t the best option since it will not look as elegant as the Battery Base, however, it is a decent option if you already have a powerbank lying around.

Things You Can Do With A Portable Amazon Echo:

Use It as a workout buddy

Now that you’re able to move your Amazon Echo device around, you will be able to bring your Amazon Echo device to the garden, patio, or garage for a healthy workout session. Your Echo device can time your rest periods, recommend a workout, & even explain which exercise targets which muscle groups.

24/7 Entertainment

You can now enjoy your Amazon Echo’s entertainment capabilities throughout the day. Asking Alexa to play your favorite songs, tell you jokes, play some trivia games, & ask general questions no matter where you are.

Use It as a Bluetooth Speaker

Although the Amazon Echo is a super-intelligent voice assistant your Amazon Echo can double as an ordinary Bluetooth speaker. This allows you to bring your Echo device along where ever you want and play your favorite songs without needing an internet connection whatsoever.

Perfect For Family Gatherings

A portable Amazon Echo can also be perfect for family gatherings, it can play music, answer general questions, play trivia games with the entire family all while enjoying a BBQ with close friends & family.

Related Questions:

1. Does Amazon Echo Have Bluetooth?

Yes, the Amazon Echo does have Bluetooth & can be used as a Bluetooth speaker by simply pairing it with your mobile device.

2. Can Amazon Echo Dot work without Wi-Fi?

The Amazon Echo will require a wifi or Hotspot connection in order to operate. This includes answering your questions, playing music, trivia games, ordering products..etc

However, you will still be able to use your Echo device as a Bluetooth speaker without the need for an internet connection.

3. Does Amazon Echo require Amazon account?

Yes, you will need an Amazon account to use Alexa which is completely free, however, if you want additional perks with your Echo such as voice shopping, exclusive deals…etc then you will need a prime account.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the Amazon Echo does need to remain plugged in since it does not feature a rechargeable battery. However, you will still be able to add a battery base to your Echo devices which will allow you to move around with your Echo device, utilizing its productive features throughout the day.


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