Do Wireless Earbuds Have a Microphone?

With over-ear headphones, it is often quite obvious that there is a microphone built into them. However, with wireless earbuds, it can be a bit more difficult to tell. After all, these devices are a lot smaller. On this page, we are going to tell you exactly how to work out whether your wireless earbuds have a microphone built into them. 

So, do wireless earbuds have a mic?

Yes, wireless earbuds do feature built-in microphones designed for answering calls, communicating with voice assistants, as well as for hand-free capabilities. The microphone on wireless earbuds is usually optimal when the earbuds feature Active Noise Cancellation.

We want to go through a few of the methods that you can use to check whether your wireless earbuds may have a microphone on them. We also want to share a couple of the best wireless earbuds with a microphone for you. So, we have plenty more to cover! 

Do wireless earbuds have a mic? 

The majority of wireless earbuds do have microphones, especially from high-end brands. However, the microphone quality differs based on Active Noise Cancellation & the number of microphones equipped.

Active Noise Cancellation enhances your wireless earbuds in two different ways. The first is by blocking out external noise, allowing for a greater listening experience. The second is by filtering out background noise when using the microphone, allowing you to be heard clearly even when in noisy environments.

Most companies, at least on the cheaper side of things, don’t include Active Noise Cancelation on their wireless earbuds. As a result, most wireless earbuds don’t feature the best microphones. 

Additionally, most high-end wireless earbuds with great-sounding microphones typically feature 3-4 additional microphones for picking up your voice more accurately.

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Since a microphone is a pretty handy piece of kit, you will find that many of these earbuds will actually be marketed as having a microphone. However, it is always worth checking to be 100% sure. 

Remember, if your wireless earbuds have a microphone, you will be able to use them both as headphones, as well as a way to chat on the telephone or even give voice commands to your phone or tablet.  

How to know if your earbuds have a microphone? 

Probably the best way to know whether your earbuds have a microphone is to consult the instruction manual. This will tell you if your earbuds have a microphone on them or not.  

If you don’t have the manual, then try to remember what the earbuds were called when you bought them. They may look like headphones, but if the earbuds were marketed as a wireless headset, then they almost certainly have a microphone installed. 

You can also look to see whether there is a physical microphone on the earbuds. This may be located in one of two places, and it won’t always be easy to spot: 

  • If one of the earbuds has a small hole and the other does not, this could potentially be a microphone. 
  • Check the wire that connects the two earbuds. There may be a microphone on it. 

If your earbuds have any sort of control for answering a phone, then they will probably have a microphone on them. 

Finally, you could also just double-check by connecting them up to a phone or tablet. Every single phone or tablet will have some sort of sound recording software built-in. So, follow these steps: 

  • Connect the phone to the device. 
  • Load up the voice recording software. 
  • Hit the ‘record’ button. 
  • Walk around 5-10-feet away with your headset. 
  • Speak in a ‘quiet’ voice for 10-20-seconds. 
  • Walk back to the phone and stop the recording. 

If you can hear yourself speak clearly on the recording when you play it back, then you probably have a microphone built into the headset. If you can’t hear a thing, then you probably don’t.  

Does using the microphone of wireless earbuds drain the power faster? 

Yes, if the microphone is being used, then it will drain the power of your wireless earbuds a bit faster. 

Remember, the microphone is probably going to be draining charge from the battery whether you are using it or not, particularly if you have your earbuds plugged into a phone or tablet. After all, the phone or tablet is always going to be listening to ‘voice commands’ from your microphone. 

That being said, the battery won’t drain that much faster. Maybe an hour or two, which is really not that much since most people tend to be charging their earbuds once per day anyway. 

What earbuds have the best microphone? 

Rather than share just one pair of earbuds with you, we want to give you a selection of them. Any one of these wireless earbuds will be fantastic. You just need to choose the one that fits your style and needs. 

1. Otium Wireless Sport Headphones 

These wireless headphones have been designed for those that want their wireless headphones to stay rooted in place no matter how sweaty they get. With a 6-8 hour battery life, the Otium Wireless Sport Headphones are going to be fantastic for just about every situation. 

Controlling these is dead simple. The microphone is absolutely sublime too. Anybody that you speak to should have no issues hearing you crystal clear, even if there is a little bit of noise in the background. 

2. Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones

Bose is known for making some of the best headphones in the business. While they are not the cheapest earbuds in the business, they are going to be up there with the best. 

These are truly wireless earbuds. This means that, unlike other options, you won’t have a wire connecting the two sides of the earbud. 

The microphone quality on these is also superb, although you shouldn’t really expect anything less from Bose. 

There is also a version of these headphones that is not completely wireless. If you want to save a little bit of cash, that may be the route to go down.  

3. Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones

Let’s wrap up with this offering from Anker. They may not be the biggest brand in the world, but they produce some fantastic wireless earbuds with a microphone. This is the best one in their range right now. 

These offer a huge 7-hour use time on a single charge. Even if you are using the microphone constantly, it doesn’t drop that much below this. 

As they are water-resistant, you can even use them in all conditions. Of course, this also means that they can also function well with sweat dripping onto them in a workout situation.  

4. Tuscom In-Ear Wireless Headphones 

These in-ear wireless earbuds may be tiny, but they still pack a punch on both the microphone and the headphone front. In fact, they also pack a punch when it comes to battery life. You should be able to get 6-hours from a single charge. 

There is a ton of noise elimination tech packed into these headphones. This means that it doesn’t matter whether you are using them as headphones or a microphone, the sound is always going to come through crystal-clear with the minimum of interference.  

Final Thoughts

There you have it; most wireless earbuds do feature microphones, especially high-end earbuds. Thankfully, it is easy to test whether there is a microphone or not. If you don’t have a microphone and really need one, then you have a wealth of top wireless earbuds with a microphone to choose from.  

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