Do Webcams Have Microphones?

With the rise in online calls, conferences & streams webcams have become a requirement. However, although video is an important aspect of online communication a microphone is also required since not all PCs or laptops are equipped with a microphone. So do webcams have microphones?

The majority of webcams do have microphones. However, the quality of the microphone differs depending on the webcam. Some built-in webcam microphones feature noise-canceling properties that cancel background noise & allows the mic to pick up your voice more clearly & effectively, while other built-in microphones do not have noise-canceling features & are less effective at isolating your voice from external sound.

Let’s take a look at what to look for in a webcam microphone, how good do webcam microphones sound, as well as our pick of the top 4 webcams with clear microphones in the market. Let’s dive in!

Do Webcams Have Microphones?

The majority of webcams nowadays are equipped with a microphone, however, the sound quality of the microphone will differ since some brands put more emphasis on the microphone quality compared to others. A good webcam microphone will have built-in noise cancelation features paired with omnidirectional microphones. Omnidirectional microphones will pick up your voice equally from all directions, while the noise cancelation features will filter out external noise, this allows the microphone to pick up your voice more clearly while blocking out external noise.

Additionally, a good webcam microphone will feature additional microphones this allows the microphone to pick up your voice more clearly even when far away from the webcam.

How Good Do Webcam Microphones Sound?

A typical webcam microphone will definitely not sound that good the reason being is that they lack noise cancelation & voice sensitivity features. Most webcams in the market are optimized mainly for video rather than the microphone, a great sounding webcam microphone doesn’t have to be expensive but they do have to have built-in features that enhance the quality of the microphone such as noise cancelation, additional omnidirectional microphones as well as voice sensitivity features.

Here is a quick demonstration of the microphone quality of some of the webcams in the market. (Skip to 3:14 for microphone demonstration)

Do Webcams Have Speakers?

Some webcams do have speakers, however, the majority of webcams in the market are not equipped with speakers. The reason being most devices that use a webcam are already equipped with speakers.

However, if you do need a webcam with speakers then consider the eMeet C980 Pro Webcam, it’s equipped with 2 speakers & 4 microphones with built-in noise cancelation features, making it a great choice for online video and conference calls.

Top 4 Best Webcams With Microphones

Logitech C920s

First up on the list is the Logitech C920s, this webcam is equipped with two microphones, one on either side of the camera, providing a clear natural-sounding microphone.

The Logitech C920s provides video calls in full HD clarity, it provides full HD video (1080p at 30fps) with a full HD glass lens, 78° field of view, and HD auto light correction. Additionally, the Logitech C920s is equipped with a privacy shutter that protects the lens and keeps your privacy when you need it.

Here’s a quick video & microphone demonstration of the Logitech C920S (Skip to 1:32 for webcam & microphone demonstration)

Logitech C922 Pro Stream

Next, we have the widely popular Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam. This webcam is designed specifically for pro streamers, so it’s equipped with high-quality features such as Full high def 1080p, Hyperfast frame rate (60 fps at 720p), Auto-light correction, & a Dual-mic stereo sound.

Here’s a quick demonstration of the Logitech C922 Pro stream’s webcam & microphone. (Skip to 1:23 for webcam & microphone demonstration)

eMeet C980 Pro Webcam – Best Built-in Speakers Option

The eMeet C980 Pro Webcam is another great option, it features active noise cancelation which blocks out external noise allowing the microphone to pick up your voice more clearly and accurately. The eMeet C980 is also equipped with 4 omnidirectional microphones this allows for crisp clear sound quality. Additionally, this webcam is equipped with 2 speakers which makes it great for video meetings & conference calls.

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 – Best Budget option

Last but not least is the Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000, this webcam is great if you’re on a budget it allows for great 720p HD video for high-quality video streaming, as well as TrueColor technology for bright and colorful video even when in bad lighting.

Additionally, it is equipped with a noise-canceling microphone that filters out background noise which allows it to pick your voice clearly & accurately.

Here’s a quick demonstration of the Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000s webcam & microphone. (Skip to 2:24 for webcam & microphone demonstration)

Related Questions:

1. Do webcams work on smart TVs?

Yes, webcams do work with smart TV’s however not all smart TVs allow webcam integration.

2. Do webcams need batteries?

No, webcams don’t need batteries since they are powered from your device through a USB cable.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, webcams are equipped with microphones that can be used for online video calls, conference calls, as well as online streaming. However, not all webcams feature good sounding microphones, instead of prioritizing microphone quality some brands prioritize only video quality & features & thus lack features that enhance the microphone sound.

When looking for a webcam with a clear-sounding microphone it’s important that the microphone has built-in audio enhancing features such as active noise cancelation, voice sensitivity, as well as being equipped with multiple microphones. If you’re unsure which webcam you should get then take a look at our list above of the top 4 best webcams with microphones for webcam video & microphone demonstrations.

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