Do Smart TVs Have Ethernet Ports?

Yes, Most Smart TVs have ethernet ports and can be connected directly to a router or modem.

Smart TVs, like Smartphones, offer services connected to the internet that you cannot get from a normal TV. They offer media streaming, apps, games, web browsing, and IPTV. With a Smart TV, you can enjoy watching movie marathons on Netflix and other media streaming services, get information on the weather, get updates on news, and a lot more. You can also connect to social media services like Facebook and Twitter. The reason for this is that a smart TV can connect to the internet.

How does an ethernet port function?

An ethernet port allows a Smart TV to be connected to the internet. It is usually located at the back of the TV. It looks much like a phone jack although it is much bigger.

If the back of your Smart TV has a port for ethernet, you may be able to have an internet connection. This can be done by connecting one end of your ethernet cable to the ethernet port behind your TV and connecting the other end to the router.

Once the cable is connected, use your TV remote and select MENU. This will bring you to the network settings. Choose the option to enable wired internet. You will then have to provide your Wi-Fi password so that the wired internet is enabled.

When your Smart TV is already connected to the Internet, you will then be able to watch movie streams immediately. Connecting the ethernet port to the internet gives you the ability to select movies and begin streaming instantly.

A Smart TV connected with ethernet cables to your router will allow you to access videos from media streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and more. With these streaming services, you can then watch thousands of movies and TV shows. A fee for a monthly subscription is collected to avail of these services.

You can also access built-in web apps from the Smart TV. There are also many other different types of apps that you can download which are not yet part of the Smart TV apps. These apps are just like the ones that you can download on your Smartphone. All these can be done while sitting comfortably on your couch in your living room.

Can Apple TV Connect to a Hotspot?
Can Apple TV Connect to a Hotspot?

Some Smart TVs are without an ethernet port. But this is not really a problem since there are other ways that your TV can be connected online. One way is by using a connection with a wireless network. Many Smart TVs have built-in wireless adapters in them. Or, you can also use a powerline.

How else can your Smart TV be connected to the internet?

As we have mentioned above, you have two other ways of connecting your Smart TV to the internet if it does not have an ethernet port.

1. Wireless network connection

You can connect your Smart TV through the home Wi-Fi. A lot of Smart TVs can connect to the internet wirelessly. With the built-in wireless adapter, linking to the internet takes only a short amount of time. This can work well if the router is located in the room where your Smart TV is.

One benefit of using Wi-Fi is that you don’t use wires. So, you don’t see wires hanging around cluttering your room.

With a wireless connection, you will not have a difficult time finding a place to put your TV because you can put it practically anywhere. A wireless connection is ideal if you want your TV to be mounted on the wall.

Setting up a wireless connection is very simple to do. You simply need to press some buttons on the remote control of your TV. You can do this by pressing the button that says MENU, first. Then choose network setting to set up your wireless connection.

Choose the home Wi-Fi’s network name and then enter the password of your Wi-Fi with your remote button.

2. Powerline connection

If your TV is located away from your router, perhaps in an upstairs bedroom or in some other room, then you can use a powerline to access the internet.

In a kit for a powerline connection, you have adapters and ethernet cables. You need to plug the adapters to the power lines and the other ends to the router and your TV, respectively. It is the electrical cables that send the internet signal.

With a powerline, you can avail of an internet connection that is strong wherever you are in the house, even if the walls of your rooms are thick. No matter what corner of the house your TV is situated in, the internet can reach these places through a powerline. Set up is also very easy.

To connect, using an ethernet cable, connect the plugged powerline adapter, to the router. In the room where the TV is located, plug the other adapter, and using an ethernet cable, connect the adapter to the ethernet port of your TV.

Why is ethernet cable better than Wi-Fi in streaming?

When it comes to convenience, nothing beats Wi-Fi. However, ethernet has greater advantages than Wi-Fi in several areas.

Of course, Wi-Fi is better for your Smartphones. It is impractical and useless to use ethernet cables for your smartphone. However, there are some devices where ethernet cables are very ideal. Some of these devices are media and gaming PCs, back-up devices, set-top boxes, and more. With these devices, ethernet has more advantages than Wi-Fi in three areas – speed, latency, and reliability.


When it comes to internet activities, the speed of your broadband is very important. Slow speed would mean being unable to play games, stream, download, etc. Speed depends wholly on the connection type being used.

Compared to Wi-Fi, ethernet offers better speed. Previously, the highest speed that you can get with Wi-fi was only 54 Mbps. This speed is good enough for a mobile phone. But with ethernet, the speed range is from 100 to 1000 Mbps or more.

Today, however, Wi-fi is a lot faster in a very significant way. This is why it can already take care of most of the tasks we do on the internet daily.

However, theoretically, an ethernet connection offers a higher speed. The maximum speed that this connection offers depend on the cable type used. But, unlike Wi-Fi, speed over an ethernet connection is consistent. So, it gives a great improvement when it comes to the quality of streaming.

When large files are transferred between a couple of computers, you will note a difference in the speeds when both are ethernet-connected and when both are Wi-Fi connected. This can show you how fast ethernet connection speed is compared to Wi-Fi connection speed.


Latency is a huge factor when it comes to connection quality and speed. When we speak of latency, it means the length of time needed for data to reach its destination from a gadget. This latency is often referred to as ping’ in the online gaming and networking worlds.

If you play games online, latency must be reduced. This is because you need to react as quickly as possible as the game progresses. In this case, having an ethernet connection is a lot better. Using Wi-Fi gives more delay for signals to travel from a device using Wi-Fi and your wireless router. There is much less latency with an ethernet connection.

However, if you are just listening to songs, web browsing, or streaming videos, then the latency issue does not really matter. If you want to check the difference, you can check the ping of both Wi-Fi and ethernet connection.

Reliable Connection

The connection offered by ethernet is more reliable than that offered by Wi-Fi.

There is more interference experienced by Wi-Fi connection compared to wired ethernet connection. Many factors are causing this interference including your home layout, objects that block signals, obstructions from devices using electricity, other networks in the neighborhood using Wi-Fi, etc. This makes the Wi-Fi connection quite unreliable.

With this interference, signals can be lost. The Wi-Fi then has to acquire it back. Your video streaming will buffer but since the acquisition is fast, it can hardly be noticed. However, if you are playing games, interference can be very irritating.

When there is increased interference, there is higher latency and the speed gets slower because the quality of the signal is low.

With ethernet, you get stable and consistent speeds. You can therefore download large files and have a smooth experience streaming video. With a Wi-Fi connection, the stability that ethernet offers is difficult to achieve.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of improvement lately with wireless connections but if you want a more reliable connection in your home, go for an ethernet connection. You will get streaming with good quality, and if you are a gamer, an ethernet connection is the best connection to have.

Ethernet connection gives you a consistently solid connection. You get the benefits of having good speed, low latency, and more reliable connections.

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