Do Mouse Pads Matter For Gaming?

A gaming mouse pad isn’t the first thing you think about when looking to enhance your gaming performance. This brings us to the question do gaming mouse pads actually matter?

Mouse Pads do matter for gaming, especially for games that require precision and a decent amount of mouse movement. Movement on the mouse is also much smoother when using a mouse pad, and also causes less damage to the bottom of your mouse.

Even with the use of a gaming mouse, mousepads can be extremely beneficial and can enhance your gameplay. Let’s take a look at how mouse pads can benefit your gaming experience.

What Can A Mouse Pad Offer You?

It’s easy to dismiss the true value of what a mousepad can offer without knowing it’s true capabilities especially with modern gaming mousepads which have been developed and optimized for performance, comfort and to offer more enjoyable gaming experiences.

Reliable Performance

Although modern gaming mice use optical & laser sensors that don’t necessarily require a mouse pad. When it comes to performance although modern gaming mice work on almost any surfaces, they are still vulnerable to certain pits and bumps which can impact precision & speed when playing. This can make the difference in games that require a quick reaction time a split second of delay can make the difference between a win or a loss. Trust us we’ve been there.

Less wear & Tear

Although most gaming mice do work on almost any surface this doesn’t necessarily mean that it should still be used in any surface The reason being is constant wear and tear to both your mouse and your table.


There are various options of incredibly comfortable gaming mouse pads that offer extra comfort when playing for long hours. Some also offer padded cushions for your wrists which is ideal for anyone who notices discomfort when playing for an extended period of time.


Some premium mousepads act as a charger for your wireless mouse allowing you to play for hours without the need to worry about charging your mouse. Some also offer USB ports allowing you to plug in additional devices if required.

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Enhances Gaming Experience

Some modern gaming mouse pads also come with RGB backlit which can really enhance your gaming experience by adding additional

Factors To Consider When Buying A Gaming Mouse Pad:

Material & Texture

The majority of gaming mouses in the market are made from cloth other options include plastic & Teflon fabric. Cloth gaming mousepads are generally thicker and smoother than other fabrics.

A smooth surface is ideal for games that require quick movements and reaction times. Although when it comes to games that require precision and accuracy a mouse pad with more texture is ideal.

Most gaming mousepads use cloth surfaces instead of smooth plastic or Teflon fabric. This is generally because they are a lot thicker, softer, and smoother than others. The gliding surface allows the mouse to be consistent throughout. A mousepad with a combination of both a smooth surface as well as some texture is a good choice for the majority of games.

Thickness Of The Pad

Thicker mousepads are generally more comfortable as it provides additional cushion to your wrists. Which is ideal if you play for long hours while placing your wrists on a hard surface.

Thinner mousepads typically fit your desk a lot better than thicker ones, although it doesn’t provide as much cushion as thicker ones. But it’s easier to transport and fit with your mouse and keyboard quite well.


Size generally depends on your mouse, if you have a mouse with a high DPI you can get away with a smaller mousepad, although if you have a mouse with a DPI of 500 then you most likely need a larger mousepad since a lower DPI requires you to move your hand at a greater distance.


Another factor to consider is whether you require a nonslip gaming mouse pad. These types of mousepads provide a textured rubber underneath the mouse pad from keeping it from moving around while you play. This generally depends on your desk and your setup and generally just comes down to personal preference.

Related Questions:

1. What’s wrong with just using my table?

If you own a gaming mouse that uses an optical or a laser sensor using a desk is completely fine. However, the issue with using a table is since its not a smooth surface, you may notice that you have to expend more energy in order to move your mouse than you would on a mousepad. The reason being is although optical and laser sensor still performs well on almost any surfaces doesn’t mean that any surface is optimal for performance. Laser and optical sensors can still be affected by certain bumps and uneven surfaces. So if consistent performance is important to you a mousepad can be a good choice for you, although it’s definitely not a must.

2. What Mousepad Size Should I Go For?

Generally, the mousepad size you need is usually dependant on what type of mouse you have. If you have a mouse with a lower DPI this will require you to move your hand at a greater distance than if you have a mouse with a higher DPI. So if you own a mouse with a high DPI range then a small mouse pad is perfect. Although if you have a mouse with a mid-range DPI at around 1000 DPI you will probably need a medium-sized mouse pad. If you have a mouse with a DPI of 500 or lower then you will probably benefit from a larger sized mouse pad.

3. What materials are available?

The most used material is cloth since it’s soft, smooth, and machine washable. Although there are other options in the market for gamers who are looking for a harder surface that use materials such as plastic & Teflon fabric.

If you’re not sure which one to pick we recommend cloth as it offers smooth movement which is ideal for precision and quickness, It’s also the most used material by top gamers.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, a mousepad can definitely enhance your gaming experience by ensuring your performance remains consistent while providing you additional comfort which can come in handy from long hours of gameplay. Modern gaming mousepads also come with additional features such as RBG backlit, USB ports some also coming with padded gel wrist pads.

Uneven surfaces can definitely be a detriment to your gaming performance, a second of delay can make the difference between victory and defeat. Quick reaction time is one of the most common skills in top performing players, this relates to your setup a smooth surface can ensure you maintain a consistent level of performance when it comes to accuracy and quick precise movement. We hope you enjoyed this article, thanks for reading & happy gaming!

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