Do Bluetooth Keyboards Work With iPad?

Doing your daily work on an iPad is pretty appealing. They’re lightweight, so they’re also easy to take with you to class or your job. However, many people wonder if Bluetooth keyboards can work with their iPad.

As long as the iPad has Bluetooth connectivity, it should work well with any Bluetooth keyboard you want to try. You’ll need to use your Bluetooth settings to pair with the keyboard. From there, you can easily use it to type! This strategy is excellent for students or those who need to write on the go.

While it’s relatively easy to connect your keyboard to your device, it can be not very clear if you haven’t done it before. We recommend you read this guide for a better idea of what to do.

Can a Bluetooth Keyboard Connect to an iPad?

Yes, you can connect just about any Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad! This feature is beneficial since it allows you to take your work with you anywhere- just like a laptop would. Many people prefer this method over a laptop for some tasks, as the iPad is lighter and smaller.

There are Apple keyboards, such as the magic keyboard, which are made specifically for the iPad. However, that doesn’t mean you need to use Apple products with your iPad!

Setting Up Bluetooth Keyboard for Pairing

To start, you need to make sure your iPad can discover the Bluetooth keyboard. Depending on the keyboard’s brand and model, the steps to achieving this may vary slightly. However, you can use this general guideline:

  1. Turn on the keyboard
  2. Make sure it’s in pairing mode
  3. Turn on Bluetooth on the iPad
  4. Open Bluetooth Settings on the iPad
  5. Wait for your keyboard’s name to appear in the menu
  6. Select the keyboard’s name
  7. Wait for the pairing process to complete

Once you pair the keyboard for the first time, it should automatically connect to the iPad the next time you turn it on. It’s a good idea to have a document or notepad open to test that your keyboard functions correctly after pairing.

Overall, connecting your Bluetooth keyboard to your iPad is much like connecting it with any other device. You’ll feel familiar with the process if you’ve used wireless headphones, or similar items, in the past.

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Can I Use a Mouse With My iPad?

You can use a mouse along with the keyboard, turning your iPad into a mini, portable computer. It’s possible to pair these items simultaneously, as long as the iPad runs iPad 13.4 or a later version.

While Apple does make a mouse that works alongside their Magic Keyboard, you can still use any mouse that offers a Bluetooth connection. You’ll need to ensure you have the proper ports available for it.

You can pair it using the same methods that you’d use to pair your Bluetooth keyboard with the iPad. Overall, it’s a quick and straightforward way to convert your iPad into a quick, efficient work laptop.

Why is My Bluetooth Keyboard Not Connecting to My iPad?

There are various causes for why your Bluetooth keyboard might not connect with your iPad. You’ll need to check all of them to determine the cause of why your devices have connection issues.

Keep in mind that some keyboard models only work with the iPad in specific orientations. For instance, the Logitech keyboard only works with models in portrait mode. You can always try rotating your device to see if that changes anything.

You’ll want to use these troubleshooting steps to fix the issues. 

Check the Battery Levels

First, you’ll need to check the battery levels of the Bluetooth keyboard. If the keyboard doesn’t have enough power, it may not pair correctly with your device, leading to connectivity issues. 

  1. Swipe down to open the Notification Center
  2. Move down to the Batteries menu
  3. The battery level of your keyboard is there if paired
  4. If low, make sure to change the batteries or charge the keyboard

If you suspect the keyboard has a low charge and won’t connect, you’ll need to give it a fresh charge. Doing so may help it pair with your device. If charging the keyboard doesn’t seem to do the trick, move on to the next step.

How to Disconnect Your Bluetooth Keyboard

Often, disconnecting the keyboard and repairing it will correct the problems with connectivity. Start by turning off the keyboard, then use these steps with your iPad:

  1. Open Settings on the iPad
  2. Open the Bluetooth menu
  3. Select the Bluetooth keyboard
  4. Tap the Info menu
  5. Select Forget This Device

This process removes the keyboard from the iPad’s data- it won’t automatically reconnect. However, this often sorts out many issues between the two devices. You’ll want to then restart the keyboard and pair it with your iPad again.

Update iOS

You’ll also want to have the latest version of iOS or iPadOS on your device. If you don’t, it might not work with newer Bluetooth keyboards. To update, use these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings menu
  2. Tap on General
  3. Tap on Software Update

You can turn on automatic updates from this menu page, which will keep your device current. Overall, an out-of-date OS can cause a lot of issues with Bluetooth compatibility.

Check the Keyboard’s Compatibility

If nothing seems to be working, the Bluetooth keyboard may not be compatible with your device. Check the manufacturer’s guide on the keyboard- you need to know if it supports the latest Bluetooth versions. 

Some older Bluetooth keyboards may not work with newer iPads. You should make sure to check what version of Bluetooth the keyboard uses before buying one. If they aren’t compatible with each other, you’ll need to find a keyboard that uses the correct version of Bluetooth.

Newer Bluetooth keyboards may perform an update, although most older ones won’t have this function. In short, you should always check the keyboard’s Bluetooth versions before purchasing.

Final Thoughts

In short, you can easily connect your Bluetooth keyboard to your iPad, as long as it has this feature. You’re sure to appreciate using this setup on the go for work and school, but make sure to test the keyboard at home first!

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