What is the Difference Between Alexa and Echo?

When just getting into smart home technology it can be quite confusing to know the differences between each product & integrated technology.

One of the most common questions asked is what is the difference between Alexa & Echo?

Amazon Echo is simply a smart speaker, whereas Alexa is the virtual assistant integrated into Amazon Echo & carries out functions powered by the Amazon Echo device.

Let’s take a closer look at the Amazon Echo & Alexa by looking at their individual capabilities, limitations, as well as a few things you should be aware of. Let’s begin!

Difference Between Alexa & Echo

Amazon Echo is a line of smart speakers, whereas Alexa is the voice assistant that is integrated into the Amazon Echo & performs functions based on your request.

Amazon Echo & Alexa go hand in hand, they need each other to operate.

So once you purchase the Amazon Echo the Alexa will already come integrated inside it & you will be able to control the Amazon Echo by asking Alexa to perform tasks for you. Below you can see an example of how this works:

So as you can see Amazon Echo is simply the house that powers Alexa, whereas Alexa carries out tasks & communicates with you.

Apart from the Echo, however, Alexa is also a voice assistant to many other smart devices as well as some ford vehicles.

How Does Amazon Echo & Alexa Work?

So now that you know that Alexa is a part of Amazon Echo, let’s take a look at how they work together.

Once your Amazon Echo is plugged into a power outlet it will be ready to do tasks for you through Alexa. Alexa responds to your voice through its wake word which is “Alexa” followed by your question.

The “Alexa” wake word however can be changed to whatever you prefer, once it hears the wake word Alexa will start listening and carry out the task or question you have for it.

There are several questions you can ask Alexa, to which it will respond verbally with the answer. Sometimes depending on the question, it will send a link to more information on the internet to your Echo mobile app.

So that’s howAmazon Echo & Alexa works, now let’s take a look at a few things you can do with them.

What Can Amazon Echo Do?

Amazon Echo can carry out various tasks, answer questions, help you organize your day, help you schedule meetings, help automate parts of your house with integrated smart technology & much more the list is endless when it comes to the Amazon Echo.

Let’s take a look at what you could do with the Amazon Echo & how it can benefit you.

Here are a few things Amazon Echo can help you with:

  • Shopping
  • Productivity
  • Smart Home integration & control
  • Keep you updated with the news
  • Ask it questions
  • Recommendations
  • help you workout
  • Entertainment
  • Allows you to control multiple devices with Alexa

Let’s take as look at each category in more detail.


Here are a few questions you can ask Alexa regarding shopping:

  • Alexa, what are the best selling toys right now?
  • Alexa, what deals are available?
  • Alexa, add dog food to my Amazon cart
  • Alexa, record paper towels for my shopping list
  • Alexa, find the best coffee maker
  • Alexa, how much does a Samsung Smart TV cost?


Here are a few things Alexa can do to help you become more productive:

  • Alexa, reply to this email
  • Alexa, set a recurring alarm for 6 am
  • Alexa, set a cooking timer for 20 minutes
  • Alexa, remind me to workout at 2 pm
  • Alexa, remind me to get groceries when I get home
  • Alexa, when is my next meeting
  • Alexa, what’s in today’s to-do list
  • Alexa, read my email
  • Alexa, schedule lunch with Mom & Dad tomorrow at 1 pm
  • Alexa, find me a good recipe for lasagna
  • Alexa, where’s a nearby coffee shop?
  • Alexa where can I order pizza from?
  • Alexa, wheres the closest theater near me?

Smart Home integration & control:

Amazon Echo integrates with various smart home devices & appliances in the market, let’s take a look at a few things it can do with smart home device integration:

  • Alexa, turn on the coffee maker
  • Alexa, turn on the lamp
  • Alexa, turn of the fan
  • Alexa, display front door security cam on the TV
  • Alexa, ask Roomba to hoover the kitchen
  • Alexa, turn the temperature down
  • Alexa, turn off the bedroom lights

Keep you updated with the news & other information:

  • Alexa, read the news
  • Alexa, what’s the weather going to look like tomorrow?
  • Alexa, what are today’s headlines?
  • Alexa, what’s the traffic like today?
  • Alexa, when is the next play NBA highlights
  • Alexa, when are the NFL playoffs?
  • Alexa, when is the next UFC event?

Ask it questions:

Here are a few questions you can ask Alexa:

  • Alexa, what’s on your mind?
  • Alexa, who’s your favorite Game of Thrones character?
  • Alexa, tell me a story
  • Alexa, what’s the longest word in the dictionary?
  • Alexa, what’s the smallest animal?
  • Alexa, what’s the stock price of Tesla?
  • Alexa, what’s the most popular movie right now?
  • Alexa, what’s the most popular song at the moment?
  • Alexa, what’s the IMBD rating for the joker?


  • Alexa, play my Spotify playlist
  • Alexa, tell me a joke
  • Alexa, test my history knowledge
  • Alexa, test my spelling
  • Alexa, Play Would You Rather
  • Alexa, sing ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Related Questions:

Does Amazon Echo require a monthly subscription?

No, there is no monthly fee required upon purchasing the Amazon Echo. However, if you want additional features such as ad-free music, exclusive deals & much more than you will need Amazon Prime.

Does Amazon Echo need to be plugged in at all times?

Yes, Amazon Echo does need to be plugged in at all times; however, if you would like to move your Amazon Echo around you can get a portable battery base compatible with the Echo.

does Amazon Echo need wifi?

Yes, in order for Amazon Echo to carry out most of its functions it will require access to wifi or a hotspot. This includes getting information on the weather, news, playing music, finding recipes &. much more.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, Alexa is a virtual assistant that is integrated into the Amazon Echo, so when you purchase the Amazon Echo you get Alexa as well. Alexa is also featured in other smart devices as well as some vehicles such as some ford cars.

Amazon Echo is able to do various tasks, help organize your life, answer questions, help you with your shopping & much more. All this can be done by simply saying the wake word “Alexa” followed by a question or asking it to do a task.

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