How To Use a Computer Monitor As A TV

If you own a spare computer monitor which you were just thinking of getting rid of, you probably want to reconsider since you could put it to better use. Like converting it into a TV!

Converting your computer monitor into a TV is quite simple, here we will show you how to convert you monitor into a smart TV or an ordinary TV. So let’s get started!

What You Will Need To Convert Your Monitor Into A TV?

There are a few things youre going to need before you can convert your monitor into a TV, these are:

  • The first thing you need is a headphone input since most monitors don’t come with speakers built-in and if you’re does chances are the speaker quality isn’t great. So getting a soundbar will massively improve the sound of your brand new TV.
  • An HDMI input (if your monitor has a VGA input but not an HDMI then you can simply use a cable converter which works fine)
  • An HDMI switcher, if you’re PC, doesn’t have the right cable input or enough inputs in general

Convert Your Monitor Into A Smart TV

Converting your monitor into a smart TV is actually quite simple there are a few streaming appliances that you can opt for in order to convert your monitor into a TV.

Top Media Streaming devices in the market:

By connecting a media streaming device to your monitor you will be able to:

  • Watch Netflix, Hulu as well as other popular streaming services
  • Watch videos on youtube
  • Use Spotify
  • Share photos to your monitor
  • Install other streaming Apps such as twitch, ESPN, UFC & much more.

Convert Your Monitor Into A Smart TV:

  1. Purchase a streaming appliance such as Amazon Firestick
  2. Fire TV Stick requires a monitor with an HDMI input, so ensure you’re monitor has an HDMI input.
  3. Ensure your monitor has at least 720p resolution. Monitors with less won’t be able to work with the Fire TV Stick’s output.
  4. Add a soundbar to your monitor for improved audio

And there you have it! Simply connect the necessary cables, setup firestick and you’re ready to start watching your favorite movies or Tv shows on Apps such as Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube.

Convert Your Monitor Into an Ordinary TV

Here are a few things you’re going to need to convert your monitor into an ordinary TV:

  •  First, you’ll need to ensure that your cable or satellite provider offers a cable box with DVI or HDMI output
  • A cable (VGA cable if the monitor supports VGA or HDMI if it supports HDMI)
  • Set up Box
  • For optimal performance ensure you’re monitor can display 720p resolution.

Now you can proceed to plug in the necessary cables and you should be good to go!

Difference between TV & a PC Monitor

  1. Monitors usually don’t come with speakers and if they do they’re usually not the greatest which is why we recommend purchasing a soundbar if you would like to convert your monitor into a pc.
  2. Computer monitors typically have higher refresh rates thus less delay and quicker response time than TV’s
  3. Color on a TV is enhanced for viewing purposes and may not necessarily display the correct colors instead it optimizes the color balance to give a more cinematic feel. Monitors however display colors how it’s supposed to look and doesn’t have an enhanced cinematic look.
  4. TVs generally have more inputs, although this isn’t a major issue since you can use an HDMI switcher if you’re PC doesn’t have the right cable input or even enough inputs at all.

Related Questions:

1. Can Pc Monitor Be Wall Mounted?

Yes, there are wall mounts in the market that are specifically designed for monitors. A monitor mount allows you to place your monitor on almost any location for effective viewing making it the perfect option if you can’t find an optimal location for your monitor.

2. Can I connect a gaming console to my PC monitor?

Yes, infact your pc monitor is more effective when it comes to displaying video games since pc monitors have higher refresh rates than TVs. The setup process is quite simple first you will need to ensure you’re monitor has an HDMI port if you lack multiple ports you can simply get an extender with multiple ports.

3. Do Media Streaming Devices need Wifi?

Yes, a wifi connection is needed to power your media streaming appliance. Most streaming devices do not have an ethernet port so wifi is the only way to connect your device to the internet.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, converting your monitor into a TV is quite simple all you need is to ensure you have the necessary ports as well as adding a soundbar since most monitors don’t come with speakers and if it does chances are its not the best quality.

You have 2 options for converting your monitor to a TV you can either turn it into an “ordinary TV” or a smart TV. converting it into an ordinary TV will require a setup box and will allow you to view cable. Whereas converting your monitor to a smart TV will require a streaming appliance such as Amazon firestick which will allow you to use Apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Youtube & much more. Anyways thanks for reading and enjoy your brand new TV!

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