Can Smart TV’s Work Without Internet?

When I purchased my first smart tv I got a lot of questions from friends and the most recurring question was what happens if you lose internet connection? can smart tv’s work without internet?

Smart TVs do work without internet but it will function as a “normal Tv” meaning you will be able to watch cable tv, connect to Bluetooth, as well as connect USB devices. However, you will not be able to use the Tv’s “Smart features” which combines the features of a TV and a computer. Such as downloading apps, watching Netflix, as well as other streaming services.

What Can A Smart TV Do Without Wifi?

The difference between a smart TV & a normal TV is a smart tv can access the internet & can run apps such as a pc or a mobile phone whereas a normal TV cant.

So what happens when you take that feature away and use a smart TV without the internet?

It simply becomes a normal TV it will work and will still have better features than a normal TV such as several HDMI ports as well as better video quality. But it will function as a normal TV which will allow you to connect an antenna, satellite, cable, DVD/Blu-ray player, &VCR with no internet needed.

So what features would you be missing out on?

  • Access streaming services such as Netflix
  • Use built-in apps
  • Combine the features of a TV and a computer (such as use an internet browser)
  • Play Video Games
  • Check Live weather feeds any time
  • Access Social Media

Can You connect Smart TV to the internet, If Your router is far or without having WiFi at home?

If your router is quite far from your tv and you’re having issues connecting to it or if you don’t have wifi in your house but do have internet access, then don’t worry we will show you several ways you can connect to the internet without having wifi.

The first is through an ethernet port:

Can Apple TV Connect to a Hotspot?
Can Apple TV Connect to a Hotspot?
  • Simply located on the back of your tv (labeled LAN)
  • Plugin an Ethernet cable from your router to the TV’s Ethernet port
  • Go to Network Settings
  • select the option to enable wired internet
  • simply type in your wifi password & your all set!

located on the back of your tv (labeled LAN)

Option 2 is using a powerline. If your router is quite far with extremely low signal a good option is using a powerline kit. A powerline kit  includes 2 adaptors & 2 ethernet cables. To set up simply plugin the adaptors to the power sockets as well as the router, this will extend the reach of your network through your socket.

How To Choose a Smart TV


The size of your television can most certainly affect your viewing experience. Bigger screens do provide the best viewing experience the reason being is the quality of TV resolution available today 4k, as well as 8k provide life-like picture quality.

TV Resolution

Below is a chart detailing the various resolutions Smart Tv’s provide:

ResolutionLines of ResolutionsPixels
HD720p = 1280 x 720921,600
Full HD1080p = 1920 x 10802,073,600
4K Ultra HD4K = 3840 x 21608,294,400
8K Ultra HD8K= 7680 x 432033,177,600


Between the two OLED provides the best picture quality whereas LED screens are cheaper so it does depend on what you’re looking for. If video quality is something you truly care about OLED’s definitely the right choice.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it smart TV’s can be used without an internet connection although it will limit what you can do with it. Most of a smart TV’s features rely on an internet connection to be able to use your television as a mixture of a television & a PC as well as a mobile phone. This allows you to stream live events, watch streaming services such as Netflix & HULU, browse the web, use social media and much more. Additional smart TV features that require an internet connection include controlling your TV with a hub such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. As well as connecting your TV to other smart devices such as smart cams and smart doorbells allowing you to see your camera view through your TV.

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