Can HomePod Mini Be Used as TV Speakers?

If you already own a Homepod Mini and don’t have a great sound system for your TV then you’re probably wondering whether or not they could work as speakers for your TV. The answer is yes!

If you are looking for a theater sound experience, you can achieve that with Apple TV 4K and one or more HomePod mini. But how exactly can you do that? Keep reading to find out. 

What You Need To Use HomePod Mini as TV Speakers?

The first thing you need is an Apple TV 4K. Your HomePod mini doesn’t have an auxiliary input to be able to take in audio from other sources. The Apple TV is necessary because that is how sound will be sent from your TV to the HomePod mini. You will also need to make sure that your Apple TV is using the most recent software. 

Next, you will need at least one HomePod mini, but two would be ideal to have a standard stereo setup. When you use two HomePod mini’s, you will be given the option to pair them together, so they are playing the same thing at the same time.  

Finally, you will need an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to control the connection between your devices. You will do this using the Home app, so you need to make sure the device is operating on the most recent iOS.  

Setting Up 

Setting up your HomePod mini to your Apple TV is pretty easy. You need to use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod and put the HomePod mini and Apple TV in one room on the Home app. 

If you will be using two HomePod mini’s, you will need to make a stereo pair. You will be prompted to do this when you add the HomePod mini to one room in the app. 

Next, you need to turn the Apple TV on. It will prompt you and ask if you are going to use your HomePod mini as speakers for the TV. You would need to select Use as TV Speakers to get the perfect theater audio to turn on. If you are not prompted with this question, you can turn on the theater audio manually with the Apple TV or your mobile device. 

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If you want to turn the theater audio on with your Apple TV, start on the Home screen of your Apple TV. Go into your settings app and scroll to Video and Audio. In there, you will see Default Audio Output. When you click on that, you will be able to select your HomePod mini or the stereo pair that you set up and want to use for the audio. 

If you want to turn on the speakers with your mobile device, you will start in the Home app. 3D touch the Apple TV in your Home app and it will pull up the setting menu. Scroll down on the settings menu until you see Default Audio Output. Choose the device or stereo pair that you will be using then tap Done. 

Placing HomePod Mini 

Just like with an actual surround sound, where you place the speaker’s matters for the theater experience. To get the best possible surround sound with one speaker, you will want to place the HomePod mini within 10 inches of a wall while keeping them as close to the center of the TV as you can.  

If you are using two HomePod mini’s, you will want to put them on either side of your TV. It is recommended that the devices sit about four feet apart for the best theater experience. You should also try to keep them close to a wall, but if it is not possible for both, it will be fine. 

Dolby Atmos and HomePod Mini? 

One of the features on the Apple TV 4K is that it allows for sound to be played in Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos is an incredible sound experience that makes it feel like the audio is moving around you as it plays. Is this a feature that you would get with the HomePod mini?  

Unfortunately, at this time the HomePod mini does not support the Dolby Atmos feature of the Apple TV 4K. If you want to take advantage of this feature, you will need to purchase one or two full size HomePods. You would also need to make sure that your TV supports Dolby Atmos. 


If you are looking to make your TV watching experience better without spending a ton of money, the HomePod mini will be just what you are looking for. The HomePod mini makes a great option for TV speakers when you are watching something on your Apple TV. 

If you want to use HomePod mini as speakers, you have to be watching on your Apple TV. Since the HomePod mini does not have an auxiliary input for sound, you need to connect your speakers to your Apple TV using the settings on the Apple TV and your Home app. 

Using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that is updated to the latest operating software, you will be able to connect your HomePod mini to your Apple TV with the Home app. On the Home app, you will move all of the devices you are trying to connect into the same room. 

If you are using two HomePod mini’s, you will need to set them up as a stereo pair which your app will prompt you to do when you add them to the same room. When you turn your Apple TV on, you should be asked if you want to use them as TV speakers, and you would say yes. 

If you do not get asked that question when you turn the Apple TV on, you can use your Home app again to switch the audio output of the Apple TV from the TV to the HomePod mini. 

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