Can Blink Cameras Record?

Everybody knows home security is important. Having the best and latest technology to protect your home can help to keep you and your loved ones safe. A quality security camera is the centerpiece of any good security system. Many of the best cameras on the market not only allow you to watch a live feed but also allow you to record and playback whatever film they catch.  

So, can blink cameras record? 

Blink cameras can record video clips of a number of different lengths. The standard clip length is 5 seconds, although this can be changed to make longer videos.  

Why record video? 

In order to really care about whether or not Blink cameras record, it is important to understand why recording video can be helpful for your security system. The main reason for this is for proof. After all, the point of the security system is to stop and deter crime from happening in your house or on your property.  

If you don’t have proof that some sort of criminal activity happened, then you won’t be able to go to the police or any other authority and start the recovery process.  

Do Blink cameras record automatically? 

A security camera that records is great. However, you can’t constantly be sitting at your phone, laptop, or tablet waiting to press the record button. A camera that can record automatically is pretty crucial for being able to catch necessary footage such as late at night or during the workday when you can’t be staring at your Blink live feed.  

As far as if they record automatically, technically they don’t. Blink cameras do not offer continuous recording, as this would take up far too much energy and memory. They do however automatically start recording upon sensing motion. They also will record anything that you view live.  

You can also set up your Blink to arm and disarm automatically at certain times. This arming and disarming will activate and deactivate the motion sensor, causing the Blink to start and stop recording video. This is a roundabout way to “automatically” record, or to set up certain times when you want all motion that is detected to be recorded as well.  

How long of video clips can Blink cameras record? 

The standard Blink video clip length is 5 seconds. This is enough to capture most things that trigger motion detection. However, Blink cameras are not limited to this short of video clips, though. The length can be adjusted to up to 60 seconds, allowing you a full minute of uninterrupted video each time you set up your Blink to record.  

This needs to be set up ahead of time, and can’t too easily be adjusted on the fly. This makes setting a good time important.  

Remember, this length of time is for how long your motion capture recordings are. Make sure to also set up your Blink to record all motion capture by setting up arming and disarming times when you’ll be asleep, occupied, or away from your home.  

How much video can Blink cameras store? 

So how much video can Blink cameras store? Video takes up a ton of raw data, so it’s important to track where it’s being stored, and how much.  

Blink has special servers that customers have access to that allocate each device a certain amount of video to save. Each individual Blink camera can save 7200 seconds of video. This is up to 1440 5 second clips. Each of these clips is about 750 KB of data.  

Can you record directly from live view? 

Unfortunately, Blink cameras do not currently support the ability to record while in live view. Although this is a little bit annoying, it isn’t the end of the world, as anything you see with your own eyes live probably doesn’t need to be recorded. Still, it would be nice to be able to see it again if you wanted to. 

This is a feature that Blink is looking to implement at some point, but for now, it is unfortunately impossible.   

Can you record footage without a subscription? 

A subscription is not required for the use of Blink cameras at all. However, there are some functions of your Blink that won’t be available without a subscription. So yes, you can record footage without a subscription.  

However, not having a subscription does restrict things a little bit. Without a subscription, you can only record locally. This severely limits the amount of storage you’re able to use.  

On the other hand, if you have a subscription, you have access to the cloud, meaning you can store clips that your Blink camera records on the Blink cloud.  

Can Blink cameras record without an internet connection? 

No. The Blink camera needs a wifi connection in order to function at all. Each of the Blink camera’s functions requires a full, fast connection to make work. This includes the recording feature. However, Blink is looking into allowing recording via the use of cell phone service as well.  


If you’re looking for a short answer, the answer is yes! You can record with Blink cameras. Although they don’t offer continuous recording (meaning they don’t support the function of recording 24/7), you can arm and disarm your system to create artificially automatic motion capture recording times.  

Blink stores video locally until it runs out of space. If you have a subscription, you get more storage space by way of gaining access to Blink’s servers. This way, you can store recordings from your camera on the cloud, allowing you to save space and save more video as well.  

Remember, there are some restrictions to the Blink’s ability to record. Firstly, you can’t enable continuous recording. Also, you’ll need an internet connection in order to make any function of the Blink camera work. Lastly, you won’t be able to record from live view, which means that anything you watch live you will be unable to see again.  

However, the Blink camera is still fantastic and has a great recording function, recording anything important that might happen while your system is armed. So worry not! You and your family are safe.  

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