Best Webcam For Zoom Meetings (With Video Demonstrations)

With a great deal of meetings being pushed to zoom, there has been a greater incentive to upgrading to a higher quality webcam.

However, finding the right webcam can be quite complicated due to the wide range of different features equipped in webcams nowadays.

So in order to help you find the best webcam for your zoom meetings, we researched the market, surveyed user reviews, & tested on our own to create this list of the top 5 best webcams for zoom. So without further ado let’s take a look at the list!

Best Webcam For Zoom Meetings:

  1. Logitech HD Webcam C920 – Best All-Around
  2. Logitech HD C922 Pro-Stream Webcam – Runner Up
  3. Razer Kiyo – Best Features
  4. Microsoft LifeCam studio – Great for all lighting conditions
  5. AUSDOM 1080 P HD Webcam – Best Budget Option

Best Webcam For Zoom Meetings:

1. Logitech HD Webcam C920 – Best All-Around

First on the list is the widely popular Logitech C920, It effectively produces crystal clear images that are color accurate thanks to its full HD glass lens. It allows for a 78° field of view ideal for conference calls & is equipped with dual microphones for clear stereo sound.

Logitech’s C920 is highly versatile and this allows users to experiment with different functionalities. For instance, it comes with software that allows you to try out different filters. Besides that, you can adjust different angles or even use the webcam as a security camera.

Key Features:

  • Full HD 1080P WebCam: effectively records vibrant HD images with a realistic appearance. C920 is ideal for capturing crispy clear video clips and comes with a 30 frames rate per second.
  • Plug and Play: easy to set up and comes with a plug and play USB for high efficiency of use. You can easily adjust it to fit different locations such as the living room floor, stairs, work desk, and outdoors among others.
  • Great compatibility: this HD webcam is compatible with Windows, Chrome OS, Mac, and Smart TV among others. It also supports social platforms such as Tik Tok and Skype.


  • Full HD video
  • HD auto-light correction
  • Comes with a 78-degree angle of view


  • It doesn’t come with a privacy shutter

video demonstration:

Skip to (4:39) for the webcam video demonstration

2. Logitech HD C922 Pro-Stream Webcam – Runner Up

With its 1080p Camera, this streaming webcam would easily integrate with Zoom. It has a classy design and slightly improved functionality compared to that of its predecessor, C920.

This is an all-around webcam that certainly guarantees you value for money. Its video quality is excellent. And for a wholesome experience, C922 usually comes with an automatic low- light correction.

Key Features

  • Full HD 1080P Streaming: facilitates streaming plus the recording of vivid and clean true-to-life videos. Its Full HD 1080p feature plus glass lens efficiently captures everything to detail. As a result, it delivers images with bright and natural colors at 30 fps.
  • HD720P at 60 FPS: alternatively, you can use the 60 FPS streaming option with 720P HD.
  • Smooth videos and bright pictures: C922 comes with HD autofocus as well as the light correction feature. It automatically adapts to multiple lighting conditions and easily produces raze-sharp HD images even in a dull setting.
  • Full Stereoanic: the device is equipped with 2 microphones for more realistic sound capture from any user angle. It effectively produces crispy clear and natural voice sounds.


  • Great for use in multiple environments thanks to its low-light capabilities
  • It supports both 1080P/30 fps and 720P/60 fps streaming
  • It has a background removal feature


  • Its design resembles its predecessor, Logitech C920 webcam
  • This webcam does not have RealSense capabilities

Video Demonstration:

Skip to (1:29) for webcam video demonstration

3. Razer Kiyo – Best Features

This device has been specifically designed for high-quality streaming. You only need to mount it up, light up, and then you are good to go.

Its delivery is premium and this is facilitated by the studio-like lighting system. Besides that, Razer Kiyo is also designed with Full HD functionality. This makes it ideal for streaming as well as making video calls.

For professionalism, you don’t need to incur expensive costs trying to install Halo lights. This is because this device normally allows users to attain professional lighting with just a few tweaks. It has an elaborate ring light setup which any streamer can conveniently use. This functionality has been uniquely integrated with 12 LED lights that are strategically placed around its lens.

Key Features

  • Sharper and smoother image delivery: the device comes with a 1080 P/ 30 fps resolution or a 720 P / 60 fps resolution. This makes it ideal for streamers who need to change the resolutions depending on different needs.
  • Ring light camera for better action: you don’t need to invest in different costly lighting products. Alternatively, you don’t need to spend time trying to set up the best lighting appearance. Razer Kiyo does all this for you thanks to its flattering 12 LED lights found around its lens.
  • Full-Camera controls: designed with synapse 3, Razer Kiyo produces crispy clear images with a bright and natural appearance. The customizable camera controls allow you to conveniently turn between manual and autofocus. Besides that, you can easily adjust the level of white balance, contrast, brightness, and saturation among other things. Generally, the device allows you to easily choose various image presets depending on your needs.


  • premium functionality
  • There are two resolution options to use
  • It has been specifically designed for streaming
  • It comes with 12 different types of brightness settings


  • None

Video Demonstration:

Skip to (3:56) for webcam video demonstration

4. Microsoft LifeCam studio – Great for all lighting conditions

Next on the list is the Microsoft LifeCam Studio, Its 1080P HD feature makes it ideal for the production of quality videos. Besides that, the webcam can easily rotate 360 degrees and so you can conveniently mount on a tripod with autofocus.

It efficiently runs in different environments thanks to the TruColor System. Microsoft has implemented this premium functionality to ensure that the webcam can dynamically shift its exposure, thereby keeping everything well lit.

Key Features

  • 1080 HD Sensor: perfectly delivers images with superior quality and sharpness
  • 720 HD video chat: allows for a superb HD-quality experience
  • 360 Degree Rotation: enhances efficiency and allows the webcam to easily rotate halfway in either direction. This usually results in an all-around view that’s important. Besides that, you can readily mount it on your standard tripod.
  • TrueColor Technology: this webcam is ideal for streaming thanks to its control exposure that automatically adjusts to produce colorful and crispy clear videos
  • Wide-angle lens and autofocus: you can use the auto-focus feature that runs from 4 inches till infinity. With the wide-angle lens, you can easily capture more people and cover an extensive surrounding.


  • Produces clear, bright, and natural images
  • It comes with a wideband mic that allows better sound capturing


  • Its field of view is quite wide

Video Demonstration

5. AUSDOM AW615 1080 P HD Webcam – Best Budget Option

Closing our top 5 list of the best budget-friendly webcams is this device from AUSDOM. It quickly stands out from the crowd due to its light enhancement feature that promotes refined image production. Besides that, this device comes with a built-in microphone as well as a flexible stand that is ideal for video calls.

Key Features

  • 1080P Full HD: it produces images with an extremely high level of sharpness with vivid details
  • Multifunctional: it comes with 360-degree omnidirectional lubes and supports manual focusing as well as micro spur shooting.
  • In-built noise reduction feature: the device comes with an in-built noise-canceling mic for clear and natural sound production even in noisy spaces.


  • Full HD for premium content delivery
  • It’s affordable


  • The focus is manual

Video Demonstration:

Skip to (2:42) for webcam video demonstration

How to Choose the Best Webcam for Zoom

With the wide range of webcam products in the market, choosing a device for streaming your zoom calls can be a challenging task. However, here are some of the factors that can help you choose the best webcam for zoom meetings:

Frame Rate

This should be the first and most important factor to consider. Frame rates basically determine the device’s effectiveness. It simply refers to the frequency in which consecutive images i.e. frames can effectively appear on a display.

Generally, frame rates are important as it helps to determine the level of smoothness the motions in the video have. What you need to know that videos are technically different combinations of still images undergoing rapid transitions that the brain and eyes translate into smooth motion.

So, this simply means that the higher a webcam’s frame rate, the smoother the appearance of its videos.

Image Resolution

In the above article review, we have talked about HD resolution. For starters, resolution usually determines the quality of videos. That’s why we have images with low-quality while others have a high-quality resolution.

For quality images with a professional appearance look for a streaming webcam that comes with a high definition (HD) resolution. Generally, HD usually brings out better clarity and this means that images are usually less fuzzy and blurry.

Besides that, HD usually brings out extra benefits such as smoother motion in addition to natural and richer image colors. A good webcam should have HD 720 P or 1080 P. Alternatively, if you want a high-end device, you can also opt for 4K webcams.

Note: 720 P is great if you are on a budget.

Field of View

The field of view basically describes the area that the webcam’s lens will capture. If you want the best webcam for streaming your zoom calls, then the field of view should range between 50 and 120 degrees. However, there are also some devices that come with a 360 field of view. Generally, a broader field of view will allow you to easily capture multiple subjects.

Type of Lens

There are two main types of lenses that are used for webcams i.e. glass and plastic. While webcams that are cheap usually come with a plastic lens, it’s evident that this type of lens usually offers images with lower optical quality. Besides that, a plastic lens is generally fragile. They have a soft design hence they risk getting damaged by scratches.

On the other hand, a glass lens is usually scratch resistant. This makes them highly durable for long-lasting use. Besides that, a glass lens needs very little maintenance and offer precise light distribution. They are also still quite affordable, just like their plastic counterparts.

While you can choose a webcam with a plastic lens, it’s generally good if you opt for a device with a glass lens. This way, you don’t have to constantly worry about the risk of your lens getting scratched. Additionally, a glass lens is reliable and durable.

Automatic Lighting Correction and Autofocus Features

These are two common features that a lot of people tend to ignore. However, automatic lighting correction is important, especially in a low lit environment. Because what happens when you want to use your webcam at night and the lights are somehow dim?

Well, a good webcam with the automatic light correction feature will automatically adjust and suit that environment. These devices also come with color enhancement aspects that help to deliver crispy images even in low-lit conditions.

Autofocus is important because it ensures that the webcam focuses on the image. Generally, low-quality webcams without properly implemented autofocus feature usually lose focus even with the slightest motion or movement.

On the other hand, webcams with the autofocus feature work perfectly regardless of the surrounding environment. They normally allow users to continue streaming without losing focus even where there are movements or position shifts.

The Bottom Line

Logitech, Microsoft, AUSDOM, and Razer have some of the best webcams that are ideal for streaming your calls on Zoom. Even though these devices are budget-friendly, they generally offer premium performance. Their design functionality helps to ensure that users have the best experience while streaming in different environments. So, if you are looking for a quality webcam, simply choose one that meets your needs from this review. Thanks for reading!

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