Organize Nuts & Bolts the Right Way Complete Guide

If you are someone who doesn’t like to look for parts such as screws and bolts, then you must organize them accurately. We can understand how frustrating it could be sifting through your cabinet and not finding what you are looking for, which is why we are going to teach you how to organize your bolts and nuts accurately. These techniques will help you to have whatever you need at your disposal, without spending a lot of time looking for the tools and will allow you to become more efficient. Please make sure to read this article until the end if you are looking to optimize your organization skills, as we will be going in-depth.


Before we get into the techniques, you must have a list that will allow you to be more organized. Having a list can save you a ton of time, and will allow you to be more organized in the long term. Please make sure you have this checklist on point before you start purchasing and organizing your tools.

Stock up

Before you purchase an organizer, make sure you stock up on all the bolts and screws you use regularly. Make sure to write down exactly how many you got, as this step will help you to refill once you are finished. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, simply get the tools from your local hardware store, so you can easily stock up next time you run out of screws.

Try and find a cheap supplier

Since you’re already taking the time to purchase these bolts and nuts in bulk, look for suppliers that can provide you with a more affordable deal. The cheaper you can get the product for, the more money you will save in the future. It is always recommended you stock up and find a low-cost supplier for tools, especially if you’re looking to save money.


As recommended previously, make sure to track all of your bolts and screws usage so you know when to restock. For example, if you use a specific type of screw and use five of them, make sure to write down in your book, how many you used, and minus the total amount you purchased. This will allow you to know exactly how many screws and bolts you have used and will make things convenient for you. Even though this sounds like a hassle, it could help you stay organized.

Purchase sticky notes

Make sure to purchase sticky notes so that you can label each screw and bolts. When you label your screw and bolt, you will know exactly where to find them without looking for them. You can even use a piece of paper and tape it onto the organizer. Regardless of what you use, we recommend you get a sticky note which will stay put on plastic without any problems. Again, you can use pieces of paper, and transparent tape to label your screws and bolts.

Transparent drawer

Perhaps the most important thing you need to purchase, invest in a transparent drawer, which will allow you to see all the bolts and screws when working. You can also get a transparent bag, and hang it inside your shop, but drawers can hold more volume and units. If you don’t need a lot of screws and bolts, then you can use transparent bags. Regardless of what you use, make sure to get seamless storage where you can label your screws and bolts.

Things not to do

Now that we have spoken about the things you should do let’s talk about the things you shouldn’t do. It is just as important to talk about the don’t as it is to talk about the dos. Please make sure to stay away from the things we are about to mention, and you should be in a good position.

No buckets

If you are considering using buckets, then we would like to tell you that that is a bad idea. Many people use buckets are incredibly unorganized with their bolts and screws. You must pick transparent storage, as it will allow you to see visually where your bolts and screws are. If you’re using buckets, then it is easy to mix up items. When you use buckets, you also run the risk of dropping your nuts and screws. Please stay away from using buckets or cups.

Mixing different brands

We highly recommend you use one brand for your screws and bolts. Since different brands manufacture bolts and screws differently, it would not be a good idea to mix up the same size bolts but from different brands. Many people have done this. However, it hasn’t ended well for them. Whatever you do, make sure to purchase everything from the same supplier, so you don’t have any mixups or get confused when using bolts and nuts. Always stock up from the same supplier, and get the same brand. If you would like to try a new brand, then we recommend you finish your left screws and purchase a brand new batch.

Don’t purchase from a one deal wonder

If you live in North America, then Home Depot is going to be your best friend. And for the rest of the world, make sure to find a supplier that can consistently provide you with bolts and nuts from the same manufacturer for years to come. You don’t want to purchase bolts and nuts from suppliers that can only provide you with a one time sale, as it could be extremely unreliable and not feasible.

Don’t mix old and new bolts

You mustn’t mix any old rusty bolts with the new ones, as it causes the new ones to get rusted. Please make sure to dispose of the rusted bolts, or to use them. Even if the bolts are made from the same batch, don’t mix up the old bolts and new bolts as it can mess up your bookkeeping and make you a lot less organized. Which is why we recommend you use up all of your stock before you restock them.

As long as you follow the checklist above, you should have no problem setting up your organizer. Just make sure you stay away from the things listed above.

Step 1: Sort your parts and bookkeep

The first step is to have a look at all of the tools you have purchased, and individually count them out, so you know exactly how many of them you bought. This will allow you to know exactly how many you have left, and how many you can use. This is where your bookkeeping will come in handy, so when you’re sorting out all of your screws and bolts, make sure to write down the number of how many of the specific screws and bolts you have.

Once you’ve spent a considerable amount of time figuring out all of your tools and numbers, make sure to leave a section where you can write down exactly the number of specific screws and bolts you own. Once you have done that, make sure to leave some space so that you can minus the amount left each time you use a specific screw or bolt.

At this time, we recommend you stay away from placing them in a plastic drawer or plastic bags. Simply have the tools laid out on the desk, and make sure you count them out correctly. This could get incredibly boring, so if you can get yourself a partner who can help you count out the screws and bolts, it would help. Just make sure the person you pick can count accurately. Once you have counted out exactly how many screws you have and how many different types of screws and bolts you have, it will now be time to purchase your drawer.

Depending on how many screws and bolts you have, you can either use a drawer or plastic bag which is transparent. Make sure to do your bookkeeping before you purchase storage and figure out how many screws and bolts your storage can hold. If you don’t follow this step, then it can cause you to lose money, and you might have to return your storage and go through the whole process.

You are in no rush to have your office set up; please take your time counting and bookkeeping. You can also take this time to remove any unwanted things which could get in your way of organizing your items. We know how tedious this task could be, but most people don’t follow this step and regret not following. We promise that you will see amazing results in terms of the organization if you follow this step. Make it a fun day if you have kids. This can teach them to manage and organize items while they spend time with you.

Step 2: Write out the label and organize

In step two, you would want to make sticky notes and place them onto your plastic drawer or plastic bag. By this time, you should know exactly how many tools you have and the amount of storage you need. First things first, write out the name and size of the screws on a sticky note or a piece of paper. The second thing would be to place these tools accordingly. One thing many people don’t understand is you need to place your tool in your storage based on convenience.

For example, if you use “screw x” for most tasks, then place it in the middle of the drawer or bottom of the transparent plastic bag. It will allow you to have easy access and will make things easy for you. If you are placing your drawer on the floor, then have your most essential tools at the top and the least used tools at the bottom. Just make sure you set up your screws and bolt are placed in a way that makes it convenient for you to pick out the most used tools easily and so on.

Once you have managed to pick out the slots for your tools, make sure you place your sticky notes with the name of the tool written on it. Again, you can use sticky notes, just make sure they are very sticky. You don’t want to get sticky notes which don’t get the job done correctly. The best thing you can use is a piece of paper and tape, this will secure your label, and you won’t have to worry about it falling apart. You can even use a permanent marker and write it on top of the drawer if it can stay without getting erased.

Regardless of whatever method you use to label your drawer, make sure it stays and doesn’t get removed. Once you have stuck your labels on your drawer based on your convenience, you can go ahead and place your tools in the allocated drawer or plastic bag. When you place them, make sure to put them in very carefully as you don’t want your bookkeeping to go to waste. You can altogether remove the drawer from the compartment and place the screws and bolts very safely.

We also recommend you keep the book right beside your tool storage, so you can keep track and not get lazy with your bookkeeping. After you have finished step one and two, most of the work should be done.

Step 3: Use a plastic tray for the times when you have to work outside of the shop

This step doesn’t seem as important at this moment, but it is crucial for people who consider themselves to be workaholics. If you like to work outside of your shop, then you need to have a plastic tools tray that can carry your essential bolts and screws.

Many handymen carry a plastic tray with them, which allows them to work outside even if they don’t have access to their bolts and screws. When getting plastic trays, make sure to get just the right amount of storage. You don’t want to get a plastic tray, which is too bulky, as it will defeat the whole purpose.

If you can find plastic trays with six compartments, then you should be good. Make sure that you don’t use the same tools which are in your main office, as it will throw off your bookkeeping and can cause you to be unprepared when it comes time for stocking. You can get separate tools for your plastic tray, as this will be the best option.

If you would like, you could have multiple plastic trays, but please remember that it could get extremely uncomfortable to carry them with you. Regardless of how many trays you pick, make sure you don’t waste your money by getting more trays than you need. We recommend you plan out the tools you would need for a primary job, and then get enough tools and a sufficient sized plastic tray for your tools.

You can also get tools briefcase if you want to carry more items without it being too bulky. You can find tool briefcases online, but remember they can get expensive. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then regular plastic trays are ok, but the briefcase can come in handy for people with many tools looking for minimal space.

Please remember this step is not essential but can help you with managing outside work, which you may take part in when you are not at the office. You can even use the plastic trays to put your older screws, which you can use for small jobs. Most people would say having a plastic tray is essential, as it can come in handy anytime. It’s best to have a small plastic tray with your essentials tools then not to have one.

Final verdict

Thank you so much for reading this article until the end, and we hope you learned a lot from it. Many people don’t know this, but managing your tools is one of the most important things as a handyman. Make sure that you organize your tools properly so you can have easy access to them when you’re working.

The steps we have listed above should help you tremendously to organize your office or to have items for your small jobs. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t skip any of the steps we have mentioned. If you skip any of the steps, you will go back to square one. More specifically, you need to follow step one and two, if you want an amazingly organized tool kit. You could skip step three, but we recommend that you don’t. Since people work outside of their office, it’s essential to have your handy tool kit just in case.

And as we told you, you can use the plastic tray to place your older tools. Also, make sure you read the dos and don’ts. It is very easy for people to make mistakes when trying to organize their toolboxes. As long as you follow the tips in this article, you should have a very well organized tool slots with your screws and bolts.

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