Are Lenovo Laptops Good For Gaming?

As a gaming enthusiast, you shouldn’t have to compromise on using laptops that can’t handle your games. There are various features to consider before making a final decision about which laptop to use for gaming.  

This post takes you through the different features that you’ll want to consider if you were interested in using Lenovo laptops for gaming.  

Lenovo laptops can be great for gaming. They offer a range of laptops that have been specifically made to run a range of games. These models include lots of RAM, advanced processing power, storage, and high-quality display features.  

There are some excellent technical features that Lenovo gaming laptops can offer you to enhance the gaming experience. This post will help you feel more confident about whether a Lenovo gaming laptop is the right choice for you.  

What Makes Lenovo Laptops Good For Gaming? 


The best Lenovo laptops for gaming come with at least 8 GB of RAM. Many of them have 16 GB of RAM which can help you have a smoother gaming experience. The RAM deals with the short-term memory on your laptop which enables the laptop to run faster which is great for demanding games.  


In addition to this, there are Lenovo laptops with enough storage to help you save your games without having to use external hard drives. Having lots of storage space also helps to prevent the laptop from becoming too clogged so that it can continue running smoothly.  

Graphics Card  

The type of graphics card included with a laptop is a vital aspect for gamers to think about. Lenovo gaming laptops typically come with NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics cards which are among the best for running a variety of games.  

Processing Power  

The processing power is another crucial factor to consider. Lenovo laptops that are good for gaming feature Intel Core i5 or i7 processors. We recommend sticking with Intel Core i5 and i7 processors because they help the laptop run demanding games better.  

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Connectivity Options  

You’ll want to consider the connectivity options included with a gaming laptop. This is because you’ll likely have mouses and keyboards that need to be plugged into the laptop while gaming.  

You may also have joysticks and external monitors that you want to connect to the laptop. Having enough connectivity options can help you be freer when it comes to the type of gaming equipment you use.  

Battery Life  

The battery life is an important factor to consider if you’re interested in gaming while on the go. Gaming laptops tend to come with less battery life compared to other laptops due to the higher specs that are included. 

Lenovo laptops that are good for gaming can typically run for 6-8 hours. Although, some models have shorter battery lives which could be frustrating when you’re trying to game on the move.  

Lenovo Laptop Displays  

The display is one of the most important elements for a gamer to consider. If you’re looking for an experience that lets you clearly see the details in your games, we recommend looking for Lenovo laptops that come with 17.3” displays.  

They’re the biggest display size available with Lenovo laptops. However, most Lenovo gaming laptops are available with display sizes of 15.6”. This is also a great size that enables you to see smaller details while gaming.  

A slightly smaller display size like this can make the laptop easier to travel with too.  

Touchscreen displays are an additional feature that some gamers may be interested in. Lenovo offers a range of gaming laptops with touchscreen displays that can provide you with a unique way to experience games.  

Best Lenovo Laptops For Gaming

There’s a range of Lenovo laptops that are great for gaming. Below are a few of the top picks to give you an idea of what you can expect.  

Lenovo Legion Y520  

The Legion Y520 is a superb option if you’re gaming on a budget. It features an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060BT graphics card that keeps the frame rate smooth while gaming.  

16 GB of RAM is available that works well with the Intel Core i7 processor to provide you with a high-performance gaming laptop. The 512 GB of SSD storage also means you can keep important files saved on the laptop while ensuring that it doesn’t slow down.  

An NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics card has been fitted which is combined with a 15.6” full HD display. This lets you experience games in high-quality so that you can be more immersed.  

Lenovo Y700

The full HD 15.6” display and AMD Radeon R9 graphics card enable you to play games and see lots of detail. Moreover, there’s 1TB of storage and 16 GB of RAM installed which keeps the laptop running smoothly when it comes to playing demanding games.  

Lenovo IdeaPad Y700

This laptop has the largest display in the gaming range for Lenovo with a screen that’s 17.3”. There’s also an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics card which allows you to see lots of small details in your games.  

An Intel Core i7 processor has also been implemented with 16 GB of RAM which provides the laptop with plenty of power to run a wide variety of games smoothly.  

However, one of the main downsides to this laptop is that the battery life tends to last for just 4 hours. There’s an impressive amount of power available with the IdeaPad Y700, but the battery life becomes drained more quickly as a result.  


The main features to look out for when it comes to laptops that are good for gaming include the following:  

  • RAM 
  • Processing power 
  • Graphics card 
  • Display size quality  
  • Storage size  
  • Connectivity options  
  • Battery life  

After checking out this post, we hope that you’re feeling more assured about whether a Lenovo laptop is good for your gaming needs.  

We’ve included the main features to look out for, as well as some of the Lenovo gaming laptops that are available so that you can decide on whether Lenovo laptops are the right choice for you. 

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