Are HP Laptops Good for Gaming?

Searching for the best gaming computer can turn into a headache really quickly, especially when searching for laptops. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Knowing what you are looking for in a gaming laptop will make the entire buying process run a lot smoother. 

HP produces a wide variety of laptops for different use cases. However, are HP laptops good for gaming?

HP laptops are good for gaming, specifically the HP Omen series. The HP Omen series is specifically designed for gaming, it comes in Intel and AMD configuration with the base configuration being the Intel 10th Gen i5 Processor and Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics card, making it a good choice for gamers.

Most gaming laptops are going to have higher computing power than your average laptop that is only used for basic work or web tasks. Let’s dig into the details.  

Are HP Laptops Good for Gaming?  

In the past, HP gaming laptops have always had a reputation to have problems with them that would make them not worth buying.  

That could be overheating issues or simply the price of the laptops that they were selling.  

More recently, HP has started to produce gaming laptops that provide better performance, and they are also able to put them out on the market at competitive prices, making HP a notable brand to look at if you are shopping for a new gaming PC.  

The HP Omen Gaming Laptop


  • Competitive Pricing 
  • High Quality Display and Speakers 
  • Great Performance 


  • Questionable Design Features 
  • Noisy Fans 
  • Battery Life 

HP’s main series of gaming laptops is their Omen series. In the past, the Omen was known for having issues with overheating while gaming but fast forward to today, and HP is putting out an Omen that is well worth considering.  

In 2020, the HP Omen gaming laptop comes in Intel and AMD configuration with the base configuration being the Intel 10th Gen i5 Processor and Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics card. 

Aside from the features mentioned above, the HP Omen series laptops also provide other benefits that consumers are looking for such as a vibrant display, thin build, quality speakers, and a comfortable keyboard.  

The display on this laptop boasts vibrant colors and appears to be more pleasant to look at than the displays on other comparable gaming laptops.  

This laptop also has a decent sound system built into it. The speakers are loud, and clear, but they are positioned on the bottom of the laptop, so the sound will get muffled when the computer is actually on your lap or on a flat surface.  

The most important thing to note about this laptop, though, is its actual performance. It rarely has any problems running any games and has been known to even be able to run some VR games. 

Of course there are also some drawbacks that you will still find if you decide to go with an HP Omen gaming laptop.  

First of all, the battery life is not great. It may only last a couple of hours, even when you are just doing basic tasks and not even gaming.  

On top of that, this laptop’s fans can get pretty noisy even when it is idling, which for some consumers will be far less than ideal. Especially if you are planning to also use your laptop for school or work purposes, and you don’t want your laptop to be disrupting any classes or meetings.  

Lastly, there are some questionable design choices that were made with these laptops. One of those design choices being the speakers on the bottom of the laptop, which was already mentioned.  

Another move they made with the design was putting the power button between the F12 and Delete keys which can be a problem for some gamers that will accidentally turn the system off while they are using it.  

All things considered, though, the HP Omen series of gaming laptops provide good laptops for gaming at an affordable price.  

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop


  • Extremely Affordable 
  • Durable Build 
  • Easy to Upgrade 


  • Weaker Design 
  • Below Average Performance 

HP’s other gaming laptop would be the HP Pavilion gaming laptop which is positioned in the market as more of an affordable option for gamers that might have a lower budget.  

Overall, this laptop is still a solid gaming laptop that has features that just rest below what you would be getting with a more expensive gaming laptop.  

The HP Pavilion gaming laptop is a much bigger laptop that can be a bit of a nuisance to carry around, but if that is something that is not a priority to the consumer, then it is nothing that will ruin your overall gaming experience.  

The upside to the HP Pavilion gaming laptop is that it goes on sale often and it is easy to find it at a price of lower than $800, which is great for any gaming laptop.  

It will provide you with everything that you need for gaming and has not seen many issues with running any games, despite the price tag being fairly low.  

Final Thoughts

HP has gotten to the point where their gaming laptops are competitive in the marketplace.  

As with the rest of their computers, HP has always been a consumer brand that offers products that are affordable to most consumers.  

You should not expect HP to be offering the highest quality laptops that you can find out there. There are better and higher-performance gaming laptops coming from other companies, but they will cost far more than what you can get from HP.  

If you are a gamer with a budget, and you just want a gaming laptop that is going to get the job done fairly well, it is worth considering one of HP’s gaming laptops. Whether that is the Omen series or the Pavilion series is up to you.  

Both laptops have been shown to yield good results when running games that take up a lot of computing power, and HP has also shown improvement in their gaming laptops over the past few years, showing that they are working on making their products better as time progresses.  

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