Are Gaming Mouses Worth It?

If your like many of us youre always on the look out for the best gear which can enhance your game play. Nowadays there are so many different gear thats been optimized for gamers in order to perform at the best of their capabilities. But what about mouses, can a mouse really be that much better & are they even worth it?

Gaming mouses are definitely worth it if you’re looking to enhance your gameplay experience. The main reason for this is customization, gaming mouses allow you to personalize almost everything from DPI to the weight of your mouse. It also has a much higher polling rate which, higher polling rates equate to faster response times.

A gaming mouse is only worth it if you actually want to improve your gameplay.

Because let’s be honest a game is almost always more fun when we’re winning. Although a gaming mouse cant win the game for you it can definitely improve your gameplay drastically. Let’s take a look exactly how a gaming mouse can make you the next ninja.

Improve Your Gameplay With A Gaming Mouse

Gaming mouses are optimized to give the gamer the advantage when it comes to response time, control, and efficiency. Let’s take a look at the features a gaming mouse offers:

Customizable DPI

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch. All this is is the sensitivity of your mouse. So the lower the DPI the more you need to move your hand to reach the position you want to the higher the DPI the less you need to move your hand to allow the mouse to reach the position you need it to.

A standard mouse usually comes with a DPI of 800DPI a gaming mouse however will provide you with a DPI of 100 al the way up to 16,000 DPI, allowing you to customize your DPI on the go with a click of a button.

This is incredibly beneficial because usually, the circumstance dictates how sensitive you want your mouse to be. So a gaming mouse will allow you to switch your DPI on the fly. Making it more suitable for different circumstances.

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Higher Polling Rates

Higher polling rates make your mouse more responsive. For example, a high polling rate decreases the delay when you move your mouse, and when the cursor shows up on the screen. Gaming mouses allow you to customize the polling rates to your own specific needs. Higher polling rates give the cursor a smoother and more precise feel on screen. 

Adjustable Weight

Every Gamer is different some prefer a lighter mouse while others prefer it to be slightly heavier. For this reason, most gaming mouses come with adjustable weights allowing you to increase or decrease the weight of your mouse depending on your own personal preferences. This also makes it ideal for the type of game your playing, since some games require you to be more precise, and others require more movement of the mouse, in either case, you can adjust the weight in order to maximize results.

Programmable Buttons

Some gaming mouses come with programmable buttons, allowing quick access to certain actions or allowing you to even assign macros to them, allowing you to dramatically increase your response time.

Some higher-end gaming mouses also come with swappable palm rests and additional extensions of different buttons. This allows for a more comfortable feel for different hand sizes as well as providing you with an option a range of grips.

Grip & Palm Design

Gaming mouses are designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand for long hours providing you with additional grip for enhanced comfort and movement.

RGB backlighting

High-end gaming mouses offer backlighting and RGB lighting in order to your themes and preferences. Some gaming mouses such as Logitech G502 offer LIGHTSYNC  which allows the lighting to change colors and react with your gameplay, audio, or screen color.

Do You Need A High-End Gaming Mouse?

Not everyone needs a high-end gaming mouse, since not all games will benefit from the additional features high-end mouses offer. For example, some games will not benefit from the additional mouse buttons high-end gaming mouses tend to offer.

But almost all games can benefit from customizable DPI’s and high polling rates. So fortunately there are budget gaming mouses available in the market which only offer specific capabilities such as DPI customization and lack other features high-end gaming mouses which might not be needed to some gamers such as programmable buttons, additional grips, customizable weight.

So fortunatly no matter what features you need there are budget gaming mouse options available that prioritize certain features over the other.

Wired Vs Wireless Gaming Mouse

When thinking about getting a gaming mouse another purchasing factor you will probably be thinking about is whether you should go for a wireless mouse or a wired mouse.

Wireless mouses offer the same performance as wired mouses so the only main difference is that wireless mouses offer additional freedom as you don’t have a cord dragging around on your desk but this isn’t that much of a big deal. But it’s important to note that wireless mouses are generally more expensive and don’t offer any real performance boost. So it really comes down to your personal preference.

Related Questions

Are wireless Gaming Mouses Better?

Not really the only main difference is that a wireless mouse gives you a bit more freedom in terms of movement since you don’t have a wire dragging along while you play but this is barely even noticeable. So it really comes down to personal preference and your gaming setup another reason a wireless mouse might be a good option for you is that it allows you to connect to various devices more rapidly. But the downside of gaming mice is that you’re going to need to charge it regularly. So again all it comes to down to is personal preference.

What’s the Difference Between an Expensive and a Cheap Gaming Mouse?

Gaming mice come in all shapes and forms and are generally built for different users in mind. Cheaper gaming mice offer performance benefits such as a higher DPI as well as DPI customization but it lacks additional features such as additional programmable buttons on the side & some cheaper gaming mice are designed slimmer opposed to having a palm-shaped design.

The reason for this is not all gamers will benefit from the additional features Some gaming mouses are designed to perform better for MMOs opposed to fps games. So if you are looking for an fps mouse, depending on the game additional buttons might not be beneficial to you and you may prefer a slimmer mouse opposed to a bulkier mouse.

So a cheaper mouse can actually be a better option for you and provide you with the same performance depending on your needs.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, gaming mouses can definitely be worth it if you’re looking to improve your gameplay and enhance your gaming experience. Gaming mice come with a wide range of customizable features allowing you to customize the mouse to fit your own personal needs.

A one size fits all method doesn’t exist in mouses, which is why gaming mice offer a wide range of personalization features from changing the DPI in order to enhance performance on a specific game to changing the weight and grip on your mouse for a more comfortable feel for your hand shape.

Overall all that matters is that you enjoy your gaming experience with as few limitations as possible & gaming mouses can definitely provide you with that experience. Anyways we hope you enjoyed this article, happy gaming!

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